Tips And Tricks For Beginner Airgunners

Beginners interested in owning and shooting an airgun may find that it is a daunting task in the beginning. Between choosing a gun that does not break the bank but is still reliable, the correct pellets for it, and figuring out how to shoot with the utmost accuracy, it is easy to feel a bit overwhelmed.

There are great deals on air gun products available, which make the purchasing process less of a hassle, but it is important to understand how to shoot properly before using your new air rifle.


Get started on the right foot with these essential tips for beginner airgunners.

Here are some tips and tricks for beginner air rifle users looking to improve shooting accuracy.

Breath Control

Proper breathing techniques are imperative when you’re shooting, especially in an environment that requires shooting at a distance. Hunters and shooters who are successful at shooting accurately often use breathing exercises to assist with aiming.

Here are some simple techniques to consider adopting before pulling the trigger:

  1. Take a single deep breath. Exhale normally.
  2. Inhale and exhale again and then hold your breath.
  3. Pull the trigger.
  4. Breath normally.

Doing this makes it easier to hit your target by stabilizing the barrel in your grasp.

Proper Stance

The proper stance for shooting a rifle is with your body at a 90-degree angle to the target. For the bottom half of your body, the left hip should be towards the target, and your feet must not be together.

For the upper half of your body, ensure that your right arm is close to your body for stability and to pull the trigger. On your left side, the elbow should be towards your hip, the hand must be underneath the rifle for support, and the forearm should be in a vertical position.

Scope Quality

Serious shooters should consider purchasing a scope of higher quality that is compatible with their rifle. Scopes can come with an array of features that make shooting far easier.

For example, illuminated scopes make shooting in low-light environments less of a hassle while scopes with the ability to zoom help you adapt to a variety of shooting distances.

Proper Rifle Fit

Selecting a rifle that fits you properly helps with shooting accuracy by allowing you to shoot comfortably.

One important part of the rifle that requires proper fitting is the trigger. Make sure that the length of the gun’s pull is adequate for you by putting the rifle’s butt into your elbow and ensuring that your trigger finger’s pad is easily hitting the trigger blade.

Another part of the gun that needs to be comfortable for you to have optimal accuracy is the barrel. Barrels that are too long are uncomfortable to hold and not aligned properly, creating issues with other parts of the gun. An unproperly fitted barrel can lead to issues with the scope’s alignment.

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Selecting Pellets

Choosing the proper pellets for your air gun helps immensely with successfully shooting depending on where you are.

Short distance shooters will have the most success using wadcutters, which are convenient and affordable. Long-distance shooters doing target practice or hunting, however, benefit more from using pointed tips.

Beginners who are not used to using different pellets can get some experience with them by purchasing test packs or going to a gun store and asking questions directly.

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