5 Ways to Maximize Rifle’s Accuracy While Deer Hunting

In a hunting game, a rifle’s accuracy is most important. The rest tedious and creative tasks will be in vain if you miss hitting your target. This is very frustrating and suddenly you may feel demoralized. That’s the ending line of a hunting story. So the fire accuracy will make the difference.

Shooting accuracy depends on the person behind the gun and the gun’s capability. But this isn’t something that every hunter wants to be an “American Sniper”.

Check how to avoid the common mistakes of rifle accuracy in below Info graphic.

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Seriously, the performance varies for many components.

Below are the 5 best tips which will help you to maximize your gun’s performance. These important tricks will surely bring a smile on your face when you’ll return your home with some dead deer in the back of your truck.

1. Inspecting Through Sighting: Inspecting Through Sighting gun huntingPersonally, I do it every time before starting the seasons. I believe in performance rather the size of the game. So whether the trip is big or small I definitely inspect my killer gun.

If you have ever taken any help of a professional hunter, you must have been gone through this trick. It’s sort of prerequisite before jumping on to the game.

Give a precious look and inspect well as much as possible. Once the buck will arrive in your shooting range, you won’t have time to reschedule. Even when I change barrel, I make sure that the rifle is on.

If I found any part is misbehaving then I replace it immediately. Even before starting, I put the scope range to zero.

2. Customize Trigger: When I’ve heard this I tried to customize my trigger but it took a lot of modification haphazard. However, it gave me a lot of freedom to make a perfect shot. I had bitter experience. 2 seasons back, I wrongly choose a bit weighty trigger which costs me a lot of pain in the game.

Customize Trigger while hunting

In the first day, I missed 3 fires because trigger suddenly started jerking while attempting pulling. I understood that light trigger is better for accuracy. But same time, you’ve to be careful of the accidental shoot.

Gun enthusiasts always like modifying rife. Besides, this natural desire it really can bring you accuracy. If you don’t want to take the hassle, better replace your old trigger for travel around.

3. Faster Loading: Loading and shooting can’t go simultaneously. Same way, when you are using a gun which needs to load cartridges manually, you may become puzzled. Hand loading is really a tedious job.


But while you are practicing target for accuracy, this system might be okay. Another way when you need two shots one after another, if the loading system isn’t consistent, you’ll lose the buck. So you need high-performance loading system and don’t try to save money to get salvage grade. Believe me, you’ll suffer.

4. Weight Measurement:

I know carrying a less weighty rifle on the back while walking will be more pleasant. Definitely, you’ll feel more relieved. Then it should perform well while comes to shoot the animal.

Isn’t it? Absolutely not. When you are shooting if your barrel keeps steady, the accuracy will increase.

weighty rifle while hunting

That’s why the weighty rifle is worthy. But don’t be so foolish to choose such weighty that you can’t even walk with. Choose somewhat in the middle, not too heavy not too light.

5. Know Your Gun: Last but not the least is to know your rifle just like your child! Veteran hunter always knows well about their weapon even all the gears. Literally, a pro hunter is always conscious about his/her tools including a gun, pistol, bow, ammo or even their holster. If you’ve practiced with your rifle for thousands times, definitely your target accuracy should increase. But if you accidentally take a different gun in the actual game, your aim precision might hamper.

Know your gun while hunting

As long as you know your weapon, you will feel the confidence to kick deer’s butt.

Finally, don’t rush to take a final hit. As soon as you pull the trigger the game is over. Because you can’t alter what already happened. Think and plan perfectly and take your time to make the final decision. Pull the trigger only when you are ready and all things are in your favor. Know your limit and focus on the target. I know this won’t happen one day, so practice these tricks more and more. Surely it’ll help to maximize your rifle’s accuracy.

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