Best Night Vision Binoculars

Best Night Vision Binoculars: Honest Review and Buyer’s Guide

"Is investing after a fancy night vision binocular/monocular worth it?"
                                                                                                                          -A Random Hunter

I know this very question might be crossing in your mind quite a lot, as you’re planning to buy one. But trust us when we say than, a night vision binocular opens up a new world to you as a hunter.

And why do we say so?

Apparently, both of night vision binoculars and monocular aren’t only meant to be used by secret agents and covert military operatives. It’s comes handy in hiking after dark and scouting hunting areas in night. Besides, it comes to be a key to safety when you’re indulged in nocturnal hiking or boating in dark. 

But, how do you get the best binocular or monocular from 100's of them in the market?

Well, that’s where we take care on behalf of you. We’ve done an extensive research on the market and looked out for every good feature, and finally, ended up with 10 best picks of them.

The article you’re going through right now, is the crafted copy of our research. No matter you’re an expert or beginner, this list is going to help you narrow down the choices. At the end, find the ‘Buyer’s Guide’ that would help you to pick up the right one. 

Enough of the Intro. Let’s dive in to the main article. Before we opt in, here are some quick choices by the editor-

Comparison Chart Of Best Night Vision Binoculars


Product Name



Field of View



50 mm

246ft/1000 yards


50 mm

205ft/1000 yards


20 mm

40ft/200 ft


40 mm

94ft/1000 yards


42 mm



41 mm

636ft/1000 yards

Here we will like to list out the best night vision binoculars models and brands that are on the market today.

wingspan optics review: best value night vision monocular

Product Overview

The Wingspan Polaris Optics Explorer will provide an external armor which is quite durable. It is very secure and will fully protect your explorer. Also, it has a non-slip grip that will allow you to hold onto it tightly.

Water and fog both can damage your explorer if it is not sealed nicely. This explorer is fully fog and waterproof, that will prevent debris, dust or water from getting into the monocular. Aside from that, this is designed in a way to prevent internal fogging from happening. This will keep the lens clear all the time.

Using only one hand focus, the explorer easily and have fun while doing it. The ergonomic design of this explorer will help you to focus on the target object accurately and quickly by using only one hand.

Highlighted Features

  • The power of the explorer is 12x for seeing a 12x closer view.
  • 50mm diameter for the objective lens.
  • The prism type is BaK-4.
  • Provides an Eye Relief of 14mm.
  • 1000 yards or 246 feet of the field of view.
  • The close focus is 2.5 meters.
  • Completely water and fog proof.
  • No tripod included with the explorer.
  • Suitable for only daytime vision.
bestguarder 6x50mm hd digital night vision monocular review: best binoculars under $200

If your need is an efficient night vision monocular, that can be used for any of these purposes: hunting and scouting game; security and surveillance; camping fun and exploring caves; nighttime navigation, night fishing and boating; wildlife observation; or search and rescue operation.

The Bestguarder 6x50mm HD Digital Night Vision Monocular is an excellent and good designed monocular that can meet all your need. It is rubber coated, very convenient to use and has a removable strap. It has special features that you could watch an animal doing what from a very long distance. The infrared LED illumination light can be adjusted on the ambient light from IRO, IRI, or IR2 to IR3. It is a user-friendly item, and one of the best night vision monocular on the market.

Highlighted Features

  • Digital Night Vision Monocular with 6x magnification.
  • 1-5 digital zoom and a 50mm objective lens.
  • Photo: 2592*1944 pixels, 1600*1200 pixels.
  • Video: 1280*720 pixel @30fps.
  • 640*480 pixel @ 30fps.
  • Date and time could be stamped on photo or video.
  • Built-in Infrared illuminator for up to a 1150ft/350m viewing distance.
  • Day or night use(with IR off for daytime color).
  • With portable removable strap, for easy holding.
  • Device be a live infrared surveillance camera connecting TV with TV cable.
  • Device be a live Infrared surveillance camera connecting computer with USB cable.
  • Built-in 7 languages menu, easy for operation; Rugged water-resistant housing.
  • Tripod adaptable(2 tripod jack).
  • operates on power bank(not included) or 4 AA batteries(not included).
night owl night vision monocular review: best budget night vision monocular

This monocular is a lightweight and cost-effective digital night vision monocular. The best night vision monocular that can be used around the home or in the wild. It features the latest innovations in affordable consumer night vision technology. They come in a user-selectable illumination settings that provide multiple infrared illuminator and frame rate configurations, each suited for a different application.

The 5 pre programmed settings combine different IR output levels and frame rates to provide a range of exposure levels for various lighting conditions. When viewing moving subjects, a faster frame rate is preferable, slower rates provide brighter images but will not render motion as well. A built-in infrared illuminator enables operators to see up to 70 yards away in complete darkness.

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight, ergonomic design.
  • A built-in infrared illuminator.
  • Magnification 2.1x; Sensor resolution 640 x 480 pixels (VGA).
  • Di-optic Correction +/- 4.
  • Micro-display resolution 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA).
  • Battery requirement (3) AA.
  • Weight 7 ounces without batteries.
  • Dimension 4.8 x 1.65 x 3.10 inches.

If you are looking for pricey but reliable ones, then you may consider reading the three more of our recommendations:

Bushnell LYNX Gen 1: best bushnell binoculars

When it comes to high performance sports optics, bushnell is a household name. With over 65 years of experience in the field, their products are to be trusted. This model by bushnell is among the best night vision binoculars money can buy.

This night vision binoculars sport a viewing distance of up to 750 feet. It features a built-in infrared for the best night viewing possible. It also boasts long-lasting power from just 2 AAA batteries. With a Lynx that is exceptionally comfortable to use during long periods of observation and viewing.

A lightweight binocular with extra-long viewing range and a wide field of view making it an ideal binoculars for law enforcement, night navigation and wildlife surveillance.

These infrared binoculars can provide up to 20 hours supply or when are not using the infrared a substantial 70 hours.

Highlighted Features

  • 100% quality materials used and tested extensively.
  • Beautiful design and durability built to last.
  • Generation 1 night vision binocular.
  • Built-in infrared illuminator for long distance viewing up to 90 yards.
  • AR coated glass lenses.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Dimension 6.5 x 3 x 6.3 inches weighing 1.1 pounds.
night owl pro nexgen night vision binocular 5x review: best digital night vision binoculars

This is one of the best compact design binocular with special features that allows you to adjust the binocular for viewing comfort and personal fit. The large 50mm objective lenses provide high powered magnification along with an excellent level of light transmission.

The Night Owl Pro Nexgen Night Vision Binocular, combines 1st generation nocturnal viewing performance with a powerful 5x magnification level for night time outdoor viewing across long distances. The powerful infrared illuminator can be activated for viewing under total darkness conditions.

With an attractive body design, these binoculars share the same features and e in 3x and 5x magnification. High performing intensifier tubes cradled inside the Night Owl Pro Nexgen Night Vision Binoculars unique stringer steel giving precision and control. This unit and the powerful infrared unit feature low battery indicator and extended infrared operation at low battery voltage. High quality glass objective and ocular lenses.

Rubberized finish protects against rugged use and ensures a firm grip. An integral illuminator and a low-battery warning indicator.

Highlighted Features

  • 1st generation Intensifier Tube.
  • Magnification 5.0x; Linear field of View 787.5ft @ 1000 yards.
  • Minimum Focus Distance 6.6'/2.0mm.
  • Inter-pupillary Adjustment 2.27 - 2.95"/5.8 - 7.5cm.
  • Objective Lens 50mm.
  • Weighing 2.6 pounds.
night owl night vision binoculars review: best budget night vision monocular

The night owl extended-body 5-power night vision monocular delivers higher magnification for better image resolution and more accurate identification of distant targets. Employing the latest generation of optics design technology, the monocular adds extra magnification without a lot of extra weight. And more importantly, this latest optical design does not sacrifice light amplification for added magnification the way the older-technology generation 1 products do

High-quality generation 1 image intensifier tube; built-in columnated infrared illuminator for use in complete darkness or to improve target recognition in any environment; objective and ocular lenses constructed of high-quality all-glass optics; soft-touch rubberized finish for a firm grip; impact-resistant molded thermoplastic lens housing. Hand-strap provides enhanced security and comfortable long term viewing.

Highlighted Features

  • Magnification 5x.
  • Lens diameter 50mm.
  • Resolution 35Ip/mm on center.
  • Spectral sensitivity 400nm to 900nm.
  • Angular field of view 12.5 degrees.
  • field of view at 200 ft distance 44 feet wide.
  • Dimension 7.5 x 2.5 x 4.25 inches.
  • Weight without batteries 14 ounces.
  • Battery Life 45 to 200 hours depending on infrared usage.
  • A built-in infrared illuminator.

What Makes The Best Night Vision Binoculars

  • Detection Range
    The detection range of a binocular is affected by the infrared Illuminators (IRI). Infrared illuminators throw out a beam of infra-red lights that is near invisible to the naked eye, but the NVD can see it. This allows you to use your binocular even in total darkness. The best Night vision binoculars have a high detection range, of between 300 to 800 feet.
  • Durability
    It is out of question to say if the best night vision binoculars or any other kind of binoculars that is regarded as the best is durable.
  • Weather resistant
    The best night vision binoculars are designed with waterproof and fogproof to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Comfortable And Lightweight
    Best night vision binoculars can be comfortably used during long periods of observation without any strain.
  • Digital Unit
    Most modern night vision binoculars and monocular are digital. The digital units have features that make usage very easy. The best binoculars or monocular are the digital units. Although there are best ones among the standard units.

Things You Need To Consider Before Buying A Night Vision Monocular/Binocular

Device Type

Night vision devices could be either a binocular, a monocular or a scope. A binocular is a device with two eyepieces and two front lens. The night vision binocular has a night vision intensifier tube which is a feature that differentiates it from daylight binoculars. While a monocular is a device that has a one eyepiece and one objective lens. A monocular could be either handheld or head mounted.

Generation And Performance

The generation of a night vision device product usually determine many things, which the principal ones are performance and price. There are 4 generations in use which are generation 1, 2, 3, and 4. The higher the generation the better the performance. However generation 4 night vision optics are not commonly seen and in some countries the sale and usage of them is under control.

Standard vs. Digital

Unlike standard night vision devices the digital units allows for easier use with cameras or camcorders for video recording.


Night vision technology is all about seeing in the dark; it is not about seeing great distances. With that you have to know that no night vision binocular or monocular will have the same optical resolution as their conventional daytime binoculars, such as birding binocular. In Fact the greater the magnification in night vision optics, the lower the image quality. The recommendable range of magnification in night vision optics is from 1x - 3x. Anything above that may not give you a clear image.

Infrared Illumination

Because of their function to offer supplemental light for close work. An IR illuminator is a must for any night vision unit being used in total darkness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: How do night vision binoculars work?

Answer: Dim light enters into the lens and the light strikes photocathode (Light sensitive part). Lights are actually photons. The photocathode converts photons into electrons. Then the electrons strike phosphor screen and numerous tiny light rays are made. As a result, many more photons are created than the entered photons and makes a brighter image.

Question: Do night vision binoculars require batteries?

Answer: Yes of course. It becomes totally useless at night if your batteries are dead or you don’t have the batteries. So, confirm that you have fully charged batteries before to go with a night vision binocular.

Question: Are Night Vision binoculars illegal?

Answer: As you know laws are not the same in different states. But most of the cases, artificial light including night visions such as infrared light are restricted. You can use it for investigational purposes or receiving the approval from the legal authority.

Question: Do night vision binocular work in complete darkness?

Answer: Yes, it works. Image enhancement technology is included with the night vision binocular that helps in visualization even in complete darkness.

Question: What are the different types of night vision binoculars?

Answer: Primarily, it has two major types:

  • Night vision binocular
  • Night vision monocular

Question: How long does a night vision binocular last?

Answer: It really depends on the care you know. But, yes it has a finite lifespan. A good gen 2-night vision has more lifespan than gen 1. Similarly, gen 3 has more than gen 2. But, on average you can use it for more than 12,000 hours.

Question: Can you use night vision binocular during the day?

Answer: The answer is no and yes. Usually, a night vision binocular is only for dark light or low light. If you continuously expose it to the bright light it can get damaged permanently. But, if your night vision has daylight mode, then you can use it only during the day.

Question: What is night vision binoculars used for?

Answer: This tool is legally and frequently used to locate enemy and convict. The tool is widely used by the military for the purposes of surveillance, navigation, targeting, and so on.

Question: Are Night Vision binoculars bad for eyes?

Answer: Generally, night vision binocular does not produce any harm as it the lens is covered with a protective coat. But, laser light night vision may affect the eyes as it produces heat.

Question: Why Does Everything Look Green through Night Vision binoculars?

Answer: We told you in the first question, at the final stage photons strike phosphors screen to make a brighter picture. But, the screen always makes the green picture as it knows our eyes are most sensitive to the color. For the reason, we always see the green picture on it.


With this piece information I want to believe you will no longer grope in the dark seeking for the perfect night vision device for your expeditions. Whether you are a fan of night vision binoculars or night vision monocular, making a wrong choice of your favorite tool is not an option any longer.

Additionally you must never ignore the role of budget in your purchase. However whatever your budget range may be, there is always a product that will be available to meet your need at your budget level. It only takes the right information to get the right product, for the right purpose. If you are looking binoculars under $100 here is the in depth guide.

How To Choose A Night Vision Device

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