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Best Compact Binoculars that’re Bang for the Bucks [2020]

Unlike some other gadgets, most outdoor oriented people know the true value of a quality pair of binoculars. Aside from giving you a good view of birds, wildlife and other things of interest at a distance in good detail, a pair of binoculars can also be useful in many other ways, that may include saving your life.

Maybe you do not yet know that a binocular can be disassembled and used for several purposes like starting fire like a magnifying glass, zooming lens like a camera phone, signal mirror to search air-crafts etc. But for whichever purpose you need the best compact binoculars to give you the best functions.

If you have never been awed by the impact of peering through a good binocular. If you have not experienced what it is like to hold a binocular that is as light as a feather and do not feel like a ball and chain carried all day. Then you need all the detailed information so as to have an experience you can talk about later. Compact binoculars are quite an exciting tool to possess.

Here we want to look at some of the best compact binoculars out there. At least 5 of the best.

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Here Are The 5 Best Compact Binoculars Short Reviews

1. Celestron 71332 Nature DX 8x42 Binocular

celestron 71332 nature dx 8x42 binocular review: best travel binoculars

The Celestron 71332 Nature DX is designed by keeping in mind about outdoor enthusiast. It is completely waterproof. So, a heavy rainfall or underwater won't damage this binocular at all. Moreover, the fully rubber armored body makes it more resistant to water and dust as well.

The contrast of this binocular is outstanding. With the BaK-4 phase coated prisms, the contrast level is increased and you will get a clear view with this binocular. On top of that, the resolution is increased as well, due to the prisms.

In this binocular, the optics are fully multi-coated. They can increase the light transmission of the binoculars through the whole optical path. By doing so, they can provide brighter images.

This binocular is not only good for long distance view, but also for close focus as well. It can clearly show subjects as near as only 6.5 feet. And the eyecups you will get with this binocular are very sturdy. They are easy to close and open as well with the help of a twist-up mechanism and with multiple stops.

Finally, the binocular is eyeglass or spectacles friendly. You can use it with 0.175 cm of eye relief. So, if you wear spectacles, then don't worry about the visions you are going to get.

2. Nikon Aculon T11 8-24x25mm Compact Zoom Binocular

Nikon Aculon T11

A new arrival in the Nikon collection, and among the best compact binoculars on the market today. This blue Aculon T11 8-24x25mm compact zoom binocular delivers versatility and portability in a general set of glasses ready to fit in a daypack or suitcase.

This binocular has an 8-24x magnification range that is well-equipped for intermediate to long range viewing, ideal for sightseeing and glassing around the campsite. The innovative push-pull zoom lever located behind the center focus wheel makes field of view adjustments both quick and convenient. Twist-up eyecups with multiple click-stop positions help to ensure a comfortable viewing distance for almost any viewer.

With an objective lens diameter of 25mm; apparent viewing angle of 35.6 degrees; a reverse porro prism design; bak4 prism glass that provides enhanced image clarity; Anti-reflective multilayer coating reduces glare and improves contrast. Zoom control lever behind center focus wheel offers quick field of view adjustments. Twist-up eyecups with multiple click-stop positions allows a custom fit to your eye so there won't be any irritation after long period of use in the field, also makes usage with or without sunglasses possible.

Composite housing with blue finish, giving it the most beautiful look. A dimension of 6.4 x 5.5 x 3.3 inches (LxWxH). Weighing 10.8 oz/306g. A lifetime manufacturer's warranty. The Nikon Aculon T11 8-24x25mm Compact Zoom Binocular is sure to meet your need no matter the circumstances.

3. Bushnell 190125 Legend Ultra HD Compact Binoculars

bushnell legend ultra hd compact review: best compact binoculars for birding

This high-performance compact roof prism binocular with a magnification 10 x and an outstanding optics has garnered its way into the list of the best compact binoculars on the market today.

Configured with fully multi-coated extra-low dispersion (ED) lenses for optimum optical performance. These lenses give an outstanding level of viewing performance providing amazing color rendition, enhanced resolution, and vivid contrast while virtually eliminating chromatic aberration and color-fringing. The views offered here reveal distinct details that viewers with standard binoculars would rarely see.

Each lens is custom-coated with ultra wide brand coating that ensures maximum light transmission across the entire visible spectrum. This anti-reflective coating process optimizes each lens' brightness and contrast levels, allowing colors to be rendered accurately. Also the exterior lens surfaces are treated with water repellent RainGuard HD coating to minimize light dispersion from haze, mist, fog and rain.

This amazing optical tool sports a rugged yet lightweight and compact water/fog proof housing with a magnesium chassis. With a nitrogen purged interior and o-ring sealing for a reliable all-weather service, and a locking diopter that secures viewers fine-tuned focus provided on the right ocular individualized viewing comfort. Also has a twist-up eyecups for a comfortable fit with or without sunglasses.

With a magnification 10x, objective lens diameter 25mm, angle of view 5.4 degrees, minimum focus distance 6.0'/1.83m, exit pupil diameter 2.5mm; eye relief 15.5mm; weighing 8.1 oz; and box dimension of 5.8 x 4.2 x 2.8 inches.

Color is black.

4. Bushnell 620726 Elite E2 7x26 Custom Compact Binocular.

A masterwork of ruggedness, clarity, and light transmission that have stood the test of time for decades. Still taking a stand among the best compact binoculars today. The Bushnell Elite E2 7 x 26 Custom Compact Binocular represent the pinnacle of optical performance for today's outdoor enthusiast.

Fully multi-coated and featuring XTR technology. This advanced hybrid lens system delivers 99.7% light transmission per lens. The outcome is an unmatched edge to edge clarity, contrast and color true imagery pushed to the highest levels with the use of premium ED prime glass.

The patented RainGuard HD coating eliminates fogging, boosts brightness and scatters moisture even faster than original RainGuard to give clarity even in the foulest conditions.

Bushnell is a reputable industry that takes the lead in high-performance sports optics. Buying their product will give you the confidence that you are getting what you want from a binoculars. 

It also features twist-up eyecups fully multi-coated including ED prime glass and BAK-4 prisms that ensures both a comfortable viewing by any viewer with or without eyeglasses and an unmatched clarity, a 7-foot close focus distance, and a textured surface. A comfort neck strap and custom-molded waterproof case is also included. This optic tool is also tripod-adaptable.

Dimension of 9.2 x 8.8 x 4 inches; weight of 12 ounces. Magnification 7x; objective lens 26mm; Field of view 363 ft at 1000 yards; eye relief of 16 inches; exit pupil of 3.7mm.

5. ALPEN Wings EDHD Compact Waterproof Binocular

The binoculars that delivers an ergonomic lightweight design with super bright, sharp optical performance. ALPEN Wings EDHD Compact Waterproof Fog proof Binoculars has features that made it one of the best compact binoculars. With an open hinge design that provides comfortable viewing, and ED "extra low dispersion" optics for very best in color fidelity and contrast ia all light conditions.

This binocular also feature a fully multi-coated , PXA phase correction coating, and a silver metallic prism coating. This combination lets the binocular deliver outstanding performance that provides superior viewing to satisfy even the most serious binocular critic. And also ensures toughness and reliability.

Fully waterproof and fog proof. Long eye relief, making it usable with or without eyeglasses, and a twist-up eyecups that provide comfortable viewing for any user. A BAK-4 glass that ensures a clear, bright and crisp images. With a nitrogen purged interior for a reliable all-weather service. Rubber armoring for holding comfort and shock protection.

Packed in deluxe travel case with a wide comfortable neck strap. ED 8x20; magnification 8x; Objective lens diameter 20mm; field of view 357ft @ 1000 yards; exit pupil 2.5mm; eye relief 

16mm; close focus 6.5 feet; Net Weight 8oz; length 5.4 inches. Backed by a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

As much as you are willing and ready to buy your new or next compact binoculars, there are certain thing that you need to put into consideration when making your purchase.

What Makes Best Compact Binoculars

  • Glass Quality
    The best compact binoculars are the ones built with a high glass quality. Since compact binoculars are smaller, buyers expect to get it at a lower price than the standard sized ones. This in turn force the manufacturers to use a lower-level quality glass that cannot produce the same kind of stunning image quality that a more expensive full frame unit can offer. But the best compact binoculars are designed with the high quality glass that gives good optical quality.
  • Reliability
    If a compact binocular cannot hang with your adventures, but gets easily compromised along the way, then it is not among the best compact binoculars. Using a binoculars in the woods and other outdoor activities exposes it to some bumps and bruises which are a test to the reliability of a compact binocular.
  • Compact And Lightweight
    These two features are actually the goal behind the designing of a compact binocular. It must be compact enough to fit into a pocket, and likewise light enough not to be a burden.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Compact Binocular

  • Compact
    If you are going for a compact binocular, then it means you need a binocular that is modern, fold able, with an objective lens of less than 32mm, and that can fit in the palm of your hands.
  • Performance
    The performance of a binocular is determined by the magnification power (i.e. the degree to which the object being viewed is enlarged). They are usually indicated by numbers like 7 x 50, the first number being the power an object can be brought closer compared to a normal eye. The lower the magnification, the brighter the image. Ideal magnification during day light is 6x-8x, then dusk to dawn is 7x-10x. hunting is ideal at 8x-12x, while astronomy can be 15x-70x.
  • Type Of Coating
    The type and quality of coating on a binocular will determine the brightness and the light gathering of a binocular. A binocular can be coated, fully coated, multi-coated, or fully multi-coated. The higher the quality of a coating the more the increase in light gathering and the brighter the image.
  • Lens Diameter
    The second number in the example of magnification 7x50 is the front lens diameter in mm. The larger the objective lens, the more light enters the binocular and the brighter the image. If the magnification is between 6-8x, 20-32mm will be normal; 7-9x, 35-50mm is normal; 10-36x, 50-70mm is ok.
  • Eyecups
    This feature allows you to view through the binocular with or without eyeglasses. The three most common eyecups are twist-up, pop-up, and rubber fold down. The most suitable for a compact binocular is the twist-up eyecup.
  • Prism Quality
    Of the main two types of prism quality; the BAK-4 and BAK-7 the most suitable quality standard for a compact binoculars is the BAK-4 prism that is made of barium crown glass (Higher Density). The BAK-4 prism have a higher glass density that eliminates more light scattering and offers sharper images.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: If I wear eyeglasses, do I need to buy special binoculars?

Answer: It totally depends on the reason for wearing glasses. Peoples wear glasses for near and farsightedness most of the cases. But, there are also some other reasons such as a headache. If your problem is sightedness then you don’t need glasses to wear as the binoculars allow adjust magnification. On the other hand, if the reasons are other then you should wear glasses during use binoculars. Choose the binocular which has enough eye relief. For this purpose, you need at least 16mm eye relief for the best comfort and right angle of viewing.

Question: What is the exit pupil?

Answer: It is a bight circle that lies on each eyepiece. It is seen you hold the binocular forward pointing of objective lens toward a bright light and binocular should 30cm away from eyes. The circle becomes larger in bright light and decreases in low light.

Question: How do I take my binoculars apart to clean them?

Answer: Most of the binoculars are gas filled in the interior. You don’t need to apart of the parts of binocular. When you really need to clean interior, take help from the manufacturer. They can help you in the right way.

Question: How do I use the diopter adjustment?

Answer: Very simple. First of all, close your right eye and look through the left eyepiece. Then rotate the magnification wheel and stop rotating when image becomes clear. Now, open right eye and close left eye. Look into the right eyepiece and rotate the diopter from left to right of opposite direction. Stop rotating when the image becomes clear.

Question: Do I need to use a tripod or monopod?

Answer: Most of the cases you don’t any of them. But, these things can help you in some of the cases and you also get many advantages. If you use a heavyweight or larger binocular then you can use a tripod. At the same time, when you are viewing from a stationary place, it is also better to use a tripod. But, when you are moving it’s better to use a monopod.

Question: What are good binoculars for hunting?

Answer: A binocular is always an important item and it plays a more important role when you are on hunting. That’s why you need to choose good quality binoculars. It will be best if you choose renowned manufacturers binoculars such as Nikon, Bushnell.

Question: How to use compact binoculars?

Answer: You should have a clear idea of all the features of a binocular before use it. And, you also should know some tricks such as how to hold it, eyepiece adjustment to the eyes, etc. And the most importantly you need to know how to adjust focus and diopter adjustment. Then you are ready to use it.

Question: Isn't Higher Power better in a binocular?

Answer: High power magnification is not always good at all. Many users are not able to handle high power binoculars. It also creates a less bright picture and it has a narrow field of view. At the same time, it produces a low-quality image.

Question: What is 'Eyepieces' of Binoculars?

Answer: The part of a binocular, you set eyes just behind of it. The magnification power and field of view depends on it. The aperture is proportional to the magnification.

Question: What are Compact Binoculars and what can they do?

Answer: The binoculars which have up to 25mm objective lens. Usually, they are foldable and easy transport. They are smaller in size too. For the small objective lens, they are not used in the high-resolution application.


Although it is usually argued that ideal binocular does not exist. This is mainly due to the fact that there are different types of binoculars that serve differing purposes. You have the compact, hunting, astronomy, boating, sporting, birding binoculars etc.

But when your need is a compact binoculars, I believe that with the information so far delivered to you, you through this piece of article, you can now be able to make the right choice by going for the best compact binoculars on the market today.

Best Compact Binoculars Buying Guide

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