7 Best Range Bag For 2020 With Ultimate Buying Guide

A duffle bag might work? I am sure you must have considered this at some point.

But here’s the thing gun range bags have been designed specifically for, well gun ranges.

The best range bag is designed in a way that you can carry your firearms, ammo, shooting glasses, hearing protection, spotting scope and other important gear needed on a gun range.

So instead of plowing through a higgledy-piggledy mess upon reaching the range, you will find yourself a systematically organized bag.

In which all your gears have been separated by a padded interior partition along with pockets on both inside and outside the bag.

In short, a range bag will make things convenient and more gratifying.

Remember that not all range bags are of equal standard. So to make sure that you choose the best range bag 2020, we have compiled a list of 7 best range bags in the following article.

So let’s proceed.

7 Best Range Bag For 2020

G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack

Product Overview

This tactical range bag is probably one of the best pistol range bags according to multiple pistol range bag reviews.

With 3 distinct detachable pistol storage cases, this backpack is best suited for those who prefer hands-free transport.

Speaking of pistol cases, they are padded and can easily offer space for 1 pistol and 4 magazines.

At first glimpse, this pistol bag looks quite tough and resilient. The lockable YKK zippers ensure the safety of your gear at the range, can’t afford to be careless these days.

This bad boy is designed to carry a mountain load of weight while staying fit on your back, courtesy of its firm honeycomb internal frame.

Furthermore, this shooting range bag is also armed with a pull-out rain cover to prevent the backpack from getting wet. It also has a visual ID to keep your bag from getting lost in the midst.

To make it more convenient the front pocket drops flat upon unzipping, thus providing you a working area at the range.

To make it simple the gun bag although it opens like your normal bag it still has a lateral door consisting of unique conformation for storing pistol.

Speaking of colors this range bag comes in tan or black while offering tons of MOLLE webbings so that the world would know you mean business.

  • Dimensions - 14 x 11 x 19 inches.


  • Triple stitched MOLLE webbing.
  • Honeycomb frame.
  • Systematic pistol storage.
  • YKK lockable zippers.


  • Not all zippers are lockable.
Orca Tactical Gun Range Bag

Product Overview

Generally speaking, this is possibly one of the best range bags you could buy.

I believe the most advantageous aspect of this range bag is the space, it has enough space to fit more than a few handguns, a couple of extra mags and all other essential gear.

After all range work in the USA means you need to muster all the space you can in a compact lightweight frame.

This ORCA tactical gun bag is made from 600D polyester material, which has been reinforced and double stitched at each stress point.

This multi-gun range bag includes premium-quality YKK zippers to ensure the safety and security of your gear from unauthorized personnel.

For better convenience, this range bag has a wide gripped handles and accessory pockets for morale patches.

The main interior compartment includes a removable divider for better personal organization.

This range bag also includes side pockets that are wide enough to carry beverage cans, accessories, handguns, elastic bands or shotgun sized loops.

Along with a reconfigurable Velcro strap attachment for accessory storage thereby increasing the versatility of this bag.

  • Dimensions - 16 x 11 x 4 inches.


  • Durable and lightweight material courtesy of 600D polyester.
  • Several compartments and pockets (13).
  • Top-quality zippers (YKK).
  • Double sewn and reinforced at all stress points.


  • Locks are not included.
  • Size might become an issue.
Explorer 18-Inch Tactical Range/Bailout/Heavy Duty Gun Bag

Product Overview

This shooting range bag looks quite different from other shooting range bags. I say the main reason for that is, this range bag has been designed virtually in the flair of a camera bag.

If you prefer storage space over padding then Explorer Tactical Range bag is right up your alley.

You can get this bag in army green or standard black, this provides the much-needed dosage of personality which other range bags happen to lack.

Yet another unique aspect of this tactical range bag is that it has been designed to match with the aura of law enforcement and tactical workers.

To incorporate better organization this bag includes 14 padded and secured compartments to carry your gear.

Besides, you also have elastic-nylon gear and magazine loops in the main and outer partitions to further increase your storage capacity.

A couple of improvements that you may find in this upgraded shooting range bag are as follows.

  • Backside laptop compartments.
  • A large compartment on the right side.
  • Wide straps.
  • A thick wooden board at the bottom.​​​​
  • Two elastic net at the back for stocking small gear.
  • A Velcro top lid for easy folding.

Furthermore, all the zippers are double puller making it easy to open and close the bag. The main compartment (both top and bottom) can be locked as it includes a lockable metal circle.

  • Dimensions - 20" x 13" x 12" inches.


  • Increased space.
  • More than 14 secured compartments.
  • Dividers allow you to create at least 3 customized compartments.
  • Has a pullout rain cover.


  • Big and bulky.
SMITH & WESSON S&W and M&P Tactical Range Bags

Product Overview

Our list of best range bag is incomplete without Smith & Wesson, after all, where are you going to find a trustworthy and reliable range bag to haul all those heavy M&P’s.

By some means, this large range bag can carry loads of stuff in its moderately sized rectangular shape. This goes to show how much-invested S&W is in ensuring the versatility of their product.

Being a veteran manufacturer Smith & Wesson are well informed with ideas of a typical range day, and to manage that they provided enough customization and space inside the bag.

Besides, this shooting range bag also includes a 2 inched shoulder strap and first-rate quality handles on the bag, thus ensuring the longevity of the best pistol range bag for years to come.

Now on the inside, you get pouches for 8 pistol mag, 8 various sized different storage pockets and 2 full-length accessory areas which include a detachable ammunition bag.

All of these and 2 adjustable hook and loop dividers.

Moving on the Smith & Wesson’s best tactical range bag’s exterior is made up of heavy-duty ballistic nylon, thus making it capable of withstanding every brunt of Mother Nature.

A perfect bag for those people who aren’t liable to cancel their range day due to bad weather.

  • Dimensions - 18x 10x 10 inches.


  • Complete weatherproof.
  • Made up of high ballistic material.
  • Highly spacious.
  • Adjustable loop and hook dividers.


  • Might expose you to chemicals like TDI.
OSAGE RIVER Tactical Range Bag for Handguns and Hunting

Product Overview

Osage River is known for making the most robust and spacious range bags for pistols.

Following that tradition, this tactical range bag has been made from the highly durable 600D ballistic nylon material to keep your gear secure from all the elements.

The 9 spacious compartments with 2 adjustable padded dividers provide enough space to consolidate your gear in the main compartment.

Another highlighting aspect of this bag is the price tag, which makes it one of the best cheap range bags on our list. Despite that, there has been no compromise with the design at all.

For those who prefer to maintain a low profile this bag is the apt choice as the padding doesn’t give away what you are carrying.

Based on multiple range bag reviews Osage River tactical bag is considered as the best all-rounder range bag for the price.

Whether you are on an assignment or going to the range these versatile 4 pistol range bags are always up for the challenge.

Both standard, as well as light-duty range bags, include shoulder strap plus handle carry options.

When it comes to range bags, customization of space is the key. For that purpose, the adjustable dividers and removable pouches play a vital role.

  • Dimensions - 18x 13x 10 inches.


  • Detachable shoulder straps.
  • Removable Velcro dividers.
  • A low profile range bag.
  • Steel-plated heavy duty zippers.


  • Not tall enough to pack NRA pistol targets.
Exos Range Bag

Product Overview

Undeniably one of the best handgun range bags, this range bag is perfectly designed to carry all your range gear and at the same time, it is compact enough to act as your go-to bag.

Highly durable 600D polyester is used in making the Exos range bag thus making it completely weather resistant.

This multi pistol range bag has a quick detachable shoulder strap, which can be removed if not needed.

MOLLE webbing on the exterior along with two Velcro loops provides enough customization options for this 2 pistol range bag to incorporate various additional accessories.

This pistol bag consists of four pockets on the outside, including a front pocket which has an elastic net pocket on the inside.

Now for the smaller items the two side pockets are just perfect, also includes Velcro patches on both ends.

Zippers of Exos range bag features highly durable nylon cord along with flexible ergonomically designed pulls which are completely accessible even if you are wearing gloves.

For easy and complete access this tactical ammo bag has a dual-zippered Velcro opening for the main compartment. The interior divider present in the range is capable of holding up to 5 mags.

  • Dimensions - 17" x 14" x 8 inches.


  • Detachable shoulder strap.
  • MOLLE webbing with Velcro loops.
  • Ergonomically designed pulls.
  • Can hold up to 5 magazines courtesy of internal divider.


  • Exterior pockets lack padding.
AUMTISC Gun Range Bag for Handguns

Product Overview

Last but not the least, the AUMTISC shooting range bag, this tactical large range bag is definitely one of the best gun range bag to make our list.

Constructed with 600 D PVC shell, this shooting range backpack features reinforced and double-stitched padded shoulder straps.

You can easily convert this bag into a backpack whenever needed.

This range bags for pistols and handguns also feature a lockable zipper on the bottom compartment to ensure the security of your tactical/ shooting gear.

Besides, it also has 3 padded cases for pistols along with additional padding to keep your pistol safe from any abrasion.

This multi pistol range bag has additional and large organizing pockets that provide sufficient space to fit all of your shooting gear.

Gears like ammunition, hearing protection, safety goggles, shooting targets (paper ones), cleaning kits and other essential items.

Furthermore, this range bag also features a rain cover which helps to keep the bag from getting wet.

  • Dimensions - 11 *7.5 *2 inches.


  • It has 3 detachable pistol pouches.
  • Ample amount of space.
  • Reinforced and double stitched shoulder straps.
  • It can be converted into a backpack.


  • Lacks the standing ability right out of the box.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Range Bag

When it comes to buying the best range bag for yourself the most important aspect that needs consideration is what you will be filling it with.

Make a list if you want to, and in the meantime, we will list some of the important items that you need to pack.

  • Eye and ear protection.
  • Maintenance tools for your firearm.
  • Targets.
  • Staple gun or tape.
  • Brass bags and catchers.
  • Squib rod.
  • Gloves and Medical kit.
  • Cleaning kit.
  • Camera and batteries.
  • Food and water.

If you have some other cool stuff on your mind do pack them as well.


Needless to say, that size plays a deciding role while buying a range bag. I mean you can’t adjust a rifle in a gun range bag, for that you are going to need a rifle range bag.

Keep in mind to save some space for accessories like goggles, ammo, brass catchers, water bottles, etc.

To summarize this you need to decide first what you will be carrying including your firearm. Once you have exact dimensions then you should think about choosing one.


The first and foremost thing that you need in a range bag is padding, after all, nobody wants their valuable gear getting damaged.

Remember the best gun range bag is the one which has strong padding.


With dividers, you need to have those adjustable ones. Thing is your firearms come in all types of shapes and sizes so you need to have a range bag that can adjust when needed.

Besides compartmentalizing your range bag helps prevent the objects inside from colliding with each other.

Multiple pockets

Dividers alone won’t be sufficient to segregate the stuff, you also need pockets, lots of them.

The best gun bag would have devoted pockets for every single piece and attachment of your gear for increased convenience.

Strong zipper

Make sure that your range bag has a tough zipper, like YKK zippers. The last thing you want is for your range bag to lose the zipper while you are at the range.

Talk about embarrassment.

Lockable Zippers

Along with a tough zipper they also need to be locking enabled, can’t really leave your gear’s safety on faith now, can you?

Of all the things firearms are the hot target for theft, so it is our responsibility to keep them as safe as possible.

There are different types of lockable zippers, chose the one which suits you the best.


The best range bag whether it’s a backpack or a shoulder style bag will have straps regardless of your need.

Just make sure they are durable and adjustable, emphasis on the latter as you will be required to adjust the straps depending on the weight.

MOLLE technology

MOLLE leads the industry in backpacks and load-bearing bags, whether it’s your rifle range bag or a handgun range bag.

This webbing technology is extensively used by the military for its extreme durability and customizing options, as you can attach pouches and lots of other stuff to your bag.


The only water you should have in your range bag should be inside your water bottle. Hence a waterproof bag is necessary to keep all your valuables inside safe.

A Pistol range bag

The best pistol range bag is usually small and can be carried by hand with ease. Moldable forms and inserts are available to fit your handguns effortlessly.

Multiple pistol range bags reviews suggest that if your usual preference is hand cannon, then a small gun bag or a pistol range bag is ideal for you.

A Backpack range bag

Having a shoulder type or hand-carried bag isn’t ideal if you prefer to move through the range.

For that, you need a small backpack which will be enough to carry a small firearm, ammo, attachment and food and most importantly one that will stay close to you.

Better if it has the option of incorporated hydration unit.

Water packs (Integrated)

Sure you can carry a water bottle but, what if you roll out in marine style?

Having an integrated water system in your backpack will be much more efficient, as you can keep yourself hydrated by drinking water from the hose attached to the water bladder present inside the bag.


Almost certainly the most crucial part of your best gun range bag decision making is your budget.

It's only fair that the quality of gear you have should match the quality of the bag.

As for the price range well it could be 20 bucks or 2 grand because, in the end, it all comes down to your choices and preferences.


While compiling this list we observed and considered multiple range bag reviews as well as pistol range bag reviews. So, in the end, we were able to shortlist these 7 range bags for you.

The thing you need to understand about range bags is that they possess varieties of functions and features.

Now since you have covered every tit-bit of info that we have talked about so far, particularly about the factors and things to consider before buying a range bag.

It will be easy for you to choose the function/features that you want/need in your range bag.

The best range bag is the one which will stay with you for a lifetime, and this list of best range bag 2020 won’t disappoint you at all.