Hunting Gear – A Complete Guide For A Memorable Hunt

One of the main reasons why the human species has survived so gracefully over the millennia is because of hunting.

Our ancestors mastered the art of hunting, which ultimately brought us to the top of the food chain.

Today hunting isn't necessary for survival, but it is a favorite past-time for most of us.

So in order to make your hunt as memorable and fun as possible, you need to have the proper hunting gear for your trip.

Any negligence in buying hunting gears will definitely turn your hunting vacation into your worst experience imaginable.

As they say, assume the best, but always be prepared for the worst.

I am not implying that every hunt will turn into such a disaster, but an unexpected emergency is always lurking around.

So now the question is.  Are you prepared?

Let's make sure that you are.

Even if you are a veteran hunter, you still have to check, double check your backpack, because there are a lot of hunting items which you might miss to include for any particular hunt.

Below is the ultimate guide comprising all the necessary and essential hunting equipment to start off your hunting season.

It is certainly going to be a long list, so without further ado, let's dive in.



Get geared up for your next hunt with our high-quality hunting apparel.

Scent Control Jacket

One of the important aspects to remember during hunting is to mask your body odour so that your prey doesn't feel your presence.

Using other scent control methods are quite tedious. Instead, you should opt for a Scent control jacket.

The zeolites present in the jacket make use of antimicrobial silver, which effectively masks your body odor.

So just zip up, and stalk your prey.


To ensure your hunt to last longer, you need to be as comfortable as possible even in harsh weather.

Coveralls are the best way to ensure your comfort, laden with moisture-wicking fabric (High tech polyester), it will draw the moisture away from your body, thus keeping your body warm and comfortable against all the elements.

Coveralls include a hood, with a built-in face mask along with concealment.

Furthermore, it has two way: from the zipper and a front waist buckle adjuster, for the sake of convenience.

Last but not the least, a highly convenient safety harness which opens in the back, with a drawcord adjustable cuffs.

Balaclava With Scent Control

Under armor scent control jacket and a scent controlled Balaclava goes hand in hand, because of not just the body, you need to block the odor from your head as well.

Under armor scent control jacket and a scent controlled Balaclava goes hand in hand, because of not just the body, you need to block the odor from your head as well.

Even if the temperature drops, you will be warm and comfortable, regardless.

Camouflage Head Piece

Never underestimate your prey's sense of sight, so it's important that you blend in with your surroundings.

For instance, if you are hunting Turkey, or using bow where you have to get real close with your prey.

Camouflage Gloves

With the headset and jacket, you also need a pair of camouflage Gloves as well.

Make sure you buy those which are not only comfortable but also easy to use.

Practice shooting with them ahead of your hunt so that you become habituated with those gloves.

Practice shooting with them ahead of your hunt so that you become habituated with those gloves.

There's one more option of "Fingerless" hunting gloves, which are also quite great.


Last but certainly not least, having some extra socks are as important as hunting boots, you really need to make sure that your feet are dry and comfortable.

If they are not, then you will have no choice but to head back camp way earlier than what you planned for.


BOOTS for hunting

Stay comfortable and protected during long hunts with top-quality hunting boots.

The next most important gear is boots.

Regardless of what you are hunting or tracking, your selection of boots can make or derail your hunt, quite literally.

So needless to say that you will be needing a good pair of hunting boots, which means it will cost you as well, but remember this, the more you pay, the better you get, especially in this case.

The possibility of Cold and blisters are always hovering around you if you are unprepared for that situation, you will have no choice but to conclude your hunt.


The possibility of Cold and blisters are always hovering around you if you are unprepared for that situation, you will have no choice but to conclude your hunt.

Just like boots, your backpack is quite important as well.

Whether you want to hike for miles at the end, or just want to end after a mile, that solely depends on the type of backpack you buy.

You will realize how much you rely on your backpack, once you venture into the wild.

Even backpacks will take its toll on your wallet, but needless to say that you will be getting the right thing in exchange for your hard earned money.

The last thing you need is a backpack breakdown in the middle of your hunt, which then you have to fix it as soon as you can in order to get back to your hunt.

Trust me, it kills the mood.

Before you buy one, look for these 3 features which are quite important.

  • It should be lightweight.
  • Should contain padding, for comfort.
  • Waist straps.


BINOCULARS for hunting

Elevate your hunting game with these powerful binoculars.

A hunter is basically an explorer as well because you explore the wilderness in search of a game.

Binoculars have been an Apex tool of explorers ever since its invention.

While on a hunt a binocular really comes in handy, you can spot a dear from a mile away, in case if you are on a mountain or hilltop you can check out the terrain as well.


Yet another essential hunting gear.

There are various bird calls in the store, so choose the one depending upon the hunt you are planning for.

Don't forget to practice it before venturing into the wilderness.

You need to achieve a level of perfection with it if you are hoping to utilize the full potential of your bird call.

Bird calls could decide whether you will be going home with a harvested game, or with a disappointment.

Some of the bird calls are Turkey call kit, Dove Call kit, Elk (which also has effects on Whitetail, Mule Deer and Moose) call kit, etc.


Bone saw is a very important tool, depending upon the type of game you are planning on hunting.

You can cut through the joints of the animal to quarter it out, you could also use it for cutting the ribcage.

Since you will be hunting in the woods, needless to say, you can use the bone saw to cut some wood, especially if you are planning for an overnight stay and it's a chilly night you are definitely going to need a fire going.

Nothing comes close to the effectiveness of a bone saw to provide long-lasting fuel for long-lasting nights of weekends and weekdays.


The age-old proverbial situation of the hunter becoming the hunted (here by bugs).

Getting stalked by a bear or a cougar is much more intimidating than by tiny insects. Even though those insects are not capable of putting you in the hospital instantly, they can still derail your hunt.

Worst case scenario, you might get infected with Lyme disease, which will definitely take you to the hospital later.

Certainly, there are numerous insect repellents available, but there's a specific problem which hunters encounter, that being the keen sense of smell of the game.

Scaring your game off in order to protect yourself from bugs, does defeat the purpose of Hunting.

Also, you can't use a swatter to deal with mosquitoes, scratching incessantly, or getting choked on gnats will give out your position to the animals just as quickly.

So you need something which is easy and ideal to use, also one that doesn't interfere with your hunt.

Permethrin is one such example.

Being an insecticide, it kills the bugs instead of just repelling them.

A laboratory synthesized chemical which mics Pyrethrum, a naturally produced insecticide by the flowers of Chrysanthemum.

Permethrin is odourless. Hence it doesn't alert game animals to your presence.

You can spray it on your clothes, and the fabrics absorb the chemical, which is retained by them even after a wash.

Moreover, according to WHO, Permethrin is safe to use because it's not absorbed by the skin.


While you are stalking your prey in the silence of the woods, there could be something else stalking you as well.

Sure you will have your gun, but the response time with a gun would be more compare to Bear Mace spray.

So always keep it by your side, you never knowwhen its need might arise.


A rather convenient way to keep knife, cellphones, GPS, gun, etc. in an easily accessible position.

It can also be used as a Tourniquet.


Another most important part of Hunting gears.

Whether you are carrying a game or have a backpack on your back, you are required to expose the blaze orange vest of your upper torso both from front and backside.

Hunters and those who are accompanying them are strictly advised to wear at least 500 Sq inches of Hunter Orange (Blaze orange) on their outer garments above the waistline.

Whether it's a Bear, Deer or a feral hog hunt.

Why this color?

Well, the interesting fact is, Deer cannot distinguish this color, for them, it appears gray, but your fellow hunters can easily recognize it.

Thereby it ensures the safety of hunters. Hence it is also called as "Hunter Orange" or "Safety Orange."


If possible, bring a solar phone, if you don't possess one then purchase it.

Having a cell phone will always come in handy, whether it's for an emergency, or to call assistance that you require to take down a large game.


Important, probably the most important gear of Hunting is the decoy.

Whether it's a waterfowl you are hunting or a turkey, not using a decoy is without a doubt one of the biggest rookie mistakes.

If you are aiming to have your bag full on a regular basis, then you have to utilize the full potential of decoys.

There are both small game decoys like Duck or Goose decoys, and large game like Antelope, Elk, Doe, and Moose.

You can even find motion decoys, kites, and flags to make your setup look more lively.


Needless to say, Food is an essential part of your hunting trip, but take those things which are rather convenient to carry and eat.

For example, dense energy/ protein/granola bars, trail mix (perfect source of nutritious calories), snacks and fruits like Bananas, etc.

DON'T carry any meat-scented items like Beef or venison jerkies because that smell will definitely alert your prey. Also, it can draw predators too.

You are there to hunt, not to get hunted.

Another important thing to remember, wrapped items should be unwrapped before you venture into the woods because those wrappers can make a really loud noise which can scare off your game.


Apply Murphy's law (Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong) while preparing a First Aid Kit.

Just because your friend/colleague has a first aid kit, DOES NOT mean that you shouldn't carry it.

Ideally, a basic first-aid kit should be comprised of the following items:

  • Adhesive bandages.
  • Sterile bandage.
  • Tweezers.
  • Small scissors.
  • Adhesive tape. (Roll of 1 and 2 inches).
  • Aspirin/Acetaminophen.
  • Antiseptic.
  • Safety pins.
  • First-aid handbook.

Depending upon your need, you can further add additional items/medicines to your first aid kit.

Some other items which can be included in the kit are as follows.

  • 2inch-wide gauze bandage roll.
  • 2-inch- and 4 inch square sterile gauze pads.
  • 42-inch-square cloth for triangular bandage or sling.
  • Assorted adhesive /butterfly dressings.
  • Antacid.
  • Antibiotic salve.
  • Decongestant.
  • Eye dropper.
  • Hand sanitizer.
  • Sterile eyewash.
  • 1/2 percent hydrocortisone cream.
  • Instant chemical cold and hot packs.
  • Latex gloves.
  • Moleskin.
  • Needles.
  • Latex gloves.
  • Petroleum jelly.
  • Single-edged razor blades.
  • Thermometer.
  • Coins for a pay phone.


Probably the least favorite item and yet quite important.

At Least 28 parasites both internal and external have been found in Whitetail deer, including Lyme disease and EHD.

So a tiny scratch on your arm and you will be exposed to all these dangers.

So it is highly advised that hunters should have a pair of field dressing gloves, preferably up to armpits.

After a hunt, you can reuse them too.


HEADLAMPS for hunting

Hunting after dark? Don't forget your trusty headlamp!

This is where I have to "Goes without saying," but it does.

A headlamp is undoubtedly a crucial part of hunting gear, notice that I say headlamp and not flashlight. Keep this in mind while packing your heart.

The flashlight is not as convenient as a headlamp, because with the latter you will be free to hold a gun with both of your hands.

Imagine you brought an Elk down right before sunset, which means you have to dress it into the night.

Now think about it, which one would be easy to use in this situation.

Headlamp or flashlight?

Remember to buy a headlamp of Red/Green wavelength, because the light of this wavelength does not spook animals.

They are also waterproof.


While hunting in cold weather, hand warmers play an important role in keeping your hands warm and comfy, thus preventing your fingers from getting frostbite.


Yet another important gear for cold weather hunts, it doesn't require any special gimmicks like batteries or some chemicals, it simply retains and reflects your own body heat.

Insulating seating pads are usually light-weight, easy to carry, and made up of durable material.

You can simply clean it with a cloth, no need to put them in a washing machine.


Where you are out in the woods, fire not only keeps you safe from wild animals but also provides the much-needed warmth to survive the coldness of the night.

There are numerous methods to start a fire at your camp, but there are certain essentials, great ones actually, which should be taken into special consideration like magnesium starter, firesteel, petroleum jelly immersed cotton balls, matches (strike anywhere type) last but not the least a Zippo lighter.

Without disputing the reliability of this method, one should also be armed with necessary clothing as well.

Buy such clothes which are made up of multiple layers of synthetic material or wool.

Including a shell of waterproof and windproof material.

With these materials, you will be able to trap an ample amount of your body hear within these clothes instead of losing it to the surrounding.

Now you are all set to face anything the cold wilderness throws your way.


I am sure that every hunter would agree to this that, putting up a ladder stand is a major nuisance in hunting.

Nonetheless, with practice, it will become easier.

Ladder stand includes a stand, seat, and a platform. Not to forget a ladder to climb onto the stand.

The seat and platform are connected with a tree, the ladder is in the front of the platform to provide access for the hunter to stand.

These stands are stationary due to their size and inability to move silently.

Due to the support from the ground and connection with the tree, ladder stands provide good stability.

Depending upon the use, hunters can use either one or two person ladder stands.


This part doesn't need much explaining.

Depending upon the zone, state you should have the required license/permits/tags.

If you get caught hunting by the Game management units without a license, then you will be in trouble, it doesn't matter if you are a veteran hunter.

Punishment would include penalties and suspension of license.


There is a misconception among people regarding hunters using handguns that it's just a stunt, a show off from their side, or its because they are too lazy to carry a rifle.

Truth is, using a handgun is more about a passion, and those who arm themselves with handguns tends to achieve far greater satisfaction than they do while incorporating a rifle.

Although the accuracy and the raw power of a Glock is not everybody's piece of cake, you have to remember this, those who prefer to hunt with a handgun accept the risk of failure by leaving their rifles back home.



Navigate the wilderness with ease using reliable hunting map.

In present times the use of GPS is much more prevalent and preferred by hunters.

Because let's be honest here, GPS is the most ideal choice and you can find plenty of good GPS at a fair price.

But still, you should always have a physical map with you as well, whether you possess a GPS or not, it is indeed a precautionary step.


Having a bulky ladder would be too perceptible to the prey. Also, you wouldn't be able to keep your spot hidden from other hunters in public lands.

On the contrary, this 6-8 inches screw when screwed into the tree would make an effective and sturdy ladder.

Due to the size, you would have plenty of space while climbing with gloves and hunting boots.

If you have extras, then you can use them as a bow hanger, for hanging your hunting backpack, as a solid point of contact for a tree stand, or some other accessories.



Experience the thrill of the night with our Night Vision Scope

Those who have attempted to hunt during night time are well aware of the obstacles they had to face.

There are many animals who can see well enough in the dark or in the extreme dimness, but us humans can't.

So as an adaptive trait, many animals prefer to feed at night to avoid predators, which also includes humans.

So to overcome this problem, NVD (Night vision device) came into play.

Night vision is basically seeing stuff at low or no light conditions.

Hence NVD is a must-have gear for those who are planning on hunting at night.

Things become a bit tricky when it comes to NVD's legality and usage.

Owning a Night vision scope is legal in the United States (except California).

At the same time, there are no restrictions on having other NVDs.

The primary law of the US is that exporting or importing Night vision devices internationally is deemed illegal, but shipping them inter-state is fine.

While using a proper night vision gear, one also need to educate themselves on how animals appear in night vision, so that you can make sure it won't affect your ability to hunt them in a legal and humane way.

Night vision is undoubtedly one of the safest night hunting measures, especially due to the ability to see your game clearly.

As you know, one of the important Firearm rules is to know your target, and that what lies beyond it be it daytime or nighttime.

If you are not able to make a positive identification if your game then clearly you are not following this rule, ergo you should not pull the trigger.

Now for the second tricky part. It's legality. The answer is both yes and no. Yep.

The laws of Hunting stay under the state's control, each state has varying hunting regulations.

Some states have specific Season dates for night time shooting, whereas others have banned it altogether.

Some have banned it for hunting specific game.

Every state has outlawed hunting game animals like Elk, Deer, Moose, Turkey, small game, etc. during night time, at the same time, many states also permit night hunting of other animals like coyotes, hogs and more.

Now you can see why it is a tricky situation.

Laws tend to change frequently, particularly with invasive species like feral hogs, which are spreading rampantly in the southeast.

So my advice is that you should contact or visit the website of your state's Department of Natural Resources to get the latest information regarding the rules and regulations of using NVD.

Federally speaking, there are no rules concerning the use of night vision while hunting, while each state manages it to an extent.

Some got no issues, while some just ban them completely.

The thing to remember is, while talking about night hunting, it's the game animals which are taken into consideration, not Vermin hunting.

Because the latter is neither managed under night hunting nor Night Vision Device.


There are plenty of ways a Nylon cord can be of help.

  • You can build a paracord net which can help you in various ways while hunting.You can also turn it into an emergency hammock/ makeshift bag/ seat made in between trees.
  • While getting your game out of Woods, you can tie the limbs together and carry, or as a handle to attach it to a sled to drag it out. Bottom line, it will make it a lot easier to get the job done.
  • It will help to hoist your hunt up from a tree so that it will become easier to clean it.
  • To add the extra grip on your knife's existing handle, paracord will be a great way for it.
  • As a zipper pull, it has become more convenient in winter when you have thick gloves on your hands.
  • A shooting rest. Tie a cord between two trees, pull it as strongly as you can. Even though the line will have a tiny amount of give, but don't worry, it will work quite smoothly.

As such, there are plenty more ways a Nylon cord can come handy.


A compact folding knife with multiple blades that Pivots inside its handle. That's what you called a pocket knife (Jack knives).

The name is self-explanatory, it is a small knife that can fit in your pocket.

Your pocket knife is the most versatile thing you will have, as it can be used for multiple purposes.

So obviously it should be sharp and handy at all times.

They can be used for skinning animals, tearing flesh, etc.

A pocket knife should also be comfortable while handling so that you can use it effectively in various tasks.

Speaking of other uses, a pocket knife can also be used for slicing food, cutting rope, opening gear, first aid, defence, etc.

Blades usually measure between 2-6 inches (up to 15 centimeters).

How to choose an ideal knife?

Well, it should be Congenial, efficacious, and aesthetically pleasing.


To fill out documents, tags, or any other purpose.


 Its a device used in hunting to calculate the accurate distance between you and your target.

Since the goal is to know the distance in a precise manner, the range allowed by the rangefinder is no doubt one of the most crucial factors that needs to be considered while buying one.

The range required by the hunter solely depends upon the kind of hunting he/she will be dealing with.

Another important aspect here is the magnification, especially for the long range hunting.

Remember that, at higher magnification, keeping the equipment steady is not an easy job.

Rangefinders used in Archery and golf are completely different from the one used in rifle hunting.

Another popular subcategory of Rangefinders is the laser one.

But one drawback is that the light which is used in the device might spook your game.



Take your shooting to the next level with Rifle Scope

A powerful rifle would allow you to fire only a few shots at the target during hunting.

For this very reason, a hunter needs to have immediate precision while using a rifle, so using a rifle scope becomes quite necessary. That is if you are aiming for accurate strikes at a long distance, which I believe you do.

You will find a reticle displayed by the viewfinder while placing the shot, which comes in various designs, where some allow for windage and bullet drop compensation, including distance ranging.

The scope is attached on your rifle with the help from other equipment, this tends to change the weight of the unit, also might affect the handling.

The major advantage of having a telescopic vision on a rifle scope is the hunter's ability to focus on both crosshair and the target simultaneously.


A hunter knows that one needs to be always prepared for each and every kind of weather, which also includes the rainy season.

Be sure that your rain gear is in the right condition. Most importantly, during cold, even if there is only a little rain, that wetness is enough to hamper your hunt.

So again, make sure your rain gear is ready for the hunt.


Beautiful smelling clothes are ideal for a party, but not for hunting.

Any unusual odor or your body smell will definitely spook your game due to their highly sensitive sense of smell. (Whitetail sense of smell is 1000 stronger than Humans).

Anti scent sprays are an important device to have, yet many rookie hunters fail to grasp the fact that even their clothes are required to be washed with a scent killer clothing detergent too.

Such washes are biodegradable and contain no trace of UV Brighteners.


Field dressing is the main purpose of a modern-day hunting knife.

Field dressing is how you preserve the meat of your game by removing its organs.

Gutting is the first thing you do while field dressing, it will expose the animal wide open, having a guy hook eases the ordeal.

Another purpose of the hunting knife is Skinning. Which is the process of removing the animal skin without damaging any abdominal tissues or muscles.

So having a short, thin curved blade is considered ideal for Skinning knives.


During hunting your knives gets pretty used up, mostly while gutting a deer.

So what comes next after repeated use? Yep. Your knife's edge will become blunt, sometimes a lot faster than usual.

Now you are in the middle of the Woods, with a half skinned Deer and a blunt knife, so there isn't much you can do about it.

For this precise reason, always carry a good sharpening stone on each hunt.


Half Emergency + Half last resort. Tags how your survival kit should be.

Below are 10 important items that need to be included in your survival kit.

Heat Retaining Bivvy

It's like a sack which looks like a sleeping bag, and the fabric used retains almost 90% of your body heat.

Blended fuel stove

It's a gift of modern technology, you can cook your stew in a relatively less amount of time.

Fire initiating cubes

These cubes can burn for at least 10 mins, in that span of time the temperature can reach a staggering 1300°F.

It works even in wet and windy situations.

Signal Mirror

If done right, with the help from the beam of sunlight, you can flash for up to 10 miles, to signal any passing aircraft, vehicles, etc.

Survival Rations

Each pack of them contains 2400 calories that can be broken down into 6 smaller units.


If it happens and you get stuck in the woods, a survival shelter will surely become the necessary thing to have.

You are only going to need 3 items to build a shelter for yourself.

  • Nylon Tarp (5×7).
  • Nylon Cord ( 1 Foot).
  • Swiss army knife.

Keep an emergency blanket by your side, just in case.

To make sure you have enough heat in your shelter, remember to keep the size optimal.

Make sure the place you choose is the driest one.

In case if it's hot, find a place on an elevated place where a light breeze will keep you cool.

If the place is already cold, then find a place surrounded by the trees.

DO NOT build your shelter at the bottom of the ravine or a deep valley because the cold air tends to settle during the night.


Surveyor tape plays a vital role in tracking down your hunted prey.

To make sure you don't lose the sight of your game, place some tape wherever you find a blood trail.

This here is the deciding factor, whether you are going home victorious or empty-handed.

There's no feeling worse than the one where you lose your game despite Killing it.

Surveyor tape can also be used as a marker, especially if you have to venture deep into the woods, just tie them around those trees which seems necessary to you, while you are walking in so that you can easily find your way back by following them.


Unless and until you learn to make snares and traps by using simple items, you are not an expert hunter.

Just think about it, what if you end up facing an unmitigated disaster (could be anything like storm, earthquake, etc.) and you completely lose your access to your food storage.

Now, as a prepper and a hunter, you need to be prepared in every field that includes Water, food, skills, and gear.

Trust me when I say this, when you are alone in the woods with no food, a simple knowledge of traps and snares will save your life.

Rope, cord, or wire, use of this is enough to make the simplest kind of trap that will help you catch animals and birds.

It's better to place more than one trap around your position. Ideally, it should involve different kinds.

Below are some traps/snares which you can incorporate during your hunt.

  • Bottle Fishing Trap.
  • Greasy String Deadfall.
  • Deer Trail Snare.
  • Fixed Snare.
  • Squirrel Noose.


Remember that most of the snares and traps are downright illegal and dangerous, one example being Pine Pitch Bird Cup Trap.

So contact your local hunting authorities to learn more about your choice of Snare, whether it is legal to employ, or any other conditions that may apply.



Eyes in the woods: capturing wildlife with our trail camera

Since you cannot keep an eye on your game all the time, so it helps you in keeping track of your prey for an extended period of time.

By using motion detection sensors, it will record the movement of large game and generates a time and date stamped image.

You can make use of this information to organize your future hunting plan.

Since it's a remote camera, it won't disturb any prey moving close by.

Trail camera's design needs to be durable ( weatherproof and sturdy) so that they can be utilized in an unmanned fashion over a long period of time.


Pretty much self-explanatory, don't you think?

Along with surveyor tale, you can also use toilet paper to track a downed game.

The advantage being, toilet paper gets dissolved in the rain.


Your hunt will get appreciably easy when you have a decent set of trekking poles, most importantly, when your plans involve trekking towards a higher location.


Yet another self-explanatory item.

Can also be used to make a knockoff poncho, in case something happened to yours.


When you are in the middle of your hunt, and just cannot leave your position at all.


Even though alphabetically this occupies the bottom position, but you and I both know how important water is.

Not only to keep yourself hydrated while stalking your prey, but also during an emergency situation which could be anything.

When it comes to investing your money in hunting gears, this should top your list.

Here are a few ways.

  • Bladder - Find a decent bladder which has the capacity to hold plenty of water, and fill it completely before heading out.
  • Stainless-steel bottle of 2-25 Oz.
  • A compact Water filter.
  • Iodine tablets.


First things first, Gun.

You need to give a lot of thought on this one, if you want to fire a quality shot, then obviously you need to spend more money on this one.

Sometimes we get so entangled with little stuff, that we end up forgetting the real deal.

Now comes Ammo.

Simple rule, carry more than you expect to use. A lot more.

Even if you are a skilled hunter, you can never rule out the possibility of missing some shots.

Compound Bows

It makes use of a lever system (Cable+Pulley).

The limbs features here are a lot stiffer than that of recurve bow, due to which these are much more energy-efficient.

Recurve Bows

Contains a tip which curves south from the shooter.

These limbs exert more strain on the unit, so they tend to make more noise while taking a shot.

Advantage of this design is that it provides energy in a rather efficient way to achieve greater speed.


Apart from bugs, an abandoned wire fence is quite a nuisance.

So a wire cutter becomes a must have tool if you want to get through them.

Just keep in mind that it's not an electric fence (I don't have to explain why), or Private property.

Other nuisance that can be dealt with a wire cutter includes thorny or thick bushes.


The information presented here will definitely help you a lot.

From building your shelter to making a trap, not to forget information regarding edibles that are available in a specific area.

This guide is as important as it gets.


If you know the direction of the wind, then you can also hide your scent from the animals.


When you are hunting as a team, a simple walkie talkie can be very helpful.


If you don't want your entire gear to catch the scent of bait items like scent Wicks, then it is advisable that you use a Zipper sealed bags to keep them isolated from the rest.


Don't get surprised by this item, because it can be used for multiple purposes.

For example.

  • Using it to tether stuff to a tree stand or to your backpack.
  • Even bait dispensers to a twig.
  • To tie a tag to the carcass.
  • Or any other temporary fixes.

Last but not least, Books and Magazines.

Let's face it, when the hunt gets extended, reading a book or a magazine is lot better than staring at squirrels.

I mean they are very cute and adorable to look at, but you can only do it for so long before getting bored with it.


Wow! That was some list, indeed.

And If you have stayed with me this long, then it proves that you have a genuine interest in hunting.

Now I am adamant that you can also add a few more items to the list, most of the items listed above are required for the hunt, some are recommended.

For convenience sake, make a checklist of these items.

Now I know what you are thinking, "how am I supposed to pack this all up?",

"Wouldn't the weight of all this affect my pace?"

Here's the thing, the more you learn from your hunts, the more efficient you become with your hunting pack.

As for the weight, well you have to hit the gym and bulk up, not only it will help you increase your body's endurance, but it will also help you increase your overall stamina.

Well then, pack your gear and head out into the wilderness, it's time to make some memories.

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