Hunting Seasons of America

The notion of "Hunting Season" is just a faux construct, it's not just a particular day when Turkey, quail, Deer or any other kind of game will just be out in the open for harvest by hunters.

It's the Department of Natural Resources or variations therefrom who decides the opening and closing day for all types of animals.

Every state has a different hunting season for each and every animal.

For instance, in New York state, wild turkey season lasts from May 1st until May 31st.

Whereas for South Carolina, this season runs from April 1st until May 1st.

You might ask why this variation?

Wouldn't it be easier to have a nationwide Turkey season, thereby making it easy for the hunting authorities as well as hunters to plan on their hunt?

Here's the thing, convenience is not the major factor which predetermines the dates for hunting, rather it depends upon the criteria laid out by the government of natural resources.

Wild Turkey Season

The primary aim here is simple.

Keep the Game population within their ideal limit.

It's not just the animals which require protection from over hunting, but the prospect of the diminishing population would have serious repercussions on hunters’ recreational activities.

A population which the habitat can support with ease in regards to food and space is considered as the ideal population.

This goal looks simple, but making it work is not an easy task.

Many variables need to be taken into account before setting up hunting dates, least of which is the estimation of the current population size.

The primary objective of having a specific hunting season is to control the animal population, it's the major drive behind this step.

To make it simple.

If the animal population grows out of proportion, then the authorities would make sure to give hunters a superior harvest advantage.

If the situation is reversed with the animal population being lessened, then the authorities will provide a specific date, thus giving animals a survival advantage.

Let's talk about some of the vital factors which hold precedence here.


Breeding (Nesting)

By making use of biological data, relying primarily on the knowledge of breeding and incubation period, authorities manage dates to either reduce the population or to expand it.

For example- Wild Turkeys have 3 major phases in reproduction.

  • Gobbling (alluring of mates).
  • Mating (Copulation).
  • Nesting.

Now, if the population is too large, then the authorities would set the date that would coincide with the gobbling period, that way more turkeys can be killed since all of them will be out in the open.

In an event if there are fewer turkeys, then the date would get pushed back to coincide with the nesting period, by this time females won't be available much, and the males which are present have already completed their mating phase.

Since the breeding period, as well as population density for each animal is different for different regions, that would mean each state would have a different hunting date.

Age and Gender

For animal management, gender distribution among a certain population is a top priority.

When it comes to deer, the government could issue a precedent on which males can be harvested.

With this kind of specificity, only a few males will get harvested, this would mean hunters will have to go for more females, and that would ultimately bring down the population, by decreasing the number of offspring from being born.

Economic and Recreation issues

Hunting is a major business, and by selling licenses cities, counties and states haul in lots of money.

Not to forget restaurants, hotels, and motels whose business flourish when hunters arrive.

While determining the date and longevity of the season, authorities need to consider those above-mentioned factors, including the demands of hunters.

Government institutions do their best not to disappoint the hunters since hunting is such a popular activity.

Despite all this, it's not that important of a factor, compared to issues like population and gender distribution.

At the end of this article, we will learn more about how each state determines its own hunting season.


The state of Alabama provides various game for hunters, which includes Turkey, quail, deer, and alligators.

Hunting season in Alabama is different across state, it is also different in discrete counties as well.

Citizens of Alabama can register themselves and acquire hunting license and permits through online services.

Furthermore, hunters can upload their harvest reports online with ease, either over the phone or by using an app.

Deer Season

Which weapons and means are allowed, and when.

  • Spear or Archery - Oct. 15th till Feb 10th.
  • Pistols -  Nov. 18th- Feb. 10th.
  • Dog Hunting (where it is permitted) - Nov. 17th-Jan. 15th.
  • Muzzleloaders and Air Rifles - Nov. 12th- Nov. 16th.

Dog hunting has been restricted in many counties of Alabama.

Wild Turkey Season

Wild Turkey Season

Dog hunting has been restricted in many counties of Alabama.

  • Fall - (No decoys allowed) Nov.17th-29th and Dec. 15th-Jan. 1st.
  • Spring - (Decoys allowed) Mar. 16th- Apr. 30th.
  • Special Youth Hunt on Saturday- Sunday, before the onset of the spring season.
  • Special Disabled Hunt, One day before opening day.

Alligator Season

Alligator Season
  • (With special permit) Sunset of Aug. 9th-till Sunrise Oct. 1st.

~ Only a special permit will grant permission to hunt Alligator, and the hunter needs to be a resident of Alabama to acquire the license for it.

Registration of license is a simple online process.

~ All hunting is either during sunrise or sunset, Lake Eufaula being the sole exception.

For Small Game

  • White-Winged and Rain Dove - Sept. 8th- Jan. 27th.
  • Bobwhite Quail - Nov. 3rd-Feb. 28th.
  • Squirrel and Rabbit - Sept. 15th- Mar. 3rd.
  • Opossum, Raccoon and Feral swine open season, during daylight hours. Special nighttime season from May 1st-Aug. 31st.
  • Blackbirds, Starlings, and Crows - Open season.
  • Fox, Coyote, and Bobcat - Open season (During daylight hours).
  • Pig Frog and Bullfrog - Open season.
  • Groundhog, Beaver and Nutria -Open season.

Note: Season dates for all game depends on the region.

~ Hunting dates, regulations, bag limits for Alabama hunting seasons depends upon animal and seasons.

~ Baiting is not permitted in Alabama.

Use of firearms is managed by the game type.

For more precise information on securing licenses, regulations, and permits, visit the website of the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.


This south-western state is laden with surprises when it comes to hunting seasons. Contrary to popular belief that Arizona is just desert, its ecosystem is quite ideal for various wildlife species.

For those who are eyeing to hunt small game like Turkey, quail, and deer, Arizona can provide fruitful hunting for them.

But for big game hunters, this state of Grand Canyon can afford to give you animals like Bighorn sheep, bears including bison during the season.

Hunting season in Arizona is managed by each region, most of the hunts are allowed only by lottery permit.

Deer Season

Which weapons and means are allowed, and when.

  • General Season - Oct. 26th-Dec. 31st.
  • General season (Youth) - Oct. 5th-Nov - 25th.
  • Challenged Hunter Access Mobility Permit (CHAMP) - Sept. 21st-Nov. 1st.
  • Muzzleloader - Oct. 26th- Dec. 31st.
  • Muzzleloader (Youth) - Nov. 23rd- Dec 2nd.
  • Archery - Aug. 24th- Sept. 13th.

Bighorn Sheep Seasons

  • General Season - Nov.16th-Dec. 21st.

~ Season date depends on each region, especially for Desert Bighorn and Rocky Mountain sheep.

~ Harvesting Bighorn sheep is quite difficult since their hunting zones are rather inaccessible.

Nevertheless, if you are up for it, then prepare yourself to hunt and camp in remote backcountry areas.

Bison Season

Bison Season
  • General Season - Nov. 30th-Dec. 17th
  • Minimal window - Sept. 28th-Dec. 31st
  • The minimal window for Muzzleloader - Sept. 14th-23rd.
  • The minimal window for Archery - Aug. 24th-Sept. 9th.

Turkey Season

  • General Season - Oct. 5th-11th.
  • Youth Hunt - Oct. 5th-11th.
  • Archery - Aug. 24th- Sept 13th.

~ For harvesting Turkey in Arizona, you would need a hunting license, including a turkey tag.

~ For each year only one Turkey is allowed.

Skunk pig (Peccary) Season

  • Archery Only - Aug. 24th-Sept 13th.
  • Youth Only - Oct. 5th- Dec. 2nd.

~ For each year only 2 Peccaries are allowed for harvesting.

~ Lottery system grants permit for hunting general season Peccaries.

Mountain Lion Season

  • General Season - (daylight shooting hours) Aug. 24th-May 31st.
  • Archery only - Aug. 24th-May 31st.
  • Pursuit only - Aug. 24th-May 31st.

~One Mountain lion can be hunted per year. 

~ Arizona provides both daylight as well as daylong hunting hours. 

~ Daylight harvest should occur in daylight, whereas daylong harvests have no such restrictions, and can take place anytime in the 24-hour duration.

Black Bear Seasons

  • General Season - Aug. 10th-Dec. 31st.

~ State of Arizona allows you to harvest almost every black bear, excluding females with young ones.

Small Game Season

  • Chukar - Sept. 1st-Feb. 10th.
  • Cottontail Rabbit - July 1st- June 30th.
  • Dusky Grouse - Sept. 1st-Nov. 11th.
  • Pheasant - Sept. 14th-Sept. 20th.
  • Quail - Sept.1st- Mar. 31st.
  • Tree Squirrel - July 1st- June 30th.
  • Hare - Sept. 1st-Mar. 31st.
  • Gunnison’s Prairie Dog - July 1st- Mar. 31st.

Note: Season dates for each game varies depending upon the region.

Bag limits, special seasons, hunting permits through a lottery draw system and hunting regulations for Arizona hunting seasons, vary significantly based on seasons and animal.

Visit the website of the Arizona Game and Fish Department to get more information regarding permits, obtaining licenses, and regulations.


Compared to the lower 48 states, Alaska has a very different hunting season.

This state acquires the top position for providing the widest range of large game animals.

From Black Bear to Elk and Reindeer, to Mountain goats and Musk ox.

Alaska is a top-tier hunting destination.

Contrary to the mainland US, Alaska offers year-long hunting season for various game animals.

While other seasons deviate by the animal, time of the year, or other inconveniences.

They also fluctuate greatly depending upon the region, that means Alaska has variant hunting seasons in all 26 zones.

When the herd size dwindles and becomes limited, non-residents are not permitted to harvest any animals.

Bear Seasons

  • Black Bear - Sept. 1st- June 30th.
  • Brown (Grizzly) Bear - Sept. 1st-June 30th.

~ In many places, Bag limits has an effect on hunting, and the effect stays for a couple of years, so if a bear is harvested, the hunters would have to wait for at least 3-4 years to go for another.

Reindeer Season

  • General Season - Aug. 1st-Mar. 15th.

Deer Season

  • General Season - Aug. 1st-Dec. 31st.

Mountain Goat Season

  • General Season - Aug. 1st-Dec. 31st.

Elk Season

  • General Season - Aug. 1st-Dec. 31st.

Musk Ox Season

  • General Season- Closed season.

Wolf and Wolverine Season

Wolf and Wolverine Season
  • Wolf (General Season) - Aug. 1st -May 31st.
  • Wolverine (General Season) - Sept. 1st-Mar. 31st.

Small Game Season

  • Grouse - Aug. 1st-May 15th.
  • Ptarmigan - Aug. 1st-May 15th.
  • Hare - Sept. 1st-Apr. 30th.
  • Crow - Sept. 1st-Nov. 17th.
  • Snowy Owl - Sept. 1-Apr. 1.
  • Pika - Open season.
  • Wild Turkey, Quail, Squirrel, Feral Ferrets, Chukar, Pheasant, Patridge, and Swine. - Open season.

Note: Season dates for each game differs with the zone.

~ Tags and licenses can be bought online.

~ Use of weapons (depending upon the animal and its weight), In general, archery and muzzleloader are not permitted for hunting big game. 

To know more on the use of weapons, or various other suggestions including on planning a hunt, visit the website Alaska Department of Fish and Game.


In Arkansas, you have the opportunity to hunt alligators in their natural state, also includes game like Elk, Deer, Bear, and Turkey.

Hunting permits and licenses are available online, although the cost of which depends on a few factors like season, method of Hunting, residence, and other unique stipulations.

Throughout Arkansas, the state also provides access to private properties as well. Six such properties in mid and southern Arkansas are available for hunting, provided one has a permit for it.

Alligator Season

  • General Season - Sept. 21st-24th, and from Sept. 28th- Oct. 1st.

~ Drawn permit is the only way to hunt Alligators.

~Bag limit is only one alligator per season. 

~ Also, Hunter orientation course is expected to attend by those hunters who get selected.

Bear Season

  • Archery - Sept. 22nd-Nov. 30th.
  • Muzzleloader - Oct. 20th-28th.
  • Modern Gun - Nov. 10th-30th.
  • Modern Gun (youth) - Nov. 3rd-4th.

~ Zone decides bag limits. Baiting is forbidden on public lands, unlike private designated properties where it is allowed.

Deer Season

 (Opening Dates)

  • Archery - Sept. 28th.
  • Muzzleloader - Oct. 19th.
  • Modern Gun - November.
  • Modern Gun (youth) - Nov. 2nd-3rd and Jan 4th-5th.
  • Private Land (only Antlerless) - October.

~ Conclusion of each Season depends on zone.

~ There is a Statewide bag limit, according to which only 6 deer/ season can be harvested, 2 bucks being the maximum.

Elk Season

  • General Season - Aug. 1st-Dec. 31st.

~ Be it private or public land, a permit is necessary.

~Opening two days of each season is the Youth Hunt.

~ Zone decides bag limits.

Turkey Season

  • Turkey (Spring) - Apr. 8th-23rd.
  • Youth Hunt - Apr. 6th-7th.

Small Game Season

  • Quail - Nov. 1st-Feb. 3rd.
  • Squirrel - May 15th- Feb. 28th.
  • Cottontail (swamp) Rabbit - Sept. 1st-Feb. 28th.

~ Depending upon animals and seasons, things like bag limits, hunting regulations/ dates fluctuate.

~ Hunting with dogs is not allowed in most of the seasons. 

Visit the website of Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to learn more about permits, licenses, and regulations.


If you thought California was all about Hollywood and Disneyland, then you are definitely in for a surprise.

California provides copious amounts of Hunting, with the likes of Deer, Elk, Bear, Pronghorn Antelope, and Bighorn sheep.

Hunting seasons have been divided into many regional zones, and with so many zones, one is expected to get confused as to where you could hunt, and where you could live.

To avoid such confusion regarding the hunting zones, visit the website of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Deer Season

  • General Season - Aug. 11th-Nov. 25th.
  • Archery - July 14th-Oct. 28th.

Elk Season

  • General Season - Aug. 14th-Dec. 30th.

~ 4 months, from August till November is the usual season of Elk, but depending upon regions, it does vary.

~ Due to military training in some regions, hunting has been canceled.

Bear Season

  • General Season - Aug. 11th-Dec. 30th.
  • Archery - Aug. 18th-Sept. 9th.

Pronghorn Antelope Season

  • General Season - Aug. 18th-Sept. 16th.
  • Apprentice Hunts - Aug. 18th-26th.

Desert Bighorn Sheep Season

  • General Season - Aug. 18th-Feb. 3rd.

~ Few areas are at high altitude with extreme terrain, hunters need to be well prepared for these zones.

~ Season for Bighorn sheep run from August till February.

Small Game Season

  • Tree Squirrel - Aug. 4th-Jan. 28th.
  • Rabbits and Hares - Jan. 28th-Jan. 27th.
  • Jackrabbit - Open season.

Note: Special season dates, bag limits, as well as hunting regulations for California hunting seasons, differs on seasons and the type of game.

Visit the website of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife website to get more precise information, regarding permits, on obtaining licenses and hunting regulations.


Looking for a big game?

Then Colorado is the perfect place for you.

Be it locally unique Pronghorn, or Black Bear and Mountain lion. Colorado encompasses all of it.

The state doesn't just offer great hunting, but also provides some of the breathtaking landscapes of the United States.

Colorado truly combines the adrenaline rush of the hunt, with nature's beauty to turn it into an enthralling experience.

Elk Season

  • Archery - Aug. 25th-Sept. 23rd
  • Muzzleloaders - Sept. 8th-16th.
  • Rifle - (Oct. 13th-17th), (Oct. 20th-28th), (Nov. 3rd-11th), and (Nov. 14th-18th).

Deer Season

  • Archery - Aug. 25th-Sept. 23rd.
  • Muzzleloaders - Sept. 8th-16th.
  • Muzzleloader (plains) - Oct. 13th-21st.
  • Plains Rifle (plains) - Oct. 27th-Nov. 6th.

Deer Season (Plains)

  • Archery - Oct. 1st-26th, Nov. 7th-30th. and from Dec. 15th-31st.
  • Muzzleloaders - Oct. 13th-21st.
  • Rifle - Oct. 27th-Nov. 6th.

Pronghorn Season

  • Archery (Bucks) - Aug. 15th-31st.
  • Archery - (Does and Bucks). Sept. 1st-20th.
  • Muzzleloader - Sept. 21st-29th.
  • Rifle (draw system) - Oct. 6th-12th.

Moose Season

  • Archery - Sept. 8th-23rd
  • Muzzleloaders -Sept. 8th-16th.
  • Rifle - Oct. 1st-14th.

Black Bear Season

  • Archery - Sept. 2th-30th.
  • Muzzleloaders - Sept. 8th-16th.
  • Rifle - Sept. 2nd-30th.

(Coincidences with the rifle season of Elk and deer).

Turkey Season

  • Fall - Sept. 1st-Oct. 26th.
  • Spring - Apr. 14th-May 27th.

Small Game Season

  • Tassel-eared (Abert’s) Squirrel - Nov. 15th-Jan. 15th.
  • Beaver - Oct. 1st-Apr. 30th.
  • Common Snapping Turtle - Apr. 1st-Oct.31st.
  • Rabbit - Oct. 1st-Feb. 28th.
  • Fox and Pine Squirrel - Oct. 1st-Feb. 28th.
  • Marmot - Aug. 10th-Oct. 15th.
  • Prairie Dogs - June 15th-Feb. 28th.
  • Prairie Rattlesnake - June 15th-Aug. 15th.
  • Wyoming Ground Squirrel and Coyote - open season.

~ Bag limits and availability of licenses changes with the region.

~ Licenses needs to be registered, and few of them are picked randomly.

~ Moreover, special permits are required for hunting on a specific occasion, and for specific zones.

 For more precise information on obtaining hunting season licenses, log on to the website of Colorado Parks and Wildlife.


Despite being small in size, Connecticut offers a vivid range of animals to hunt, throughout the year.

Turkey and deer are hunter's favorite, but waterfowl of Connecticut also hold sway.

Bear hunting is outlawed in the state, people can enjoy the magnificence of these mammals any time of year.

Northeastern parts of US provide unrivaled scenery, weather, hunting, and American history. Connecticut being no exception.

Deer Season

  • Archery - Jan. 1st-31st, Sept. 15th-Dec. 31st.
  • Firearms - Nov. 1st-Dec. 31st.
  • Muzzleloader - Dec. 5th-Dec. 31st.

Turkey Season

  • Spring - Apr. 25th-May 26th.
  • Fall (Archery) - Jan. 1st-31th, Sept. 15th-Dec-31st.
  • Fall (Firearms) - Oct. 6th-31st.

Small Game Season

  • European Hare and Cottontail Rabbit - Jan. 1st-Feb. 28th and Oct. 20th-Dec. 31st.
  • Varying (Snowshoe) Hare - Jan. 1st-31th and Nov. 17th-Dec. 31st.
  • Gray Squirrel - Jan. 1st-Feb. 28th and Sept. 1st-Dec. 31st.
  • Groundhog - Mar. 15th-Nov. 15th.
  • Chukar - Jan. 1st-Feb. 28th and Oct. 20th-Dec-31st.
  • Pheasant - Jan.1st-Feb. 28th and Oct. 20th-Dec. 31st.
  • Quail - Oct. 20th-Nov. 3rd.
  • Ruffed Grouse - Oct. 20th-Nov. 30th.

Note: Season dates rely on the zones.

~ While hunting Pheasants in Connecticut, all you need is a Pheasant hunting stamp which will be printed on your permit or hunting license. You no longer need any other tags for hunting Pheasants.

~ Prize for the permit often fluctuate, but a majority of them can be bought online by using the website of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

~ Hunters who are minors are qualified to get discounted price on permits, tags, and stamps.


Delaware. Another surprise package.

Yet another small state which set an all-time record of harvested deer in 2015/16, when 14,681 deer were harvested by hunters.

With such a prosperous and exceptional deer hunting, Delaware is also strict when it comes to hunting timetable.

Harvesting on Sundays is illegal. Except in two situations.

  • Commercial shooting preserves.
  • During Red fox chase season.

Though it is better to check in with Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife for more information and updates regarding the Sunday regulation.

Deer Season

  • Archery and Crossbow - Sept. 1st-Jan. 31st.
  • Muzzleloader - Oct. 5th-13th and Jan. 28th-Feb-2nd.
  • Shotgun - Nov. 9th-18th and Jan. 19th-26th.
  • Handgun - Jan. 5th-12th.
  • Youth and Disability Hunt - Nov. 3th.
  • Antlerless hunt - Oct. (15, 19, 20, 22, 26, 27, 29)and Dec. 8th-15th.

~ Hunters (Archery and crossbow) are allowed to harvest antlered bucks during the Antlerless period of October, but doing that in December's Antlerless season is against the regulations.

~ In the state of Delaware, it is legal to use handgun even during shotgun season. Still, hunters are permitted to use only one of them, it is illegal to use both handgun and shotgun simultaneously.

Turkey Season

  • Commercial Land Permit A - Apr. 13th-19th.
  • Commercial Land Permit B - Apr. 20th-26th.
  • Commercial Land Permit C - Apr. 27th-May 3rd.
  • Commercial Land Permit D - May 4th-11th.

~ Here Turkey hunting season is differentiated into two permits.

Public (commercial) and private land permits.

~ On public lands, hunters should abide by the season dates depending on their permit, whereas on private lands, hunters can hunt at any time of the year.

Small Game Season

  • Groundhogs - July 1st-June 30th.
  • Gray Squirrel - Sept. 15th-Feb. 2nd.
  • Bobwhite Quail - Nov. 19th-Jan. 5th.
  • Ring-necked Pheasant (Male Only) - Nov-19th-Feb. 2nd.
  • Cottontail Rabbit - Nov. 19th-Feb. 28th.

A particular region of Delaware decides it's hunting season, bagging limits, availability of licenses, etc.

To know more about this, visit the website of Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife.


The alligator hunting capital of the world, Florida offers some of the diverse opportunities for hunting during the season.

Florida hunting season is a perfect model, which demonstrates how hunting can be a useful instrument when it comes to stabilizing natural resources.

Florida's hunting is categorized into 4 zones.

Zone A - Almost everything below state road 70, also includes Lake Okeechobee.

Zone B - Some areas of western Florida, and north of Tampa.

Zone C - Being the largest zone, it includes everything around zone B, north of Zone A up to Panhandle.

Zone D - Panhandle. State road 61 separates Zone D from C.

So given the detailing of the zones, one should pre-plan which one would they like to adventure in.

Alligator season

  • Runs from - Aug. 15th – Nov. 1st.

~ Single permit allows harvesting of only 2 alligators.

~ For permit, non-residents of Florida are charged more compared to those who are residing in Florida.

Deer Season

  • Archery - July 28th-Nov. 21st.
  • Crossbow - July 28th-Nov. 30th.
  • Muzzleloader - Sept. 1st-Feb. 28th.
  • Firearms - Sept. 15th-Feb. 17th.

~ Use of bows is permitted in all seasons.

Crossbows can also be used during Firearm, and Muzzleloading seasons, subsequently Muzzleloaders can be used during Firearm seasons..

~ If you want, you can always go for a more primitive method.

Small Game Season

  • Groundhogs - July 1st-June 30th.
  • Gray Squirrel - Sept. 15th-Feb. 2nd.
  • Bobwhite Quail - Nov. 19th-Jan. 5th.
  • Ring-necked Pheasant (Male Only) - Nov-19th-Feb. 2nd.
  • Cottontail Rabbit - Nov. 19th-Feb. 28th.

A particular region of Delaware decides it's hunting season, bagging limits, availability of licenses, etc.

To know more about this, visit the website of Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife.

Turkey Season

Fall :

  • Archery - July 28th-Nov. 21st.
  • Crossbow - July 28th-Nov. 30th.
  • Muzzleloader - Sept. 1st-Dec. 7th.
  • Firearms - Oct. 8th-Jan. 13th.


  • General Season - March 9th-10th and Feb. 23th-24th.
  • Youth Hunt - Mar. 16th-Apr. 21st, and Mar. 2nd-Apr. 7th.

Small Game Season

  • Gray Squirrel - Oct. 13th-Mar. 3rd.
  • Quail - Nov. 10th-Mar. 3rd.
  • Bobcat - Dec. 1st-Mar. 31st.
  • Otter - Dec. 1st-Mar. 1st.
  • Wild Hog, Rabbit, Raccoon, Skunk Opossum, Beaver, Nutria and Coyote - Open season.

Note: Season dates Varys with zones.

For more precise information regarding season dates concerning location, hunting regulations and others, log onto the website of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.


With its hunting seasons, Georgia provides an ample amount of opportunities to bag various types of small and large games. Like Bear, Deer, Turkey including Alligator.

Deer Season

Deer Hunting in America
  • Archery - Sept. 8th-Jan. 13th.
  • Archery (Extended) - Sept. 8th-Jan. 31th.
  • Primitive Weapons - Oct. 13th-Jan. 13th.
  • Firearms - Oct. 20th-Jan. 13th.

Note: Deer hunt requires a permit, that being said only 7500 permits are issued.

~ Disability hunts also require permits.

~ Junior hunters who are not the residents of Georgia are not permitted to hunt during the Youth Hunt period.

~ Few counties have some restrictions and regulations concerning the use of firearms.

Bear Season

  • Archery - Sept. 8th-Jan. 13th.
  • Primitive Weapons - Oct. 13th-Jan. 13th.
  • Firearms - Sept. 20th-Jan. 13th.

Turkey Season

  • General Season - Mar. 23rd-May 15th.

Alligator Season

  • General Season - Aug. 17th-Oct. 8th.

Note: Harvesting Alligator requires permits and the bag limit is one Alligator. 

Small Game Season

  • Squirrel - Aug. 15th-Feb. 28th.
  • Grouse. Oct. 15th-Feb. 28th.
  • Opossum. Oct. 15th-Feb. 28th.
  • Raccoon. Oct. 15th-Feb. 28th.
  • Quail. Nov. 17th-Feb. 28th.
  • Rabbit. Nov. 17th-Feb. 28th.
  • Fox and Bobcat. Dec. 1st-Feb. 28th
  • Woodcock. Dec. 8th-Jan. 21st.

Note: Season dates vary depending upon the region.

~ When it comes to buying hunting permits/licenses, there are numerous options states of Georgia provides.

~ There are three ways to obtain a license.

With the help from an agent, or by phone, lastly the official website of the Department of Natural Resources.

~ Residents as well as non-residents can easily buy licenses, special permits and passes through online method.

~ Both new and veteran hunters can benefit from the initiatives provided by the state.

~ By participating in Hunt and Learn programs, Junior hunters can hone their skills necessary for hunting.

~ Seasoned hunters might find interest in Wildlife Management Area (WMA) program, where they get paired with state hunting locations.

~ Specialty hunts are organized by WMA for various hunting levels and groups.

To know more about the hunting regulations, bagging limits, on obtaining licenses/permits and special seasons, visit the website of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.


Tropical weather and beaches define Hawaii, but the hunts of Hawaii are remarkable as well.

Mouflon Sheep and Black-Tailed Deer are the favorite hunts of Hawaiians.

These islands also include Feral Hogs and Goats.

As Hawaii is a group of islands, each of them is called units which has its own preserves and game management, and thus regulations also vary by each unit.

Island of Kauai

  • Feral Pigs, Feral Goats, and Black-tailed Deer- Throughout the year.

Note: Deer hunt requires a permit, that being said only 7500 permits are issued.

Island of Oahu

  • Feral Pigs, Feral Goats - Throughout the year.

Island of Molokai.

  • Feral Pigs, Feral Goats - Throughout the year.

Island of Lanai

  • Mouflon Sheep. (Harvesting has been canceled until further notice.)
  • Axis Deer. The first weekend on March.  9 consequent weekends.

Island of Maui

  • Feral Pigs, Feral Goats - throughout the year.

Island of Hawaii

  • Feral Pigs, Feral Goats, and Wild Sheep - throughout the year.

~ Few units of the island restrict hunting to only particular dates also with regards to methods of Hunting.

To make sure that you are hunting legally, and to know more about the hunting method and rules of island unit, log on to the website of Hawaii Division of Forestry and Wildlife.


Potatoes aren't the only notable thing about Idaho, its hunting is bountiful as well.

With numerous games for hunting, this state does not disappoint any enthusiastic hunter.

Games like Bear, Deer, Elk, and Mountain lion. Small games are also superior in numbers.

Black Bear Season

  • General Season - Aug. 30th-Nov. 30th. And from Apr. 1st-June 30th.

Deer Season

  • General Season - Oct. 10th-Dec. 1st.

Elk Season

  • General Season - September till December.

Pronghorn Season

  • Limited Hunt Season - Sept. 25th-Oct. 24th.

Mountain Lion Season

  • General Season - Aug. 30th-June 30th.

Turkey Season

  • General Season (Fall) - Aug. 30th-Dec. 31st
  • Youth Hunt (spring) - Apr. 8th-14th.
  • General Season (spring) - Apr. 15th-May 25th.

Small Game Season

  • Cottontail Rabbit - Feb. 28th-Mar. 31st.
  • Snowshoe Hare - Feb. 28th-Mar. 31st.
  • Bobwhite and California Quail - Sept. 15th-Jan. 31st.
  • Chukar and Gray Partridge - Sept. 15th-Jan. 31st.
  • Pheasants (males) - Oct. 13th-Dec. 31st.

Note: Seasons dates for hunts vary by region.

~ Harvest dates for elks differs greatly with each zone, and with harvest methods.

~ State of Idaho depends on management units to keep the population and hunting in control.

~ To avoid overpopulation, many of the big games of Idaho's are controlled and well-managed hunts, which requires special permits.

Learn more about the bagging limits, special seasons, hunting regulations, the procedure of obtaining license and permits by visiting the website of

Idaho Department of Fish and Game website.


During hunting season, you will find various types of game animals, like Deer Rabbit, Turkey, and other smaller ones.

For both state residents and non-residents, Illinois provides online registration of permits.

For some smaller games, permits can be obtained without spending any money.

Deer Season

  • Archery - Oct. 1st-Jan. 20th.
  • Muzzleloader - Nov. 29th-30th, Dec. 1st-2nd, and Dec. 7th-9th.
  • Firearms Hunt (Youth) - Oct. 6th-8th.
  • Firearms - Nov. 16th-18th, Nov. 29th-30th, and Dec. 1st-2nd.

Wild Turkey Season

  • Firearms (Fall). Oct. 20th-28th.
  • Archery (Fall). Oct. 1st-Jan. 20th.
  • Youth Hunt (Spring) TBD.
  • General Season (Spring) TBD.

~ During Firearm season, Archery (Fall) season is put on hold to ensure the safety of hunters.

~ For some seasons there is a delay in announcements of dates.

Small Game Season

  • Fox and Grey Squirrel - Aug. 1st-Feb. 15th.
  • Crow - Oct. 28th-Feb. 28th.
  • Bobwhite Quail - Nov. 3rd-Jan. 15th.
  • Hungarian Partridge - Nov. 3rd-Jan. 15th.
  • Rabbits - Nov. 3rd-Jan. 15th.

~ To safeguard hunters during Firearm seasons, most of the small game hunting gets suspended.

Note: Season changes with zones.

~ Transportation of Hunting ammunition into the state would become problematic given the gun laws of Illinois.

~ To know more about transportation and storage of ammunition read FAQs of Illinois police department brochure.

Find out more about the hunting regulations, dates, special seasons, bag limits, procedure on obtaining license and permits by visiting the website of Illinois Department of Natural Resources.


Here the hunting seasons mostly include small game (Turkey, Grouse, squirrel, etc.), and quite a few Deer seasons.

Indiana also provides trapping season for fur bearing animals like Coyote, Raccoon, and Fox.

There are many beneficial programs for hunters, like hunters helping out farmers. Here hunters are paired with landowners who are troubled with the presence of Antlerless Deer on their property, hunters in return help eliminate this problem.

One can apply for this program between July and Aug each year.

Depending upon the animal, season and special regulation, prices vary.

Less for residents, more for non-residents.

Apprentice and rookie license are also available.

Licenses are valid from April 1st till March 31st of the said year.

Deer Season

  • Reduction Hunt - Sept. 15th-Jan. 31st.
  • Youth Hunt - Sept. 29th-30th.
  • Archery - Oct. 1st-Jan. 6th.
  • Firearms - Nov. 17th-Dec. 2nd.
  • Muzzleloader - Dec. 8th-23rd.
  • Antlerless (Special Season) - Dec. 26th-Jan-6th.

Turkey Season

  • Firearms - (Fall). Oct. 17th-28th.
  • Archery - (Fall) Oct. 1st-28th and Dec. 8th- Jan-6th.
  • Spring Season - Apr. 24th-May 12th.
  • Youth Hunt - Apr. 20th-12th.

Small Game Season

  • Frog - Jun 15th-Apr. 30th.
  • Game Turtles - July 1th-Mar. 31th.
  • Crow - July 1st-Aug. 15th.
  • Fox and Grey Squirrel - Aug. 15th-Jan. 31st.
  • Pheasant - Nov. 1st-Dec. 15th.
  • Quail - Nov. 1st-Jan. 10th.
  • Rabbit - Nov. 1st-Feb. 28th.

~Bagging limits for deer changes with zones, a license is a must for harvesting deer.

Note: Season dates vary with zones.

Log on to the website of Indiana Department of Natural Resources website to learn more about regulations, seasons other important details.


Iowa covers the northern portion of the Midwest, it offers several game animals like Turkey, Pheasants, and Deer, including other same game animals.

There are many ways to acquire a license, over the phone, with the help from an agent or through online process.

With varying prices, both the residents and the non-residents can buy a license.

After a successful hunt of games like Deer and Turkey, hunters can divulge their harvest on the website of Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

The Habitat and Access Program (IHAP), is a type of beneficial program in which the landowners make their lands accessible to the public.

Hunters can have access from Sept 1st till May 31st.

With the help from the state Hunting Atlas, one can easily plan their outing.

With 600K acres of public hunting land on this interactive map, it can easily provide information regarding animal habitat and hunting zones.

For public hunting and trapping, more than 360K acres of land has been provided by the Wildlife Management Areas (WMA).

Deer Season

  • Youth Season - Sept. 15th-30th.
  • Disabled Hunter Season - Sept. 15th-30th.
  • Muzzleloader (Early) - Oct. 13th-21st.
  • Archery - Oct. 1st-Nov. 30th and Dec. 17th- Jan-10th.
  • Muzzleloader (Late) - Dec. 17th-Jan. 10th.
  • Regular Gun (Season 1) - Dec. 1st-5th.
  • Regular Gun (Season 2) - Dec. 8th-16th.
  • Holiday Season for Non-Resident - Dec-24th-Jan. 2nd.
  • Antlerless (January period) - Jan. 11th-27th.

Note: Each Deer harvest would require a permit.

Turkey Season

  • Gun or Bow (Fall) - Oct. 16th-Nov. 30th.
  • Archery (Fall) - Oct. 1st-Nov. 30th and Dec-17th-Jan. 10th.

Small Game Season

  • Fox/Gray Squirrel - Sept. 1th-Jan. 31th.
  • Cottontail Rabbit - Sept. 1th-Feb. 28th.
  • Rooster Pheasant (Youth) - Oct. 20th-21st.
  • Rooster Pheasant - Oct. 27th-Jan. 10th.
  • Bobwhite Quail - Oct. 27th-Jan. 31th.
  • Ruffed Grouse - Oct. 6th-Jan. 31th.
  • Crow - Jan. 14th-Mar. 31st.
  • Pigeon, Groundhog - Open season.

Iowa hunting seasons changes with the seasons and animals, to know more about the bag limits, hunting regulations, the procedure to obtain license/ permits, special seasons dates visit the website of Iowa Department of Natural Resources website.


This sunflower state's hunting season includes Elk, Antelope, Deer, Turkey including small game.

Kansas offers several hunting programs, like Sportsmen Assisting Disabled Hunting Program, where a hunter gets teamed up with disabled field partners.

The walk-in hunting programs allow private landowners to open their land for public hunting, for instance, Deer hunters can help the landowners deal with the problem of large Deer herds on their property.

Deer Season

  • General Youth and Disabled Hunt - Sept.8th-16th.
  • Archery - Sept. 17th-Dec. 31th.
  • Muzzleloader (Early) - Sept. 17th-30th.
  • Antlerless Deer (Pre-Rut) - Oct. 6th-8th.
  • General Firearms - Nov. 28th-Dec. 9th.
  • Antlerless Season (Extended) - Jan. 1st-13th and Jan 14th-31st.

Elk Season

  • General Season - Sept. 1st-30th.
  • Extended Season (ordained by Permit) - Oct. 1st-Mar. 15th.

Antelope Season

  • Archery - Sept. 22th-30th and Oct. 13th-21th.
  • Firearms - Oct. 5th-8th.
  • Muzzleloader - Oct. 1st-8th.

Turkey Season

  • Fall - Oct. 1st-Nov. 27th and Dec. 10th-Jan. 31st.
  • Spring - Apr. 17th-May 31st.

Small Game Season

  • Bullfrog - July 1st-Oct. 31st.
  • Crow - Nov. 10th-Mar. 10th.
  • Rabbit (Round the year), Squirrel - June. 1st-Feb. 28th.

Note: Season dates vary with region.

Few important details.

~ Each unit determines the length of Whitetail Deer seasons.

~ Most of the deer seasons have been designated for military fort areas, and their duration varies.

~ Elk harvesting is allowed in few zones.

~ This season is differentiated into parts of 3 months each.

~ Dates for Fort Riley area are subjected to change.

To learn more about your qualifications for hunting in certain specific regional hunts and locations, or legality of your hunt, bagging limit, general hunting regulations, special seasons, including the procedure of obtaining license/permits, log on to the website of Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism.


Here the hunting seasons include both small and large game, from Bear to Deer, including elks.

Both residents and non-residents are required to have a hunting license and permits, which can be easily bought online.

Or else you can opt for an agent too.

The prize depends on the age, residence, seasons, and special designations (if any).

You can either use the telephone or the website of the Department of fish and wildlife to report your harvest.

Bear, elk, bobcat, Turkey, and river otters, must be logged in by either of these methods after harvesting.

Since the time limits for each animal is different, it would be ideal for learning more about it by visiting the website.

Deer Season

  • Archery - Sept. 1st- Jan. 21st.
  • Crossbow - Oct. 1st-21st and Nov. 10th-Dec. 31st.
  • Muzzleloader - Oct. 20th-21st and Dec. 8th-16th.
  • Firearms (Youth) - Oct. 13th-14th.
  • Firearms - Nov. 10th-25th.
  • Weekend (youth- free) - Dec. 29th-30th.

Elk Season

  • Archery - Sept. 15th-Dec. 31st.
  • Crossbow - Sept. 22th-Dec.31st.
  • Firearms - Sept. 29th- Dec. 14th.

Turkey Season

  • Archery (Fall) - Sept. 1st-Jan. 21st.
  • Firearms (Fall) - Oct. 27th-Nov. 2nd and Dec. 1st-7th.
  • Crossbow (Fall) - Oct. 1st-21st and Nov. 10th-Dec. 31th.
  • General Season (spring) - Apr. 13th-May 5th.
  • Youth - (Spring). Apr. 6th-7th

Bear Season

  • Chase - Aug. 1st-31th and Sept. 9th-30th
  • Archery - Oct. 27th -Nov. 2nd.
  • Crossbow - Oct. 27th-Nov. 2nd.
  • With Dogs (Quota hunt) - Oct. 20th-Nov. 2nd.
  • Firearms - Dec. 15th-21st.
  • Muzzleloader - Dec. 8th-16th.

Small Game Season

  • Crow - Sept. 1th-Nov. 7th and Jan. 4th-Feb. 28th.
  • Squirrel - Aug. 18th-Nov. 9th and Nov. 12th-Feb. 28th.
  • Grouse - Nov. 1st-9th and Nov. 12th-Feb. 28th.
  • Rabbit - Nov. 1st-Feb. 10th.
  • Quail - Nov. 1st-Feb. 10th.
  • Groundhog - year round.

Note: Zones influences season dates.

~Harvest of the cow (Antlerless) and bull (antlered) influence the dates of zones.

~Visit the official to get the official confirmation on spring dates.

~Only Kentucky residents can harvest bears.

~ With each animal and season, hunting regulations and bag limits changes.

To know more about license/permits and regulations, visit the website of Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources.


The main takeaway of this state is migratory bird hunting, which is quite famous in America.

Also includes Whitetail deer, which tends to increase the beauty of Fireplace mantles.

Louisiana also provides a thorough Alligator hunt as well.

Whether you are a traveler visiting this southern gem, or a resident of the state, the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries provides all the necessary information, regarding the maps of all 13 hunting zones and licenses.

Deer Season

  • Archery - Sept-1st to Jan-31st.
  • Muzzleloader - Oct- 1st to Jan-31st.
  • Firearms (without Dogs) - Oct-1st to Jan-31st.
  • Firearms, (with/ without dogs) - Dec-1st to Jan-31st.

~ Louisiana comprises of 10 hunting zones.

~ Bagging limit 6 Deer/season. (Antlered and antlerless should be 3 each).

~ When enforced legally, only 1 antlered and antlerless Deer should be harvested each day.

Wild Turkey Season

  • General Season - Apr. 6th- May 5th.
  • Youth and Disabled Hunt - Mar. 30th-31st.

~ There are 3 hunting zones in Louisiana.

Small Game Season

  • Coypu (nutria) - Sept. 1st-Feb. 28th.
  • Squirrel - Oct. 6th-Feb. 28th, and May 4th-26th.
  • Rabbit - Oct. 6th-Feb. 28th.
  • Quail and Pheasant - Nov. 17th-Feb. 28th.
  • Opossum, Raccoon, Bobcat - Open season.

~ In some areas, spring season squirrel hunt has been put on hold.

~ Bagging limits for small game vary with animals.

To know more about the licenses, hunting seasons and regulations, visit the website of Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.


If exploring East coast for hunting is on your bucket list, then Maine is one of the ideal places to opt for.

Here you will find games like Moose, Deer, and Bear including small ones for

the entirety of Fall and Spring.

Both residents and non-residents can acquire licenses easily through the online process, which is printed on the spot.

Few games, hunts like Moose and Deer requires a permit, most of them are draw system.

You can submit your online application for permit's lotteries each year.

Maine offers beneficial programs too.

One such Is Maine's Outdoor Partner's program, under which hunters get access to private lands, farms, and forests.

Even though the land is open for hunters, they still require permission (permit) from landowners for seasonal harvest.

There's another program named “Hunters for the Hungry”, where a hunter either part of it or the entire harvest donates to the family in need.

Deer Season

  • Resident Only - Oct. 27th.
  • Youth Day - Oct. 20th.
  • Firearms - Oct. 29th-Nov. 24th.
  • Archery - Sept. 29th-Oct. 26th.
  • Muzzleloader - Nov. 26th-Dec. 8th.
  • Archery (Extended) - Sept. 8th-Dec. 8th.

Bear Season

  • General Season - Aug. 27th-Nov. 24th.
  • Hunting (with Bait) - Aug. 27th-Sept. 22th.
  • Hunting (with Dogs) - Sept. 10th-Oct. 26th.
  • Youth Day - Aug. 25th.

Moose Season

  • General Season - Sept. 24th-Nov. 24th.
  • Residents - Oct. 27th.

Wild Turkey Season

  • Fall - Oct. 1st-Nov. 7th.
  • Spring - Apr. 29th-June 1st.
  • Spring (Youth) - Apr 27th.

Small Game Season

  • Gray Squirrel - Oct. 1st-Dec. 31st.
  • Snowshoe Hare - Oct. 1st-Mar. 31st.
  • Bobcat - Dec. 1st-Feb. 21st.
  • Coyote Night Hunt - Dec. 18th-Aug. 31st.
  • Coyote, woodchuck, Porcupine, Red Squirrel - Open season.

Read Also: Night Vision Scope.

Note: Seasons vary with zones or Wildlife Management District (WMD).

~ Permit is necessary for Deer hunt.

~ Only permit holders can hunt Moose and only one Moose per year.

~ Some areas might be closed for hunting, to learn more about these situations visit Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife website.

~ Maine is broken into Wildlife Management Districts (WMD), and these districts decide the commencement and termination of each season.

To learn more about the hunting regulations, bag limits, special seasons and procedure on obtaining licenses and permits, visit the website of Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.


A small state with a big hunt. Massachusetts has white-tailed deer, including bear, if you are eyeing for a hunt here, then you need to have a permit or tags, which both residents and non-residents can purchase online.

You can print your permit from home.

With historical landmark, Massachusetts provides a rather enjoyable hunting season.

Deer Season

  • Youth Hunt - Sept. 29th.
  • Archery - Oct. 1st-Nov. 24th.
  • Shotgun - Nov. 26th-Dec. 8th.
  • Disabled Hunt - Nov. 1st-3rd.
  • Primitive Firearms - Dec. 10th -31 st.

Bear Season

  • General Season - Sept. 4th-22nd, Nov. 5th-24th, and Nov. 26th-Dec. 8th.

Wild Turkey Season

  • General Season (Fall) - Oct. 22nd-Nov. 3rd.
  • General Season(Spring) - Apr. 30th-May 26th.
  • Youth Hunt - (Spring) Apr. 28th.

Small Game Season

  • Crow. Jan. 1st-Apr. 9th and July 2nd-Apr. 10th.
  • Gray Squirrel. Sept. 10th-Jan. 2nd
  • Cottontail Rabbit. Oct. 14th-Feb. 28th.
  • Snowshoe Hare - Oct. 14th-Feb. 28th.
  • Pheasant, Quail, and Ruffled Grouse - Oct. 13th-Nov. 24th

Note: Season dates depend on the zone.

Log on to the website of the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game, to learn more about the legality of your hunt.


Michigan offers various kinds of game, from Deer to Bear and Turkey to wolf. Along with elks.

Hunters have access to both private and public lands under programs like Hunters Helping Landowners Programs (HHLP) and Hunters Access Programs (HAP), where private land is easily turned into public land.

Moreover, the Department of Natural Resources provides a mapping tool for hunters called Mi HUNT, which helps to find public hunting areas statewide.

Licenses can be bought through Natural Website, or from an agent. Both residents and non-residents are qualified for it.

Deer Season

  • Firearms (Early Antlerless) - Sept. 22nd-23rd.
  • Liberty Hunt - Sept. 22nd-23rd.
  • Independence Hunt - Oct. 18th-21st.
  • Archery - Oct. 1st-Nov. 14th and Dec. 1st-Jan.1st.
  • Regular Firearm - Nov. 15th-30th.
  • Muzzleloader - Dec. 7th-23rd.
  • Firearms (Late Antlerless) - Dec. 17th-Jan-1st.

Elk Season

  • Hunting Phase 1 -  Aug. 28th-Oct. 1st.
  • Hunting Phase 2 - Dec. 15th-23rd.
  • Hunting Phase 3 -  Jan. 16th-19th.

Wild Turkey Season

  • General Season (Spring) - Apr. 23rd-May-31st.

Small Game Season

  • Cottontail Rabbit - Sept. 15th-Mar. 31st.
  • Snowshoe Hare. Sept - 15th-Mar. 31at.
  • Pheasant - Oct. 10th-Jan. 1st.
  • Ruffed Grouse - Sept. 15th-Nov. 14th and Dec. 1st-Jan.1st.
  • Squirrel (Fox and Gray) - Sept. 15th-Mar. 1st.
  • Opossum, Weasel, Porcupine, Skunk, Ground Squirrel, Red Squirrel, Woodchuck, Feral Pigeons, Feral Swine, Starling, House Sparrows. - Open season.

Note: Hunting seasons vary with zones.

~ Lottery permit system is the only possible way for Elk hunting.

~ Those hunters who are selected gets assigned to designated hunting zone and period. Which ranges from August to January.

Hunting regulations, bag limits, and special seasons of Michigan changes with animal and hunting zones.

To learn more about these, and the procedure of obtaining license and permits visit the website of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.


In Minnesota, you will have the opportunity to bag animals like Wolf, Deer, bobcat, and other various small game.

Due to the significant decline in moose's population for reasons unknown, the Department of Natural Resources has suspended the hunting season of Moose.

License rate changes with the animal, season, and special designation. Both residents and non-residents can buy licenses from the Department of Natural Resources office in St Paul (on the phone or online), or an agent of the same department.

Lotteries for obtaining a license are available for harvesting Turkey, Bear, Deer and Wolf.

Deer Season

  • Archery - Sept. 15th-Dec. 31st.
  • Youth Hunt - Oct. 18th-21st.
  • Firearms - Nov. 3rd-25th.
  • Muzzleloader - Nov. 24th-Dec. 9th.

Bear Season

  • General Season - Sept. 10th-Oct. 14th.

Wild Turkey Season

  • General Season (Fall) - Oct. 28th.

Bobcat Season

  • General Season - (Hunting - Trapping). Nov. 24th-Jan. 6th.

Small Game Season

  • Sandhill Crane - Sept. 15th-Oct. 21st.
  • Rabbits - Sept. 15th-Feb. 28th.
  • Squirrel - Sept. 15th-Feb. 28th.
  • Raccoon, Red/ Gray Fox, Badger, and Opossum - Oct. 20th- Mar. 15th.

Note: Each zone has its own season dates.

Hunting regulations and bagging limits of Minnesota changes with animal and region.

To know more about permits, licenses and regulations visit the website of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.


With Mississippi, you would have the standard game like Deer and Turkey, and some not so standard game like Alligator, which can be found in southern states.

Mississippi has a handful of hunting regulations, like-

Baits and Decoys are not allowed to use to hunt any animals, except if it's a crow or some other annoying animals.

Dogs are allowed on hunts, except for Turkey, Deer (Archery), and muzzleloader seasons.

Deer Season

  • Archery - Oct. 1st-Nov. 16th.
  • Youth (pistol) - Nov. 3rd-Jan. 31st.
  • Primitive Weapon - Nov. 5th-16th and Jan. 17th-31st.
  • Firearms - Nov. 17th-Dec. 1st, Dec. 16th-23rd, and Dec. 24th-Jan. 16th.

Wild Turkey Season

  • General Season (Fall) - Oct. 15th-Nov. 15th.
  • General Season (Spring) - Mar. 15th-May 1st.

Alligator Season

  • General Season - Aug. 31st-Sept. 10th.

Small Game Season

  • Spring Squirrel (Spring) - May 15th-June 1st.
  • Raccoon - July 1st-Sept. 30th.
  • Youth Squirrel - Sept. 24th-30th.
  • Rabbit - Oct. 13th-Feb. 28th.
  • Opossum - Oct. 1st-31st and Nov. 1st-Feb. 28th.
  • Bobcat - Oct. 1st-31st and Nov. 1st-Feb. 28th.
  • Fall Squirrel - Oct. 1st-Feb. 28th.
  • Bobwhite Quail - Nov. 22nd-Mar. 2nd.

Note: Season dates changes with zones.

~ Only special permits allow hunting Alligator, which can be purchased online.

~ Those who obtain through lottery draw system needs to attend Alligator hunting course if they haven't already.

~ To hunt alligators, hunters should be a resident of the state, and be at least 16 years old.

~ Exclusively for Deer seasons, Mississippi is divided into 5 Zones.

Delta (Western Mississippi)


 East Central

 Southwest and


~ Each one of them has their own respective hunting dates.

~ Both residents and non-residents can get the license, which you can buy online.

Permits are required for most of the seasons.

Log on to the website of Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks to learn more about hunting regulations/ zones, permits and licenses, bag limits, and special seasons/dates.


Missouri is one of the most vibrant hunting destinations in the country, here the game ranges from Coyote to Pheasants and Whitetail to Dove. Thus, making it one of the exciting hunting destinations of America.

But unfortunately, Missouri is often overlooked as a hunting destination, the reason why it has such a low hunter density.

Deers here are the biggest in America, and the population of Whitetail is around 1.3 Million.

Missouri offers access to 2 Million acres of quality hunting land for hunters.

To make hunting hassle-free, the license can be purchased online.

Deer Season

  • Archery - Sept. 15th-Nov. 9th and Nov. 21st-Jan. 15th.
  • Firearms (Youth) - Oct. 27th-28th and Nov. 23rd-25th.
  • Firearms (November period) - Nov. 10th-20th.
  • Firearms (Antlerless) - Nov. 30th-Dec. 2nd.
  • Firearms (substitute methods) - Dec. 22nd-Jan. 1st.

Turkey Season

  • Youth Hunt (Spring) - Apr. 7th-8th.
  • General Season (Spring) - Apr. 16th-May 6th.
  • Archery (Fall) - Sept. 15th-Nov. 9th and Nov. 21st-Jan. 15th.
  • Firearms(Fall) -Oct. 1st-31st.

Small Game Season

  • Coyote - Year-round
  • Squirrel - May 26th-Feb. 15th.
  • Groundhog - May 7th-Dec. 15th.
  • Dove - Sept. 1st-Nov. 29th.
  • Sora and Virginia Rail - Sept. 1st-Nov. 9th.
  • Woodcock - Oct. 15th-Nov. 28th.
  • Crow - Nov. 1st-Mar. 3rd.
  • Fox and Opossum - Nov. 15th-Jan. 31st.
  • Pheasant and Quail - Nov. 1-Jan. 15.

Note: With zones, season dates vary.

Few hunting seasons of Missouri depends on the zone, to get more precise information on local dates, visit the website of Missouri Department of Conservation.


Montana has a wide range of big games for enthusiast hunters, that includes Bison, Black Bear, Antelope, Elk, and Mountain lion.

From the Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department website, both residents and non-residents can purchase license and permits.

They can also buy them from various businesses from across the state.

Non-residents have the opportunity to buy a combined license for Deer and Elk hunting.

In case of road kill (Moose, Elk, Deer, and Antelope) one can legally salvage the animal with the designated permit.

To persuade private Landowners and other land management firms to allow access to free hunters, Montana provides the Block Management Program.

An initiative crafted for this very purpose.

Under this program, almost 7.8 Million acres of Hunting land is accessible for hunters during Fall.

Excluding Turkey season and Spring bears.

Antelope Season

  • Archery - Sept. 1st-Oct. 5th.
  • 900 Series - Aug. 15th-Nov. 11th.
  • General Season - Oct. 6th-Nov. 11th.

Bighorn Sheep Season

  • Archery - Sept. 1st-14th.
  • General Season - Sept. 15th-Nov. 25th.

Bison Season

  • General Season. Nov. 15th-Feb. 15th.

Black Bear Season.

  • General Season (Fall) - Sept. 15th-Nov. 25th.
  • Archery (Fall) - Sept. 1st-14th.
  • General Season (Fall) - Apr.15th-June.31st.

Deer/Elk Season

  • Archery - Sept. 1st-Oct. 14th.
  • Youth Hunt - Oct. 18th-19th.
  • General Season - Oct. 20th-Nov. 25th.
  • Archery (Backcountry) - Sept. 1st-14th.
  • General Season (Backcountry -. Sept. 15th-Nov. 25th.

Moose Season

  • General Season - Sept. 15th-Nov. 25th.

Wild Turkey Season

  • General Season (Fall) - Sept. 1st-Jan. 1st.
  • General Season (Spring) - Apr. 14th-May 20th.

Mountain Goat Seasons

  • General Season - Sept. 15th-Nov. 25th

Montana Small Game Season

  • Mountain Grouse - Sept. 1st-Jan. 1st.
  • Partridge - Sept. 1st-Jan. 1st.
  • Sage Grouse (sagehen) - Sept. 1st-30th.
  • Sharp-tailed Grouse (Firebird) - Sept. 1st-Jan. 1st.
  • Pheasant - Oct. 7th-Jan. 1st.

Note: Season dates for Backcountry relies on the region.

To know more about the hunting regulations, bag limits, special seasons, licensed and permits, visit the website of Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department.


Antelope, Bighorn Sheep, Elk, and Deer are the main game of Nebraska's hunting season.

Deer Season

  • Archery - Sept. 1st-Dec. 31st.
  • Firearm (Early) - Nov. 10th-18th.
  • Muzzleloader - Dec. 1st-31st.
  • Firearm (Late) - Jan. 1st-15th.

Antelope Season

  • Archery - Aug. 20th-Dec. 31st.
  • Muzzleloader - Sept. 15th-30th.
  • Firearms - Oct. 13th- 28th.
  • Doe or Fawn (Late) - Nov.1st -Jan. 31st.

Elk Season

  • Archery (Bull) - Sept. 1st-Oct. 31st.
  • Firearm (Bull) - Sept. 21st-Oct. 31st.
  • Public Land (Cow) - Sept. 21st-Oct. 31st and Dec. 1st-Jan. 15th.
  • Private Land (Cow) - Aug. 15th-Oct. 31st and Dec. 1st-Jan. 15th.

Wild Turkey Season

  • Youth Shotgun and Archery (Fall) - Sept. 15th-Jan. 31st.
  • General Season (Fall) - Sept. 15th-Jan. 31st.

Bighorn Sheep Season

  • General Season - Nov. 27th-Dec. 22nd.

Mountain Lion Season

Note: Harvest quotas and the hunts of Mountain lion ranges significantly with regions.

Season dates are very dynamic, and closure of them can happen at any time. So, it's advised to check the hunting schedule every day before heading out in the woods.

Small Game Season

  • Squirrel - Aug. 1st-Jan. 31st.
  • Rabbit - Sept. 1st-Feb. 28th.
  • Grouse - Sept. 1st-Jan. 31st.
  • Pheasant, Quail, Partridge - Oct. 27th-Jan-1st.

Important Notes

~ Only one permit is issued for Bighorn sheep hunting and lottery is the only way to get them.

~ Only Nebraska residents can apply for permits, a nonrefundable fee of $25 needs to be paid.

Hunting regulations, bag limits and other designations for Nebraska's hunting seasons relies on particular animal and region.

To learn more about the procedure on obtaining hunting/fishing license, permits visit the website of Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.


Nevada is not just about the desert climate and Las Vegas, it also offers hunting opportunities like Deer, Elk Antelope, and Mountain Goats.

This silver state's beauty lies in its bounty.

Antelope Season

  • General Season- Aug. 22nd-Oct. 30th.

Bighorn Sheep Season

  • General Season - Sept. 5th- Jan. 1st.

Elk Season

  • General Season - Aug. 1st-Jan. 5th

Black Bear Season

  • General Season - Sept. 15th-Dec. 1st (or until harvest threshold is reached).

Mule Deer Season

  • General Season -Aug. 10th -Jan. 1st.

Mountain Goat Season

  • General Season - Sept. 1st-Oct. 31st.

Wild Turkey Season

  • General Season (Fall) - Oct. 6th-28th.
  • General Season (Spring) - Mar. 30th-May 5tb.

Small Game Season

  • Blue Grouse - Sept. 1st-Dec. 31st.
  • Crow - Sept. 1st-Nov. 17th, and Mar. 1st-Apr. 15th.
  • Sage Grouse (Sagehen) - Sept. 29th-Oct. 14th.
  • Quail - Sept. 29th-Oct. 7th.
  • Rabbit - Sept. 29th-Oct. 7th.
  • Partridge - Sept. 29th-Oct. 7th.

Note: Season dates changes with the zone.

Few things to remember by.

~ Antelope needs to have horns longer than their ears, to make it a legal hunt. Except during the designated short-horned season.

~ Approved application is needed for Turkey hunt.

To learn more about the hunting seasons, bag limits, licenses, tags, permits, and hunting regulations, visit the website of Nevada Department of Wildlife.


Apart from standard game animals like Deer, Turkey, and pheasant, including small game. The unexpected games are the large ones, Black Bear and Moose.

This granite state provides more 200K acres of public lands, coupled with 750K acres of White Mountain National Forest.

New Hampshire also allows hunting on Sundays, unlike in many other states.

Deer Season

  • Archery - Sept. 15th-Dec. 15th.
  • Youth Weekend - Oct. 27th-28th.
  • Muzzleloader - Nov. 3rd-13th.
  • Firearms - Nov. 14th-Dec. 9th.

Black Bear Season

  • General Season - Sept. 1st-Nov. 30th.

Moose Season

  • General Season - Oct. 20th-28th.

Wild Turkey Season

  • General Season (spring) - May 3rd-31st.
  • Archery (Fall) - Sept. 15th-Dec. 15th.
  • Firearms (Fall) - Oct. 15th-21st.

Small Game Season

  • Crow - Aug. 15th-Nov. 30th, and Mar. 16th-31st.
  • Gray Squirrel. Sept - 1st-Jan. 31th.
  • Snowshoe Hare and Rabbit - Oct. 1st-Mar. 31st.
  • Quail, Ruffed Grouse Hungarian Partridge, and Chukar - Oct. 1st-Dec. 31st.
  • Woodcock - Oct. 1st-Nov. 14th.

Note: Season dates vary with regions.

Few things to remember by.

~ Both residents and non-residents are qualified to get a license. One could purchase a license either, online or from an agent.

~ In some areas firearms season concludes rather early.

~ Harvesting Deer requires a permit, and only one Deer can be bagged per permit.

~ In each season, both antlerless and antlered deer can be harvested simultaneously, but the regulations tend to differ with regions.

~ Use of chocolate as a Bait for hunting bear is prohibited in New Hampshire, because of its health repercussions on the bear.

~ Lottery drawn permit is the only way for Moose harvest.

To know more about further regulations, special seasons, bagging limits, the procedure of obtaining license/permits, visit the website of New Hampshire Fish and Game Department.


There is no lack of wildlife for both residents and non-residents in this small garden state.

Game includes Deer, Black bears, wild Turkey, and small Turkey.

In recent times the duration of Hunting Season has been extended to more than 100 days.

Don't let the size of this state fool you, for instance in 2014-15, 52,000 deer were harvested during Deer Season.

Deer Season

  • Archery - Sept. 22nd-Oct. 26tb.
  • Youth Archery - Sept. 22nd.
  • Firearm - Dec. 3rd-8th.
  • Youth Firearm - Nov. 17th.

Black Bear Season

  • Archery - Oct. 8th-13th.
  • Archery - Oct. 11th-13th.
  • Muzzleloader - Oct. 11th-13th.
  • Firearm - Dec. 3rd-8th and Dec. 12th-15th.

Moose Season

  • General Season - Oct. 20th-28th.

Wild Turkey Season

  • General Season (spring) - May 3rd-31st.
  • Archery (Fall) - Sept. 15th-Dec. 15th.
  • Firearms (Fall) - Oct. 15th-21st.

Wild Turkey Season

  • General Season (Fall) - Oct. 27th-Nov. 3rd.
  • General Season (spring) - Apr. 22nd-May 18th.
  • Youth Day (Spring) - Apr. 20th.

Small Game Season

  • Coyote - Sept. 30th-Mar. 15th.
  • Rabbit - (Sept. 30th-Dec. 2nd), (Dec. 11th-12th), (Dec. 14th-30th) and (Jan. 1st-Feb. 19th).
  • Squirrel - (Sept. 30th-Dec. 2nd), (Dec. 11th-12th), (Dec. 14th-30th) and (Jan. 1st-Feb. 24th).
  • Quail - (Nov. 11th-Dec. 2nd), (Dec. 11th-12th), (Dec. 14th-30th) and (Jan. 1st-31st).

Note: Season dates relies upon zone.

~ Only "permit" can provide access to black bear hunting season, which is always in demand.

~ Hunting permits for spring wild Turkey Season are based on a lottery system (except for Fall season). To get into the lottery, a hunter must register himself between January and February.

Depending upon season and animal, hunting regulations, bagging limits changes, to learn about that as well as license, permits and best practice, visit the website of New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife.


With such scenic and beautiful views, this Land of Enchantment truly is mesmerizing, coupled with top-notch game variety, this state truly is worthy of a visit.

New Mexico is of those state which provides some uncommon games like Oryx, Barbary Sheep, and Persian Ibex.

Deer Season

  • General Season -  Oct 1st- Nov 30th.

Elk Season

  • General Season -Oct 1st- Dec 31st.

Bighorn Sheep Season

  • General Season - Aug.15th - Jan. 15th.

Pronghorn Season

  • General Season - Aug. 25th-Dec. 31st.

Barbary Sheep Season

  • General Season - (Dec. 29th-30th), (Feb. 1st-28th) and (Apr. 1st-Mar. 31st).

Ibex Season

  • General Season - Nov. 15th-Mar. 1st.

Oryx Season

  • General Season. Oct. 12th-Feb. 17th.

Javelina Season

  • General Season (Fall) - Oct. 6th-28th.
  • General Season (Spring) - Mar. 30th-May 5th.

Turkey Season

  • General Season (Fall). Sept. 1th-30th and Nov.1st-30th.
  • General Season (Spring). Apr. 15th-May 10th.

Cougar Season

  • General Season (throughout the state) - Apr. 1st-Mar.31st.

Bear Season

  • General Season - Aug 1st- Nov 31st.

Small Game Season

  • Eurasian Collared-Dove - Apr. 1st-Mar. 31st.
  • Dusky Blue Grouse - Sept. 1st-Nov. 30th.
  • Squirrel. Sept - 1st-Nov. 30th.
  • Quail - Nov. 15th-Feb. 15th.

Note: Seasons differs with zones.

Few things to keep in consideration.

~ Lottery drawn system is provided for some hunts.

There is also the specialty hunt for disabled people, veterans, seniors including youths.

~ State of New Mexico also offers some population control hunts for games like Deer, Elk, oryx, ibex, pronghorn antelope, and Barbary sheep.

To qualify to these hunts, one must register himself either online or by telephone.

~ Land Ownership varies across the state for hunting, despite having permission some public leased lands do require consent from the owner.

Furthermore, hunting on tribal lands also needs permission from the tribes.

~ Since oryx has been categorized as an exotic bird, hunting it is a treasured opportunity. The reason why these hunts take place in an exclusive area.

Nonetheless, youth hunt and broken horn oryx hunt do take place each year.

~ Elk hunters can either have a permit for public draw hunt, or Private land hunt each year, not both.

March is the month where applications for licenses are accepted.

Public land hunting (also known as Elk draw license) has differing season dates.

~ Same goes for Barbary sheep hunts, whose season dates also vary greatly with the region.

~ New Mexico issues general season across the state, but the bagging limit changes with the region.

To learn more about the hunting zones, regulations, the legality of particular hunts, bag limits, season dates, the procedure of obtaining licenses and permits log on to the website of New Mexico Game and Fish Department.


The Big Apple's hunting season provides Black Bear, Deer, Wild Turkey and other small games for both New Yorkers and for non-residents.

While purchasing licenses online, non-residents have to provide their hunter experience, their old hunting license, or an Id proof.

Permits for junior Archery and Firearms are also provided for youth (for residents and nonresidents).

Hunters can divulge their hunts either online or by telephone.

Also, with the help from state conservation site, hunters can search for the specified public and private lands.

Deer Season

  • Archery and Crossbow - Sept. 27th-Nov. Dec. 9th.
  • Firearms - Oct. 20th-Dec. 9th.
  • Muzzleloader - Oct. 13th-Dec. 18th.

Black Bear Season

  • Archery - Sept. 15th-Oct. 19th.
  • Bear (Early season) - Sept. 15th-Oct. 12th.
  • Firearms (Youth) - Oct. 6th-8th.
  • Muzzleloader - Oct. 13th-19th.
  • Firearms - Oct. 20th-Dec. 2nd.

Wild Turkey Season

  • Turkey (Fall) - Oct. 1st-14th, Oct. 20th-Nov. 2nd, and Nov. 17th-30th.

Small Game Season

  • Squirrel. Sept. 1st -Feb. 28th.
  • Ruffed Grouse - Sept. 20th-Feb. 28th.
  • Bobwhite Quail - Oct. 1st-Feb. 28th.
  • Rabbit - Oct. 1st-Mar. 17th.
  • Snowshoe Hare - Oct. 1st-Mar. 17th.
  • Pheasant - Oct. 20th-Feb. 28th.

Note: Season dates differ with each zone.

~ State of New York has implemented many hunting zones, with differing dates, some even vary within the zones as well due to taking methods or the area.

~ So, it is advised that hunters should know about them so that they can employ the right Firearm for the hunt.

For additional information on specific season dates, hunting regulations/zones, bagging limit, take methods, license, and permits, visit the website of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.


Being the 9th most populous state of America, North Carolina is comprised of dense forests with woody, rugged and beautiful landscapes.

NC's hunting seasons offers abundant wildlife for hunters close to the Appalachian mountain and down east.

While hunting in North Carolina, you will face seasons of White-Tailed Deer, Black Bears, and Wild Turkey.

Furthermore, the state also provides amenable season for small games like Quail, Armadillo, Pheasants, etc.

Deer Season

  • Archery - Sept. 8th-Nov. 2nd.
  • Youth Day - Sept. 22nd.
  • Gun powder (Blackpowder) - Sept. 29th-Nov. 16th.
  • Firearms - Oct. 13th-Jan. 1st.

Black Bear Season

  • General Season. Oct. 13th-Jan. 1st.

Wild Turkey Season

  • Youth Season. Apr. 6th-12th.
  • Spring Season. Apr. 13th-May 11th.

Small Game Season

  • Raccoon, Opossum, Gray, and Red Squirrel - Oct. 15th-Feb. 28th.
  • Fox Squirrel - Oct. 15th-Dec. 31st.
  • Grouse and Bobcat - Oct. 15th-Feb. 28th.
  • Pheasant - Nov. 17-Feb. 1.
  • Rabbit and Quail - Nov. 17-Feb. 28.

Note: Season dates change with zones, in some areas the hunting is restricted to particular dates.

~ Hunting cubs (> 75 Pounds), or female bears with young ones are not permitted.

~ Non-residents should acquire a Bear hunting license before venturing into the woods.

To learn more about the season dates, bag limits, hunting regulations, license, and permits, visit the website of North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

So that you can have a legal and safe hunt.


Breathtaking river valleys, great plains, and Badlands is what defines North Dakota.

This landscape is the major contributor to the wildlife of this state.

So, take your time, enjoy the art of nature, and bag some game worthy for your home.

Residents of North Dakota knows this well, how wealthy their state is with regards to wildlife.

This state provides a vast range of game for harvesting, like Elk, Bighorn sheep, pronghorns, Moose, and deer (Whitetail and mule).

Even Small games are nothing less in comparison.

Elk Season

  • Archery - Sept. 7th-28th.
  • General Season - Sept. 7th-Dec. 31st.

Bighorn Sheep Season

  • General Season - Nov. 2nd-Dec. 31st.

Pronghorn Season

  • Archery - Aug. 31st-Sept. 23rd.
  • General Season - Oct. 5th- 21st.

Moose Season

  • Archery - Sept. 7th-30th.
  • General Season - Oct. 12th-Nov. 4th.

White-Tailed and Mule Deer Season

  • Archery - Aug. 31st- Jan. 6th.
  • Firearms - Nov. 9th- 25th.
  • Muzzleloader - Nov. 30th- Dec. 16th.

Turkey Season

  • Youth (Spring) - Apr. 14th -May 20th.
  • General Season (Spring) - Apr.14th -May 20th.
  • General Season (Fall) - Oct. 13th -Jan. 6th.

Small Game Season

  • Ground Squirrel, Porcupine, Prairie Dog, Skunk, Rabbit - Open season.
  • Ruffed Grouse and Tree Squirrel - Sept. 8th -Jan. 6th.

Note: Permit from lottery drawn system is necessary for hunting Elk, Bighorn sheep, pronghorns, Moose, and deer.

~ Dates for Elk hunting may differ with each region.

~ For moose and pronghorn, hunting might get restricted with particular regions.

For more information on hunting regulations/limitations with zones or dates, special seasons, bag limits, the procedure of obtaining licenses and permits, log on to the website of North Dakota Game and Fish Department.


Deer, Turkey, and pheasants are some of the types of games offered by the state of Ohio.

Ohio's hunting seasons consists of Archery, Firearms (the usual), Muzzleloaders and Youth hunt. Also includes continued open seasons.

There is a lottery drawn system for managed hunts. Most of the chosen hunters can have 2 hunting licenses, either for personal or for shared use.

Deer Season

  • Muzzleloader - Jan. 5th- 8th.
  • Archery - Sept. 29th- Feb. 3rd.
  • Youth Hunt - Nov. 17th- 18th.
  • Firearms - Nov. 26th- Dec. 2nd and Dec. 15th-16th.

Wild Turkey Season

  • General Season (Fall) - Oct. 13th -Nov. 25th.
  • Youth Hunt (Spring) - Apr. 13th -14th.
  • Turkey (Spring) - Apr. 22nd -May 26th.

Small Game Season

  • Crow. June 1st- Mar. 2nd.
  • Squirrel. Sept. 1st- Jan. 31st.
  • Ruffed Grouse - Oct. 13th- Jan. 31st.
  • Cottontail Rabbit - Nov. 2nd- Feb. 28th.
  • Ring-necked Pheasant - Nov. 2nd- Jan. 13th.
  • Chukar - Nov. 2nd -Jan. 13th.
  • Bobwhite Quail - Nov. 2nd -25th.
  • Raccoon, Skunk, Opossum, Weasel, Fox - Nov. 10th- Jan. 31st.

Note: In some regions, season dates vary.

~ Hunters can report their harvests online, including registering lottery drawn license, applying for a new license, getting a membership and other stuff.

~ Information regarding hunter education and course registration is also available online.

~ Depending upon Counties, they might have Deer limits for 2,3 or 4, so each County has its own bag limits.

~ In only a few areas of the state, Turkey Season (fall) is allowed. Same goes for quail hunting as well.

Hunting regulations and bagging limits for Ohio vary deeply with each region, be sure to visit the website of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to learn more about them.

This official website also provides information regarding licensing, the legality of hunts, maps for trapping points, public hunting and others.


Conservation program in Oklahoma has been a major success, from 1900, the population of whitetail deer has experienced massive growth, from just 500,000 to more than 32 Million.

In the same time frame, Wild Turkey's population has seen a similar success as well, from 100,000 to 7 Million in the present day.

Whether large or small, Oklahoma hunting season offers game which fits both criteria.

Ranging from Deer to Bear and antelope to rabbit, Oklahoma has no shortage of variety.

The Department of Wildlife Conservation maintains and controls more than 1.6 million acres of publicly accessible land.

These areas include private hunting lands, which have been made accessible by the landowners.

Deer Season

  • Archery. Oct. 1st -Jan. 15th.
  • Youth Hunt. Oct. 19th- 21st.
  • Muzzleloader. Oct. 27th -Nov. 4th.
  • Firearms. Nov. 17th -Dec. 2nd.
  • Antlerless (during vacation). Dec. 21st -30th.

Bear Season

  • Archery - Oct. 1st -21st.
  • Muzzleloader - Oct. 27th -Nov. 4th.

Wild Turkey Season

  • Youth Hunt (Spring) - Mar. 30th -31st and Apr. 20th -21st.
  • General Season (Spring) - Apr. 6th -May 6th.
  • Archery (Fall) - Oct. 1st -Jan. 15th.
  • Firearms (Fall) - Nov. 3rd -16th.

Small Game Season

  • Squirrel. May 15th -Jan. 31st.
  • Crow. Oct. 10th -Nov. 16th and Dec. 9th-Mar. 4th.
  • Rabbit. Oct. 1st- Mar. 15th.
  • Quail. Nov. 10th- Feb. 15th.
  • Pheasant. Dec. 1st -Jan. 31st.

Note: Season dates may vary with region.

~ In an event if the bagging limit for bears is reached before the planned last date, the season nonetheless will be concluded.

~ Both Antlerless and Antlered hunting days depend on the zone.

~ Both residents and nonresidents can apply for licenses, which can be purchased easily either by natural resources portal or from a licensed agent.

~ With the online check-in system at Department of Wildlife Conservation's website, hunters in Oklahoma can submit their harvest with ease.

To know more about the hunting regulations/zones, season dates, bagging limits, licenses, permits, etc. visit the website of Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.


Rainy weather and lush, dense forests are not the only spectacles of Oregon, it also includes the immense popularity of this state among hunters.

This Pacific Northwest state has an abundance of the game like Elk, Deer, bear, pronghorn, and cougar.

Oregon also provides small game seasons which run round the year.

Elk Season

  • Firearm - Oct. 13th -Nov. 23rd.
  • Archery - Aug. 25th -Sept. 23rd.

Deer Season

  • Archery - Aug. 25th-Sept. 23rd.
  • Firearm - Sept. 29th -Oct. 12th, Oct. 20th-Nov. 2nd.

Black Bear Season

  • General Season - Aug. 1st -Dec. 31st.

Pronghorn Season

  • General Season - Aug. 11th -Oct. 21st.

Cougar Season

  • General Season. Jan. 1st -Dec. 31st.

Rocky Mountain Goat/Bighorn Sheep Season

  • General Season. Sept. 8th -Oct. 31st.

Small Game Season

  • Red Fox. Oct. 15th- Jan. 15th
  • Beaver. Nov. 15th -Mar. 15th.
  • Gray Fox. Nov. 15th -Feb. 28th.
  • Marten. Nov. 1st -Jan. 31st.
  • Raccoon. Muskrat/Mink, River Otter. Nov. 15th -Mar. 31st.
  • Bobcat. Dec. 1st -Feb. 28th.
  • Badger, Nutria, Coyote, Porcupine, Opossum, Spotted/ Striped Skunk, and Weasel. -Open Season.
  • Fisher, Ringtail Cat, Sea Otter, Kit Fox, and Wolverine. -Closed Season.

Note: Season dates changes with zones.

~ It is necessary for Hunters to have a permit to harvest black bears.

~ Cougar hunt lasts till Dec 31st, or until the quota of that hunting area is reached.

~ Harvesting spotted kittens, or female cougars with spotted kittens is illegal.

~ Like the majority of the hunts, Deer hunt is also a controlled one, which requires a special permit.

To learn more about the hunting regulations in each hunting unit of Oregon, season dates, bagging limit, license and permits, visit the website of Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.


The Game commission of Pennsylvania has to offer a wide range of Hunting Season, special seasons for Archery, muzzleloaders, and Firearms. Including youth hunt days.

In Pennsylvania, you can have one of the best experiences of Deer hunting on the East coast.

Deer Season

  • Archery and Crossbow - Sept. 29th- Nov. 12th.
  • Firearms (Regular kind) - Oct. 18th -20th.
  • Muzzleloaders - Oct. 18th -20th.

Elk Season

  • General Season - Nov. 5th -10th.
  • General Season (Extended) - Nov. 12th -17th.

Black Bear Season

  • Archery - Sept. 29th -Nov. 10th and Oct. 29th -Nov. 3rd.
  • Muzzleloaders - Oct. 13th -20th.
  • Firearms (Regular) - Nov. 17th -21st.

Wild Turkey Season

  • General Season (Fall) - Oct. 30th-Nov. 3rd.

Small Season

  • Dove. Sept. 1st -Nov. 24th.
  • Squirrel, Rabbit, Bobwhite Quail, and Grouse. Oct. 13th -Nov. 24th.
  • Pheasant. Oct. 20th -Nov. 24th.
  • Groundhogs (woodchucks) -Open Season
  • Except on Sundays and during firearms deer season.

Note: Dates differs with the region.

~ Hunting dates have a tendency to change across the state, meaning a particular zone would have a separate hunting date in addition with the one issued by the state.

Special seasons are designated for, senior hunters (< 65), disabled people, active military personnel and Youth hunters.

For more information regarding the specific hunting dates of your region, or your neighboring region, hunting regulations, licenses, permits, bagging limits visit the website of the Pennsylvania Game Commission.


A small state, but when it comes to hunting, it's not that small.

This eastern corridor has an abundance of the game (large and small) to hunt during various types of hunting seasons.

Deer Season

  • Archery - Sept. 15th -Jan. 31st.
  • Muzzleloader - Nov. 3rd -Jan. 2nd.
  • Firearms - Dec. 1st -16th.

Turkey Season

  • Fall Archery - Oct. 1st -14th.
  • Youth & Paraplegic - Apr. 20th -21st.
  • Spring General Season - Apr. 25th- May 19th.

Small Game Season

  • Coyote - Sept. 15th -Feb. 28th, Apr. 25th-May 19th. (For private lands, no closed season).
  • Raccoon. Oct. 1st -Feb. 28th.
  • Pheasant, Cottontail Rabbit, Gray Squirrel, Bobwhite Quail, and Red/ Gray Fox - Oct. 20th -Feb. 28th.
  • Ruffed Grouse -Closed Season.

Note: Season dates vary with region.

~ Depending upon each specific state region, hunting regulations, hunting dates, information on license and permits changes.

To more about that, as well as bag limits, special seasons, the legality of each hunt, etc. log on to the website of Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management.


To experience one of the most fun small game seasons, you need to visit South Carolina.

With such diverse and fantastic hunting seasons (like Deer), South Carolina will definitely make your hunting a truly memorable experience.

With such a mesmerizing view of the Atlantic Ocean, the state of South Carolina truly is a treasured place, not to forget the captivating landscapes around the foothill of mountains, and the southern hospitality.

It is easily one of the great hunting destinations.

For public lands.

Deer Season

  • Youth Hunt - Jan. 5th.
  • Primitive Weapons - Oct. 1st -10th.
  • Archery (Exclusive) - Oct. 17th-30th.
  • Firearms - Oct. 11th-16th and Oct. 31st-Jan.1st.

Black Bear Season

  • Still Hunt - Oct. 17th -23rd.
  • Hunting Dog - Oct. 24th -30th (Zone 1) and Oct. 17th-30th (Zone 4).

Turkey Season

  • Private Lands - Mar. 20th -May 5th.
  • Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) Lands - Apr. 1st-May 5th.

Small Game Season

  • Quail, Rabbit, Squirrel, and Fox (Dogs only). Sept. 1st -14th, and Nov. 19th- Mar. 1st.
  • Raccoon and Opossum. Sept. 1st -14th (only nighttime and dogs) and Sept. 15th- Mar. 1st (nighttime).
  • Beaver. Oct. 1st- Mar. 1st.
  • Grouse. Nov. 22nd -Mar. 1st.
  • Crow. Nov. 1st- Mar. 1st.

Check This Review: scope for 308.

Note: Season dates vary with zones.

~ For each hunting license and a permit is a must.

~ Legal duration of Deer hunting is 1 hour before sunrise and after sunset.

~ It is illegal to kill a deer while it is at a water source, or while consuming it.

~ There are 4 distinct hunting zones in South Carolina, previously there used to be 6.

Seasons for each zone is different and may overlap. Furthermore, the hunting dates in specific WMAs would differ within each zone, to get the details visit the official website.

~ You can buy hunting license by making a call to South Carolina DNR, through online, or you can opt for any of the 500 license agents of the state.

Even nom residents can buy it by following either of the above-mentioned processes, nonresident fees being the only extra addition.

To learn more about the hunting regulations/zones, bagging limits, special seasons, license and permits, log on to the website of South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.


It might come as a surprise, but South Dakota actually has a flourishing list of game species.

It ranges from Deer, Antelope, Elk, Mountain Lions, and Turkey. Including small game like Rabbit, Partridge, etc.

Although many of these seasons are only allowed for the residents.

Deer Season

  • Archery. Sept. 1st -Jan. 1st.
  • Youth Hunt. Sept. 9th -Jan. 1st.
  • General Season. Oct. 17th -Jan. 1st.
  • Muzzleloader. Dec. 1st -Jan. 1st.

Antelope Season

  • Archery - Aug. 18th- Sept. 18th and Oct. 15th- 31st.
  • Firearms - Sept. 29th- Oct. 14th.
  • Landowner season - Sept. 29th -Oct. 14th.

Elk Season

  • Archery - Sept. 1st -30th.
  • General Season - Oct. 1st -Jan. 20th.

Mountain Lion Season

  • General Season. Year-round. (unless annual harvest limit is met).

Black Hills Bighorn Sheep Season

  • General Season - Sept. 1st -Dec. 31st.

Wild Turkey Season

  • Archery. Apr. 7th -May 20th.
  • General Season (Spring). Apr. 14th -May 20th.
  • General Season (Fall) . Nov. 1st -Jan. 31st.

Small Game Season

  • Crow - Sept. 1st -Oct. 31st, and Mar. 1st-Apr. 30th.
  • Tree Squirrel - Sept. 1st -Feb. 28th.
  • Common Snipe - Sept. 1st -Oct. 31st.
  • Rabbit - Sept. 1st -Feb. 28th.
  • Partridge, Chukar, Prairie Chicken, and Ruffed Grouse - Sept. 15th -Jan. 6th
  • Pheasant - Oct. 13th -15th and Oct. 20th-Jan. 6th.
  • Bobwhite Quail - Oct. 20th -Jan. 6th.
  • Quail - Oct. 21st -Jan. 7th.

Note: Season dates vary throughout the state.

~ Park entrance permits and hunting license can be bought online.

~ There are beneficial programs like Hunter Volunteer Program, where a hunter is paired with a landowner to manage the herd/flock size.

~ Depending upon the region, Firearm season changes a lot for deer harvest.

~ Only residents are allowed to hunt Bighorn sheep.

~ Unless the harvest limit is achieved, the mountain lion has a year-round harvest season.

Also, only residents are allowed to hunt this game.

A permit is required to bag mountain lions, hunters should be updated with online harvest status so that they could enjoy the legal on season hunt.

To know more about the local hunting dates/requirements, special seasons, bagging limits, hunting regulations, license and permits, visit the website of South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks.


Being a state of tradition, Tennessee truly provides a compelling hunting experience.

The state of Tennessee gives you one of the longest Deer seasons in the United States.

The statewide bagging limit of the deer hunt is 2 per season, and 1 per 24 hrs.

For a legal Deer hunt, the antler needs to be at least 3 inches, less than that is considered as Antlerless under the regulations of the Tennessee hunting department.

Trapping and hunting an albino Deer is illegal in Tennessee.

Apart from Deer hunting, this state also provides Turkey as well as a wide range of small game hunting, which includes plenty of year-round option.

Not to forget trapping seasons for small game species.

Deer Season

  • Archery - Sept. 22nd -Oct. 26th and Oct. 29th -Nov. 2nd.
  • Young Hunters - Oct. 27th -28th and Jan. 12th -13th.
  • Muzzleloader and Archery - Nov. 3rd -26th.
  • General Season - Nov. 17th -Jan. 6th.

Turkey Season

  • Fall Archery. Sept. 22nd -Oct. 26th and Oct. 29th -Nov. 2nd.
  • Fall General Season. Oct. 13th -26th.
  • Spring Young Sportsman. Mar. 23rd -24th.
  • Spring General Season. Mar. 30th -May 12th.

Small Game Season

  • Squirrel. Aug. 26th -Feb. 28th and May 12th -June 10th.
  • Grouse. Oct. 14th -Feb. 28th.
  • Rabbit. Nov. 4th -Feb. 28th.
  • Woodcock. Nov. 11th -Dec. 25th.
  • Armadillo, Coyote, Beaver, Striped Skunk and Groundhog - Open Season.

Note: Season dates vary with each region.

~ Deer seasons are controlled by hunting units.

To know more about the procedure to obtain the license, bagging limits, Season dates, hunting regulations, etc. visit the website of Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

Follow These Tips For Binoculars: Tips on Choosing Binoculars for Birding and wildlife.


This Lone Star State offers various hunting opportunities like, special Firearms Season or youth hunt Season.

Both large and small game like Pronghorn Alligator, Javelina, Deer, Rabbit, etc. can be found.

The state of Texas provides various hunting beneficial programs, a public hunting permit would grant access to almost a Million acres of Hunting land through the entirety of the year.

For hunting and recreational purpose, there are 49 Wildlife Management areas.

Deer Season

  • Muzzleloader (exclusive). Jan. 7th -20th.
  • Archery. Sept. 29th -Nov. 2nd.
  • Youth (exclusive). Oct. 27th -28th and Jan. 7th -20th.
  • General Season. Nov. 3rd -Jan. 20th.
  • Late Season (exclusive). Jan. 7th -Feb. 3rd.

Pronghorn Season

  • General Season. Sept. 29th -Oct. 7th.

Mule Season

  • Archery. Sept. 29th -Nov. 2nd.
  • General Season. Nov. 17th- Dec. 25th.

Javelina Season

  • General Season. Oct. 1st -Feb. 24th (North).   Sept. 1-Aug. 31 (South)

Wild Turkey Season

  • General Season (Fall) - Nov. 3rd -Jan. 20th.
  • General Season (Spring) - Mar.16th -May 12th.

Alligator Season

  • General Season - Sept. 10th -30th.

Small Game Season

  • Squirrel - Sept. 1st -May 31st.
  • Teal - Sept. 15th- 20th.
  • Snipe - Oct. 27th- Feb. 10th.
  • Sandhill Crane - Oct. 27th -Jan. 27th.
  • Quail - Oct. 27th -Feb. 24th.
  • Chachalaca - Nov. 3rd -Feb. 24th.
  • Woodcock - Dec. 18th -Jan. 31st.
  • Pheasant - Dec. 1st -30th.
  • Rabbit and Hare - Open Season.

Note: Season date tends to change with zone, check the details before venturing out.

~ You can purchase a license online, or through various businesses situated throughout the state.

~ Both residents and nonresidents can apply for a license.

~ Hunting permits are required to harvest some games, which can also be purchased online.

~ To hunt specific animals (pronghorn, feral hogs, Turkey and Alligator), in specific locations, require a special permit, which is available to select hunters through Public Hunt Drawing System, which does this process randomly.

To learn more about the hunting regulations, bagging limits, season dates, licenses, and permits, long on to the website of Texas Parks and Wildlife.


Home to The Great Salt Lake, Utah is a premier hunting destination for big game like Elk, Deer, Bighorn, and Sheep.

Utah is also quite famous for its landscapes, the part of Rocky mountain present in Utah provides a beautiful scenic background to this Beehive state.

Elk Season

  • Archery (Bull Elk) - Aug. 18th -Sept. 14th.
  • Archery (Spike Elk) - Aug. 18th -Sept. 7th.
  • Youth Firearms (Bull Elk) - Sept. 15th -23rd.
  • General (Spike or Bull Elk) - Oct. 6th -18th.
  • Muzzleloader - Oct. 31st -Nov. 8th.

Deer Season

  • Archery - Aug. 18th -Sept. 14th.
  • Muzzleloader - Sept. 26th -Oct. 4th.
  • Early Season - Oct. 10th -14th.
  • General Season - Oct. 20th -28th.

Moose Season

  • General Weapons - Aug. 31st -Oct. 31st.
  • General weapon (limited draw and permits) - Sept. 9th - 25th and Oct 10th - 28th.

Turkey Season

  • Fall General Season - Oct. 1st -Feb. 18th.
  • Spring General Season - Apr. 13th -May 31st.

Small Game Season

  • Grouse - Sept. 1st -Dec. 31st.
  • Pheasant and Partridge - Sept. 29th -Feb. 15th.
  • Sandhill Crane - Sept. 1st -9th.
  • Rabbit - Sept. 1st -Feb. 28th.
  • Pigeon - Sept. 1st -14th.
  • Crow - Sept. 1st -30th and Dec. 1st -Feb. 28th.
  • Quail - Nov. 3rd -Dec. 31st.

Note: Season dates changes with the zone.

~ Hunters in Utah can have up to 3 Elk permits.

To learn more about the season dates, bag limits, hunting regulations, licenses, and permits, visit the website of Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.


Being a part of North East, Vermont doesn't possess any of the exotic wildlife of the Western area.

Still in no way this state is inferior with regards to hunting.

Sheer dedication of Vermont towards hunting paved the way for this state to become the first in the United States, to introduce constitutional rights for hunting.

Hunting seasons of this Green mountain state include large game like Black Bear, Deer, and Moose.

Also includes Turkey Season, as well as few small game seasons.

Black Bear Season

  • Early Season - Sept. 1st -Nov. 9th.
  • Late Season - Nov. 10th -18th.

Deer Season

  • Archery - Oct. 6th -Nov. 2nd and Dec. 1st -9th.
  • Weekend hunt (Youth) - Nov. 3rd- 4th.
  • Rifle - Nov. 10th -25th.
  • Muzzleloader - Dec. 1st -9th.

Moose Season

  • Archery - Oct. 1st -7th.
  • General Season - Oct. 20th- 25th.

Turkey Season

  • Weekend hunt (Youth) - Apr. 28th -29th.
  • General Season (spring) - May 1st -31st.
  • General Season (Fall) - Oct. 6th- Nov. 4th.

Small Game Season

  • Gray Squirrel. Sept. 1st -Dec. 31st.
  • Rabbit and Hare. Sept. 29th -Mar. 11th.

Note: Season dates differ with zones.

~ Bagging threshold for Deer hunt is 3/year, only 2 being legal bucks.

  Youth (weekend hunts) doesn't need to worry about the antler condition.

~ Success rate of the black bear hunt is quite high due to the surplus number of bears in the area, with the estimate being one bear per three square miles of Vermont.

~ Hunters looking for an early season hunt are required to have an Early Bear Season Tag.

Bagging threshold is one bear per year, with restrictions on the use of baits.

~ Use of Hunting dog is legal, so long as the hunter has a Bear-Dog permit, BUT, no more than 6 dogs.

~ Lottery drawn permits is the only way you can harvest Moose, both residents and nonresidents can apply, cost varies.

  It's a bit difficult for a non-resident to acquire a permit, given that Vermont offers only 10% of its permits to non-residents.

~ Vermont has a huge Turkey population, sometimes a flock of 100 can be found in just one location.

Be sure to visit the website of the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department, to get more precise information on bagging limits, Season dates, hunting regulations, licenses, permits, and tags.


Eyeing for a big game? Virginia won't disappoint you.

This state offers large game like Bear, Deer, Elk, and Turkey, including small game like Squirrel, crow, etc.

Home to the Appalachian mountain, the hunting seasons in Virginia runs round the year.

Beautiful landscape, Southern Charisma, and American history. You can't find the perfect combination of these 3 in any other state, which makes your hunting experience an exciting and a memorable one.

Bear Season

  • Early Firearms. Oct. 1st -3rd.
  • General Season. Oct. 1st -Jan 5th.
  • Archery. Oct. 6th- Nov. 16th.
  • Youth Hunt. Oct. 13th- 14th.
  • Muzzleloader. Nov. 10th -16th.

Deer Season

  • Archery (Urban area) - Sept. 1st -Oct. 5th and Jan. 6th -Mar. 31st.
  • Youth Hunt - Sept. 29th -30th.
  • Archery (Early Season) - Oct. 6th -Nov. 16th.
  • Muzzleloader (Early Season) - Nov. 3rd- 16th.
  • General Season - Nov. 17th- Jan. 5th.
  • Archery (Late season) - Dec. 2nd- Jan. 5th.
  • Muzzleloader (Late Season) - Dec. 15th-Jan. 5th.

Elk Season

  • General Season - Simultaneously with open deer season.

Turkey Season

  • General Season (Spring) - Apr. 13th -May 18th.
  • Archery - Oct. 6th -Nov. 9th.
  • Youth Hunt - Oct. 20th -21st.
  • General Season (Fall) - Oct. 27th -Jan. 26th.

Small Game Season

  • Crow - Aug. 18th -Mar. 15th.
  • Squirrel - Sept. 1st -Feb. 28th and June 1st -15th.
  • Grouse - Oct. 27th -Feb. 9th.
  • Quail and Pheasant - Nov. 10th- Jan. 31th.
  • Rabbit - Nov. 3rd -Feb. 28th.
  • Groundhog - Open season.

Note: Season dates changes with zones.

~ Only one bear is allowed to bag each year, bears must be 100 pounds live weight (at least 75 pounds as field dressed), Killing a bear with cubs is against the law.

~ Harvested Elks is added on deer's permits and bagging threshold.

Online check-in procedure for Elk and Deer is same, hunters are expected to get in touch with the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries to collect samples for diseases.

~ Furthermore, few regions have imposed restrictions on Elk hunting, to stabilize the Elk population.

To learn more about the Hunting dates/ zones/ regulations, special seasons, bagging limits, license and permits, visit the official website of Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries.


Washington DC, the capital of the United States, home to 63 named mountain ranges.

DC offers large game like Elk, Bear, and Deer, including a wide array of migratory birds.

Despite being outside the Rocky Mountains, Washington is the perfect amalgamation of weather, scenery, and game during the season of Hunting.

Washington is maintained by the Game Management Units, and seasons fluctuate depending upon the GMU you are based on.

Deer Season

  • Archery - Sept. 1st- 28th.
  • Muzzleloader - Sept. 29th -Oct. 7th.
  • Firearms - Oct. 13th- 31st.
  • Senior, Disabled, and Youth Hunts - Oct. 13th -26th and Nov. 10th -19th.
  • Late Season - Nov. 15th -18th.
  • Archery (Late phase) - Nov. 21st -Dec. 15th.
  • Muzzleloader (Late phase) - Nov. 21st- Dec. 15th.

Elk Season

  • Firearms - Aug. 1st -Jan. 20th.
  • Archery (Late phase) - Aug. 1st- Jan. 30th.
  • Muzzleloader (Late phase) - Aug. 1st -Jan. 20th.
  • Archery - Sept. 8th -20th.
  • Muzzleloader (Early Season) - Oct. 6th- 12th.

Black Bear Season

  • General Season - Aug. 1st -Nov. 15th.

Wild Turkey Season

  • Fall General Season - Sept. 1st- Dec. 31st.

Cougar Season

  • General Season. Sept. 1st -Dec. 31st.

Small Game Season

  • Bobcat, Raccoon, Fox, Rabbit, Hare, Crow, and Forest Grouse - Sept. 1st- Mar. 15th.
  • Coyote -Open season.

Note: Hunting dates changes with zones.

~ Hunting dates for Deer rely on the unit, region, and breed (Black-tail, White-tail or Mule)

 To learn more about the legality of the hunt, bag limits, hunting regulations/zones, special seasons, license and other stuff, visit the website of Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.


Another host state of the Appalachian mountain, West Virginia is rightly denoted as a Mountain State.

This state has various big game hunting seasons, which includes game-like Bear, Deer, and Turkey, along with small game like Squirrel, hare, Raccoon, etc.

Even though W Virginia is a small state, it still boasts a hunter population of 350K, who harvests game round the year.

Hunting is a prime source of income for West Virginia, hunting-related expenses haul in almost $270 Million.

Black Bear Season

  • Firearms - Sept. 1st -Dec. 31st.
  • Archery - Sept. 29th- Dec. 31st.

Deer Season

  • Archery and Crossbow - Sept. 29th- Dec. 31th.
  • Firearms (Antlerless) - Oct. 25th- Dec. 31th.
  • Youth Hunt - Oct. 20th and Dec. 26th -27th.
  • Firearms (Antlered) - Nov. 19th -Dec. 1st.

Wild Boar Season

  • Archery - Sept. 29th -Dec. 31st and Feb. 1st-3rd.
  • General Season - Oct. 27th-Nov. 3rd and Feb. 1st- 3rd.

Turkey Season

  • General Season (Fall). Oct. 13th- 20th, Oct. 29th -Nov. 17th.
  • General Season (Spring) Bearded ones - Apr. 15th -May 11th.
  • Youth Season (Spring) - Apr. 13th.

Small Game Season

  • Squirrel - Sept. 8th-Feb. 28th.
  • Raccoon - Oct. 13th-Feb. 28th.
  • Ruffed Grouse - Oct. 13th-Feb. 28th.
  • Bobwhite Quail - Nov. 3rd-Jan. 5th.
  • Rabbit and Hare - Nov. 3rd-Feb. 28th.
  • Pheasant - Nov. 3rd-Jan. 5th.

Note: Season dates differ with zones.

~ There are restrictions on seasonal, well as year-round hunting.

To know more about such restrictions, bag limits, seasonal dates, hunting regulations, licenses, permits, and more, visit the official website of West Virginia Division of Natural Resources.


If you desire to use either Rifle, crossbow or Muzzleloader to harvest Deer, Bear, and Turkey, then Wisconsin is the right place for you.

Unlike in other states, licenses and permits are not available online, you have to buy them from various businesses and locations which are spread across the state.

Both residents and nonresidents can buy one, although price differs with residency, harvest method, seasons, and special designation.

Deer Season

  • Archery and Crossbow - Sept. 15th- Jan. 6th.
  • Disabled Hunters - Oct. 6th- 14th.
  • Youth hunt - Oct. 6th- 7th.
  • Firearms - Nov. 17th -25th.
  • Muzzleloader - Nov. 26th -Dec. 5th.
  • Antlerless phase - Dec. 6th -9th.
  • Vacation Hunt - Dec. 24th -Jan. 1st.

Bear Season

  • Zone C (No Dogs). Sept. 5th -Oct. 9th.
  • Dog-Permitted Zones: 
  • - Sept. 5th -11th. (only Bait) 
  • - Sept 12th- Oct 2nd. (Both dogs and Bait).  
  • - Oct. 3rd- 9th. (Just dogs).

Turkey Season

  • Youth Hunt (spring) - Apr. 13th- 14th.
  • General Season (spring) - Apr. 17th -May 28th.
  • General Season (Fall) - Sept. 15th -Jan. 6th.

Small Game Season

  • Cottontail Rabbit - Sept. 15th- Feb. 28th.
  • Squirrel - Sept. 15th -Jan. 31th.
  • Ruffed Grouse - Sept. 15th -Jan. 31th.
  • Crow - Sept. 15th- Nov. 15th and Jan. 18th- Mar. 20th.
  • Pheasant - Oct. 10th- Jan. 6th.
  • Quail - Oct. 20th- Dec. 12th.
  • Partridge - Oct. 20th- Jan. 6th.

Note: Season dates depend on zones.

~ Permits are required for Deer hunting, and the bag limit is one Deer per permit.

~ Deer harvested in disease management zones are labeled as Bonus Bucks due to the Chronic Wasting Disease, they are tagged as free.

~ There are a total of 4 different hunting zones for bear, each of them has different regulations.

Hunting season of Wisconsin changes with animal and seasons.

To know more about the Hunting zones/regulations/dates, bagging limits, licenses, permits, and tags, visit the website of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.


Sometimes hunters fail to notice Wyoming as a potential hunting destination.

Nevertheless, Wyoming offers one of the most fantastic big game hunts in the country, like Bison, Deer, and Elk.

Furthermore, this state has some breathtaking landscapes, making it one of the most beautiful parts of USA.

There are up to 130 zones in Wyoming for hunting seasons.

Bison Season

  • General Season - Aug. 15th -Jan. 31st.

Deer Season

  • General Season - Nov. 1st -30th.

Elk Season

  • General Season - Oct. 15th -Jan. 31st.

Antelope Season

  • General Season - Oct. 10th -Nov. 20th.

Moose Season

  • General Season. Sept. 15th- Nov. 20th.

Black Bear Season

  • General Season - Oct. 1st -Jan. 20th.

Mountain Lion Season

  • General Season - Sept. 1st -Mar. 31st.

Turkey Season

  • General Season - Sept. 30th -Dec.31st.

Small Game Season

  • Ruffed Grouse - Sept. 1st -Dec. 31st.
  • Rabbit and Hare - Sept. 1st -Mar. 31st.
  • Squirrel - Sept. 1st -Mar. 31st.
  • Sage Grouse - Sept. 15th -30th.
  • Chukar Partridge - Sept. 15th- Jan. 31th
  • Pheasant - Nov. 2th -Dec. 31th.

Note: Season dates differ with each zone.

~ Bison harvest is managed by the hunting zone.

~ Hunting seasons for Black Bear and Mountain lion Varies significantly with each zone.

~ Population of Mountain Lion is pretty uniform across the state, bagging limit differs with each zone.

To learn more about the season dates, hunting regulations/zones, bagging limits, special seasons, licenses, permits, and other requirements, visit the website of Wyoming Game and Fish Department.


These are average season dates, which is meant to help you with your next big trip.

Hunting is not exactly a scientific concept.


Well for starters, the game population is just an estimation, as the phases of breeding and incubation period.

This in no way means that hunters will get a free pass, they are still legally obliged to abide by the rules of the zones they are in.

So what if hunters decide to disregard the rules and regulations?

Like for instance, harvesting a 3-point buck, even though the regulations don't give permission for it.

Or hunting a turkey before the commencement of the season.

In these situations, penalties are issued, which changes with different areas.

Usually, these penalties involve a fine, and the annulment of the hunting license, which depending upon the severity of the offense could be for just 24 hrs., a season or for several years.

On one side, hunting out of season leads to Economic and recreational repercussions, on the other, it will create a feeling of resentment among other hunters, for two reasons.

A, it will put them at a disadvantage for abiding the rules and B, the majority of hunters are quite anxious with regards to the population of animals.

So when you think about this, breaking these rules are anything but sensible.

After all, most enthusiasts have to say that, in the end, it's only going to hurt the sport.

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