7 Best Upland Hunting Boots 2024 Reviews & Buying Guide

It’s said that you shouldn’t believe everything you read or see on the internet. Well, not true here, though, and you’re lucky as you came across our article.

Trust us; we’ve got the best upland hunting boots suggestions for you which will be your best friend for the upcoming years!

Actually, an upland hunter’s most essential thing is their boots. They’ve to walk for hours and hours, run to catch their hunts, and stand for a long time waiting for their prey!

We tried to cover various types of boots with their amazing features and what to be careful about before purchasing them.

Let’s buckle up!

Reviews of the Best Upland Hunting Boots

After a hectic week of research and customers feedback, finally, we found our top 7 Upland hunting boots for you. You can choose any of them depending on your preference!

 1. Irish Setter Men’s Upland Hunting Boot 7”

Irish Setter Men’s Upland Hunting Boot 7”

Key Features:

  • Fabric Type: Leather.
  • Color: Amber.
  • Sole Material: Manmade prairie white.
  • Waterproof System: Yes

If you’re in the market for a top-tier hunting boot, you can’t go wrong with our first pick. This one from Irish Setter is great for flexibility and durability.

The best feature of this excellent boot is its waterproof quality. Whether it’s raining or snowing, you can wear them anytime. The ultradry system will keep your feet dry, and the nylon lining locks the natural moisture all day long.

With outstanding flexibility, you can wear these 7inch boots on any kind of terrain. The weight of the shoes is evenly spread for this purpose, so you don’t feel any irritation!

Moreover, they’re made of leather welt and have amazing laces, which are gorgeous. The material will last for a long time, hands down!

Plus, the rubber sole here makes sure you’ve got a better grip, and you don’t slip off easily. Therefore, you can remove the footbeds that have been made of polyurethane for the utmost comfort and great traction. Convenient, isn’t it?

2. Irish Setter Men’s 807 Upland Hunting Boot

Irish Setter Men’s 807 Upland Hunting Boot

Key Features:

  • Fabric Type: Leather.
  • Color: Dark Brown.
  • Sole Material: Rubber.
  • Waterproof System: Yes.

Are you a person who loves to wear anything vintage? And if that vintage product is filled with outstanding features, what would you say? Well, let’s see how Irish Setter 807 works with the hunters!

When we said vintage, we meant the classy and elegant design of these boots. It’ll remind you of the 70s or 80s look with the leather upper, and you’ll feel from inside that you’re the main hunter character!

Not only this, you can hunt whenever you want. Is it raining, or is there snow outside? No issues. The ultradry waterproof system is here. It’ll keep your feet warm and dry at the same time!

And, don’t worry about running after your prey. The 7inch boot made with EVA midsole that weighs around 3lbs is kind of lightweight, making it one of the lightweight upland hunting boots. It’ll be super easy with the boots.

Additionally, the footbed is made of polyurethane, which can be removed when necessary!

3. Danner Men’s Sharptail Hunting Shoes

Danner Men’s Sharptail Hunting Shoes

Key Features:

  • Fabric Type: Leather.
  • Color: Dark Brown.
  • Sole Material: Rubber.
  • Waterproof System: Yes.

Danner Men’s hunting shoes looks as cool as it performs. If you’re searching for a boot that’s lightweight but heavy-duty, this brand got you covered!

Not only for hunting but these boots can also be used for climbing, hiking and much more intense works. With 100% leather, the material won’t get damaged for a longer time; you can be sure of that!

It has breathable lining too. You might want boots that have good airflow as stuffiness can be bad for your feet.

And yes, the waterproof quality is a must need in every boot. This one’s made with GORE-TEX fabric, so you can hunt in any weather depending on your choice!

Coming to the cushioning part. The EVA midsole makes sure your feet get the whole support and comfort at the same time. Also, it absorbs all the shocks and makes your every movement simple and easy!

Furthermore, you’ll get superior traction on every terrain as it has an amazing rubber outsole!

4. Thorogood 1957 Flyway Series 6”

Thorogood 1957 Flyway Series 6”

Key Features:

  • Fabric Type: Full-Grain Leather.
  • Color: Briar Pitstop.
  • Sole Material: Rubber.
  • Waterproof System: Yes.

Best upland boots are not only about just style; they’ve to deliver the best features too that surely won’t hurt your feet. Thorogood is of that kind. Classy with astonishing attributes!

The waterproof and moisture seal quality will blow your mind once you wear this. Whether you’re in water, mud or snow, the damp situation won’t touch your feet. The feet will be naturally dry, and the moisture will be locked all day long!

For safety purposes, these boots offer slip resistance. The Maxwear 90 traction outsole will make sure you can hunt on different surfaces without any risk. You can also stand evenly on oily or damp roads!

Moreover, Thorogood has a 6inch ankle support that’s super flexible so if you have any feet related problems, go for this one!

Plus, the breathability is insane here. You’ll feel that air touching your feet while you’re hunting your favorite hunt! One of the best in our upland hunting boots reviews.

5. Irish Setter Men’s Wingshooter Waterproof 9”

Irish Setter Men’s Wingshooter Waterproof 9”

Key Features:

  • Fabric Type: Leather.
  • Color: Amber.
  • Sole Material: Rubber.
  • Waterproof System: Yes.

If you ask anyone to suggest a hunting boot, half of them will tell you about Irish Setter because it’s one of the best hunting boots brands in the market with comfort, support and flexibility!

We know you’re passionate about hunting; that’s why we’re asking you to look at this. The superior white rubber sole Wingshooter is mainly known for its leather welt material. It’s durable and stylish at the same time!

Again, these boots have a removable footbed, so if you think you have feet issues, you can go for other footbeds depending on your preference.

Now let’s talk about the waterproof technology with ultra-dry quality. Even if you’re in the water, don’t worry about your boots. They’ll be super fine, and your feet will be cozy and dry as well.

Therefore, the moccasin toe and speed lace increase the support system of your boot even more. These’ll make sure your toe doesn’t get injured in any situation. Major safety check indeed!

6. Keneterk Mountain Extreme 400 Insulated Hiking Boot

Keneterk Mountain Extreme 400 Insulated Hiking Boot

Key Features:

  • Fabric Type: Leather.
  • Color: Brown.
  • Sole Material: Rubber.
  • Waterproof System: Yes.

Keeping yourself spick and span even after rough hunting requires proper insulation as most upland places are wet and rugged, but most of the upland boots fall behind. Well, that’s where Keneterk steps in with its ultimate Thinsulate insulation.

The 400gm Thinsulate technology can keep your feet totally warm (around 30 to 40 ℉ ) on light winter days. It’ll support you for mild activities. If you’re up for some serious hunting, you’ll have to consider 800 gm insulation.

To support the insulation, you’ll notice a 10-inch leather build for more breathability and durability of the shoes. In that way, your feet will stay cool, and be rest assured of trekking all the way.

Not to forget, the soles play the most hand here as they’ll ensure your stability on the surface. Talking of soles, the K-Talon custom outsole and 7mm nylon midsole works all together to offer you a solid foundation.

It’s the nature of boots to face abrasion, and keep your feet on the ground. To do so, the rubber sole packs heavy abrasion resistance to withstand frictions and slippery places.

7. Irish Setter Men’s 896 Wingshooter Upland Hunting Boot

Irish Setter Men’s 896 Wingshooter Upland Hunting Boot

Key Features:

  • Fabric Type: Leather.
  • Color: Brown.
  • Sole Material: Rubber.
  • Waterproof System: Yes.

You can’t just go toss a coin and purchase a hunting shoe from the market, right? To best suit your needs, the shoe has to be protective, rugged, and comfortable for hours of use. Guess what? Irish Setter Men’s 896 just blends each of these attributes right at your feet.

Go straight on hunting without thinking much of what terrains bring forward. Just take this pair with your right set of gear. Its multi treaded outsole will give you the rusty grip, be it on any ground.

Thanks to its sturdy leather upper that well protects your feet from any hit from the ground and enhances superior comfort inside. Besides, the 400g Thinsulate lining keeps your feet dry and warm even during rough winters.

Its 9” shaft further assures you of safe passage in terms of tirelessly chasing your prays.

Finally, if you’re a little indulged in the outlook, this cool-looking old-school hunting pair is a deal-breaker for you.

Things You Have to Consider Before Buying the Best Upland Hunting Boots

If you’re getting an upland hunting boot, you’re in the big leagues now. There’re a lot of factors to pay attention to while getting the best upland hunting boot. These five are crucial —the build, insulative properties, breathability, water-repellent capability, and sole size.

Let’s now take a look at these in detail.

Construction Material

First up is construction material. The build quality of your upland hunting boots is most crucial. It’ll dictate how good it’s in other aspects like insulation, breathability, waterproofness, and such. Three of the best materials used are leather, rubber, and synthetic gore-tex.


The best material for upland hunting boots is leather. It goes through unique treatments to make it warm, resistant, waterproof, and breathable. Leather is the most high-end and expensive and will last you several years.


Another durable material for upland hunting boots is rubber. Hunters have to chase birds and pheasants through tall grasses and muddy fields. Rubber one is ideal for upland bird hunting boots and other preys. It can repel mud easily and is durable to handle big and sharp debris.

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The final material used in good upland hunting boots is gore-tex. It’s a particular type of fabric designed to be water-resistant and lightweight. Gore-tex is breathable and a high-end fabric while being inexpensive.

Ensure your upland hunting boot has either of these three materials for the best build quality.


Insulation is critical when it comes to regulating your body temperature. Some hunters get cold feet while hunting, while others warm up and sweat excessively. This is where insulation comes in.

It’s measured in grams. 200 grams of insulation, for example, indicates there’s a 200-gram layer of insulation material surrounding the boot and your feet.

The material is a thermal insulant that can regulate the temperature inside the boot. When getting your next upland hunting boot, pick the amount of insulation you want in your boot based on your body type.

As a general rule, 200 grams is the average amount in most hunting boots. This is best for the early summer and spring. When you’ve to plow through layers of snow for harsh cold winters, many hunters prefer around 400 grams of insulation.

Be sure to test different insulation ranges to figure out what’s best for your body type.


Breathability is another crucial factor in choosing the right upland hunting boot. Hunting is a taxing job, both mentally and physically. As humans, we tend to sweat in stressful conditions.

But this can be harmful over a prolonged time. Sweat buildup on your feet can cause rashes and even severe skin complications like athlete’s foot.

To prevent this, breathability is key in hunting boots. It ensures proper ventilation inside the shoe so that sweat and other wet moisture don’t build up and your feet stay clean and dry at all times.

You should pick your new upland hunting boots such that it has excellent breathability while not compromising insulation. It’s tricky to maintain good breathability while still being insulating and warm. But don’t worry, we’ll recommend products in this post that compromise on neither.


Waterproof properties are a must in any good upland hunting boot. As said earlier, upland hunters have to deal with muddy fields and other wet terrains. The last thing you want is dirty water entering your foot and giving you soggy feet.

Besides that, you can even cause blisters and other skin infections if you let dirty water into your boots. Therefore, waterproof hunting boots are a must.

Leather, rubber, and latex are excellent waterproof materials. Gore-tex is a synthetic material specially designed to be a waterproof fabric. Make sure the boots you get are made of these waterproof materials.

Sole Type

Sole type is vital as it dictates how comfortable the hunter’s feet are while he’s on the field. If the hunter can feel the ground properly, he’ll have a solid footing and hunt the most efficiently.

Rubber or gum soles are best for upland hunting boots. These provide the most traction and feel compared to other options. Some prefer moccasin soles, but we’d recommend sticking to gum and rubber for the best feel.

Beware of soles and boots with a slight heel. Manufacturers add these with the excellent intention of increasing comfort inside boots. But they play a negative effect by decreasing how well the hunter can feel the ground. If he can’t sense his environment intuitively, that will come in the way of him hunting and shooting correctly.

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FAQs – frequently asked question

What kind of boots do hunters wear?

Most hunters wear rubber boots while hunting. They provide excellent water resistance and insulation. But those who take the sport seriously prefer leather boots for maximum comfort.

How heavy should hunting boots be?

The weight of a hunting boot indicates how well-insulated it is. For early summer and spring weather, 400 to 800 gram shoes are enough. But for the winter months, anything from 1000 grams and up is best.

Are leather boots OK for hunting?

Leather boots aren’t just OK — they’re the best for hunting. Leather provides maximum comfort, insulation, and breathability to the hunter. It also offers the utmost feel with the ground for optimal hunting performance.

How can I get rid of the odor in my hunting boots?

To get rid of odor, you should keep your hunting boots out in direct sunlight for a couple of hours. To decrease odor in the first place, try to maintain proper hygiene.

Ensure you wear clean socks for every hunt and that your feet are clean and dry while putting on your boots. Try getting a breathable pair of boots, too, as they create the slightest odor.

Why is waterproofing important on upland hunting boots?

Waterproof boots keep out mud and dirty water from entering your feet. This saves you from risks of skin infections.

Getting a pair of waterproof boots is ideal. But you can waterproof shoes manually, too, by applying wax and heating with a simple hairdryer to create a waterproof layer.

The Bottom Line

That’s all from us. We hope we were able to suggest you some of the best upland hunting boots for your next hunting session. Enjoy the time with these shoes without any tension and trouble. We believe you’ll be satisfied with the stunning features and qualities we mentioned!

However, always try to wash the boots after coming from the hunt and dry them immediately. This way your boots will last longer!

Good Luck!

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