Best Binoculars for Birding reviews 2018

In recent years birding by Binculars, or bird watching has gained much popularity. Year in year out many more persons are embracing this wildlife observation hobby. It is often being quoted as the fastest growing hobby in North America. There has become an increase in the number of people who are learning how fun-filled and rewarding birdwatching can be. However birding is unlike watching birds in a movie-you’re outside watching live birds in the wild not sitting before a goggle box; you’re stalking wild birds, not looking at pictures of them. Nevertheless just as much as you cannot watch movie without a technology, likewise you can’t do birding without a technology as well. A binocular is the most effective tool for bird watching. As a birdwatcher or an intending birder, you need to be sure to have the best birding binoculars that will make your hobby boring-free.

Selecting binoculars may be very confusing, and noticing the subtle differences quality and performance in binoculars may requires years of experience in usage. As there are different kinds of binoculars likewise there are different functionalities among the lot. With a scrutinized research and a wealth of experiences gathered we try to supply you with enough information to make the right choice of a birding binoculars.

Vortex Optics Diamondback Roof Prism Binocular


What Makes Best Birding Binocular

  • Field Of View – If it is a birding binoculars, the wider the field of view the better. The best birding binoculars are the ones with a wide field of view.
  • Durability – Bird watching being an outdoor activity. Best birding binoculars are the ones that can stand the harsh environments and still deliver for years to come.
  • Size And Weight – When it comes to binoculars, the bigger is not usually the better, and if it is for birding, the more compact and lighter the better. Birding is an activity that involves holding your optics hours. A bulky and heavy binocular will not be regarded as the best birding binocular.
  • Focusing Wheel – A best birding binocular should have a great focusing speed with ease. Since birds usually do not stay still and are moving fast, the speed at which you can focus the binoculars to your target is of much importance.
  • Fog And Waterproof – The best birding binoculars like other quality binoculars can be used in any kind of weather whether good or bad.

I will like to list a few binoculars that are quite good for birding.

Top 5 Birding Binoculars

  1. Nikon 8245 ACULON A211 8 x 42 Binocular (Black).


This handheld fixed-magnification optic that is designed with multicoated aspherical lenses and an ergonomic housing is among the best birding binoculars out there on the market. The Nikon 8245 ACULON A211 8 x 42 Binocular is perfect for those looking for extremely versatile, high quality, and economically priced optics. With a 42mm objectives compact design, these binoculars deliver a slightly higher mid-range magnification.

They are light enough to be carried with ease to any outing or event, and they comfortably facilitate a wide field of view. Built to last with eco-safe components and designed to perform in a variety of conditions, these binoculars ensure that you are even brought closer to the action and give you an incredible experience you will hardly forget.

These new arrival binoculars is a sculpted rubber-armored housing that is designed to fit comfortably into the viewer’s hand and to provide non-slip handling. Grooved ridges atop the housing and ergonerously-sized focusing wheel enable adjustments to the interpupillary distance and the point of focus even while wearing gloves.

The turn-and-slide eyecups feature of these binoculars allow quick re-setting of the eye relief. The combination of image quality and use-friendly design make the Nikon 8245 ACULON A211 8 x 42 Binocular a cost-effective option for intermediate to long-range glassing.

Comes in black or real tree Extra Green camouflage. Measuring 8.1 x 4.1 x 4.1 inches. Weight is 2.4 pounds. Exit pupil 5.3mm; FOV 420 feet; magnification 8x; objective lens diameter 42mm;


  1. Vortex Optics Diamondback 10×42 Roof Prism Binocular.


The Vortex Optics Diamondback 10×42 Roof Prism Binocular comes with fully multi-coated lenses and phase-coated prisms to maximize on light transmission improving contrast and resolution. Included with multiple anti-reflective coatings an all air-to-glass surfaces, even under dim light conditions the vortex achieve a brighter view of the object. Making it one of the best birding binoculars.

The phase correction coating on roof prism produces a high quality image in the way of enhancing contrast and improving resolution.

A 10x magnification power and a center focus wheel that lets you easily adjust and the focus. Both barrels turn at the same time for easy adjustment. Your subjects are brought to a close view and their movements followed easily. Close focus offers a more detailed view of the image.

Made compact yet durable. The firm and sturdy body of this optic offers protection from damage. It is designed compact and lightweight so it does not weigh you down while carrying it. Roof prisms bring about a much admired streamlined outlook and a compact size. Making it a combination of beauty and strength. It is also made with a rubberized armor the ensures a non-slip grip.

The Vortex Optics Diamondback 10×42 Roof Prism Binocular also features a waterproof and fogproof design to function in very harsh weathers. The argon gas used against nitrogen holds water proofing properties over a longer time and over a wide range of weather conditions. It comes with rain guard as well. Generally it will perform optimally in any condition of lighting and of elements.

With a twist-up eyecups this model of binoculars is able to accommodate both eyeglass and non-eyeglass wearers. The eyecups are adjustable. It is adjusted by simply twisting either upwards or downwards. The multi-position eyecup feature also ensures a comfortable view for any user whether eyeglass wearer or non-wearer. Eyeglass wearers twist the eyecups downwards while non-wearers twist it upwards you maximize each users field of view.

  1. Bushnell PowerView Super High-Powered Surveillance Binoculars.


When it comes to binoculars for outdoor  activities, Busnell products are among the best. If you are a birdwatcher, the Bushnell PowerView Super High-Powered Surveillance Binoculars is one of the best birding binoculars your money can buy.

Designed with a non-slip rubber which contains excellent optics. These optics are just perfect for wet environments because they offer armor and a firm grip that are responsible for cushioning the day to day bumps as well as shocks. Additionally they have a twist-down eyecups which are specifically designed for people who wear sunglasses or eyeglasses.

These binoculars employ BK-7 type of glass lenses. The lenses are fully multi-coated. This results in a crisp clear image with minimal color aberrations and high contrast. There is in addition a tethered lens cap for additional protection. These binoculars are compact and lightweight. Focusing with these binoculars is effortless.

Porro-prism binocular with 20x magnification and 50mm objective lens diameter. Multicoated optics that guarantee superior light transmission and brightness. Patented one touch insta focus system holds your subject in sharp focus. A 45-foot close focusing distance; 170-feet field of view at 1000 yards; weighs 30 ounces. Dimension of 8.5 x 8.2 x 3.5 inches. A lifetime manufacturer warranty thus guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

  1. Celestron 71346 Outland X 8×42 Binocular (Black).

This powerful binocular that was designed to meet the need of birders and every other outdoor enthusiasts is without any argument one of the best birding binoculars. The optics are multi-coated to obtain high resolution contrast views. the prism are made of BAK-4 glass that gives you an enhanced color fidelity.

The rubber covered Celestron 71346 Outland X 8×42 Binocular allows for a rough and tough handling and they are waterproof and fogproof and are nitrogen purged, which allows them to be used in all weather environments. Large focus knobs make for easy and precise focusing and twist-up eyecups allow for quick adjustments of eye relief to have the full field of view. It also affords comfort while usage by any viewer whether eyeglass wearers and non-wearer.

The image quality of these binoculars has been greatly improved through a combination of several design innovations. The multiple layers of coating on the lenses usually improve brightness and contrast in all weather scenarios.

Ready to use comfortable straps are pre-attached to the binoculars. There is likewise a moisture resistant neoprene carrying case and neck strap. The objective lens covers are semi-attached to secure them from getting lost on the 42mm sizes. Included on the 42mm sizes is the tripod adapter thread. All of the items stated above come in a lightweight, ergonomic design for maximum comfort.

Black colored; magnification 8x; exit pupil diameter is 5.3mm; Objective lens diameter 42mm; dimension of 8 x 3 x 7 inches; weighs 1.98 pounds; a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

  1. Bushnell H2O Waterproof/Fogproof Porro Prism Binocular.

Another great product from Bushnell industry. The best birding binoculars are manufactured by the Bushnell industry.

The Bushnell H2O Waterproof/Fogproof Porro Prism Binocular delivers a fogproof housing and rubber armor textured with soft ridges to maintain grip. features that make the binocular rugged to be used in any weather condition and any rough environment. This porro prism binocular offers less light loss and greater depth of field than comparable roof prism designs.

A multi-coated lens system and high transmission BAK4 prism glass allow these weather-sealed glasses display clear and bright images that are crisp with detail. A 100% waterproof, O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged for reliable, fog-free performance.

Magnification of 8x and 42mm objective diameter; 18-foot close focus distance; 17mm eye relief; apparent viewing angle 62.5 degrees. A large center-focus knob for easy adjustments; Twist-up eyecups for comfortable viewing of any user. Box dimension: 9.4 x 9.1 x 3.3 (LxWxH); available in many sizes. Weight is 27.2 oz. A lifetime warranty that guarantees user’s satisfaction.

Now that you are prepared to buy your outdoor binoculars, it is important that you put certain thing into consideration before making your purchase.

Things To Be Considered Before Buying A Birding Binoculars

  • Performance – This is measured by the degree of magnification or power. Magnifications are usually indicated by numbers on the binocular like 6x, 8x, 7x, etc. The ideal numbers for birding binoculars is between 6x – 10x.
  • Coating – The quality and type of coating on a binocular determines the brightness and light gathering of that binocular. The higher the quality of coating the more there will be light gathering.
  • Field Of View (FOV) – This covers the area within the circular viewing. It is determined by the area that is visible at 1000 yards.
  • Eye Relief – If a binocular is placed before the eyes, the distance from the eyes to the lens should be considered by how the full view is still presented.
  • Auto-Focus – This feature is important in a birding binocular since birds do not stay still. The auto-focus helps to capture the moving bird fast enough without a manual adjustment by the user.
  • Eyecups – This allows a user to comfortably use a binocular with or without wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses.
  • Prism Quality – There are two types of prism design: the BAK4 and BAK7. The Bak4 appears to have a higher glass density which many see as an advantage over BAK7. Though this is not a general application.
  • Tripod Adaptable – In some positions you may not be comfortable to hold a binocular in your hands. Then you need to mount it on a tripod stand. So a birding binocular should be tripod adaptable.

Final Verdict

A birdwatcher can easily be discouraged from the  hobby, labeling it as not interesting. This happens in most cases where the optics does not perform to expectation. But now with this information at your fingertips I believe that you will make a right choice of a birding binoculars having come to know how to get the best birding binoculars on the market.

We will not forget to mention here that budget may still play a very crucial role in your choice of a binocular. However with enough information you can still get the best that fall within the range of your budget.