Why Two Way Radios Are Beneficial When hunting

When you are packing for a hunting trip, you no doubt have a ton of gear that you need to haul along with you. It is a pretty gear-intensive hobby, after all.

Even though we are positive that your vehicle and your hunting packs are going to be bursting at the seams with the amount of equipment you are bringing with you, you need to make room for just one more bit of gear.

This is a two-way radio for hunting. In fact, other than your weapons, a two-way radio could be one of the most important bits of kit you pack. No, we are not time travelers from the 1980s.

We genuinely think that a two-way radio, or walkie talkie as they are sometimes known, are vital for a successful hunting trip. Let's explain why.


Let's be honest for a second. When you are in a good hunting location, cellphone coverage is not that brilliant. In fact, it is pretty awful. 99% of the time you won't be able to get a signal. The other 1% of the time, the signal is going to be ever so woeful.

With a two-way radio set-up, you don't have to worry about cellphone coverage. The radios are always going to work (assuming they are charged, obviously!). Just flick them on and you will have direct contact with anybody chilling on the same frequencies as you. No awful signals. Nothing. Just crystal clear communication.

This is one of the main reasons people pick up a two-way radio, to be honest. With one of this bit of kit, you never have to worry about losing touch with anybody.

Safety when hunting is absolutely paramount

We have all heard horror stories of people getting shot whilst out hunting, right? Who can forget that time Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot an attorney with a shotgun while hunting quail?

Luckily, the guy survived, but others are not quite so lucky. You need to know where everybody is in your party at all times. You can't guess. You have to know.

If you have a two-way radio, you can stay in touch with people in your party. You can ask them where they are before you take your shot. They can ask you the same. Obviously, it is not going to cut out all hunting accidents, but it should be able to cut out most of them.

Somebody gets lost? Awesome! You have a two-way radio to get in touch, so you can help them out as soon as possible!

Hunting Coordination

Found a good place to hunt? Want somebody to help you to haul a large carcass of an animal you have managed to bag yourself? Well, communication is going a long way towards being able to call somebody on over to your location.

As we said before; cellphones are going to be abysmal at that. You need something that will offer instant communication. Somewhere that you don't need to wander miles to pick up a signal, only to have to walk back again. A two-way radio is the best option.

Of course, with a two-way radio set-up, you can coordinate a different way of hunting. No longer will you need to all stick together. You can split off into groups and cover more ground.

This will make it a whole lot more likely that one of you will be able to find something in the vast forest you are trying to navigate.

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The battery lasts a long time

If you pick yourself up a quality two-way radio, then you will be able to enjoy a battery life of at least a day. Some may last a couple of days, some even more than that.

No matter what radio you pick up, you are going to end up with something that will last a whole lot longer than a cellphone would. Most radios even have swappable batteries, so you can keep chugging along as long as you have batteries that are fully charged. You try doing that with a modern cellphone!

If you are a hunter that has yet to add a two-way radio system into their pack, what are you waiting for? Go pick one up!

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