How To Pack Your Range Bag?

Being precise and tactical is a necessity while packing a range bag. When it comes to gun range there are lots of stuff that makes the list, out of them safety takes the priority.

Needless to say, safety takes precedence whether it’s an indoor shooting range or an outdoor one.

Apart from safety gear, there are a few other accessories that are rather crucial as they tend to make your shooting experience more fun and less stressful.

Most shooters, whether they are veteran or a rookie ends up making one or the other two mistakes, they either bring far too much equipment which drags them at the range. 

Or they bring much less than required gear which forces them to buy those necessary gears at the range by paying a premium, which isn’t that fun if you ask me.

So in this following article, we shall talk about the list of essentials which both the experienced and the inexperienced should pay heed to. That is if you are planning on making the most of your range trip.


Undoubtedly the most important gear concerning the gun range, still it gets overlooked by some people.

The kind of ammo you should go for should be reliable and yet inexpensive compared with your self-defense ammo. Just make sure you pack enough to last your trip to the range.

Hearing protection

Indeed one of the most important gears to have with you at the range.

When it comes to ear/hearing protection you have a couple of options to choose from, like foam earplugs, ear muffs or the advanced noise-canceling ear muffs (a bit expensive but totally worth it).

Eye protection

Eye protection

Pack your range bag with essential eye protection for a successful shoot.

Just like your ears, even your eyes needs protection, so much so that the gun range authorities won’t even allow you to shoot unless you are wearing eye protection.

As it happens many ranges will rent/loan you shooting glasses, which are good but, they don’t provide the proper fit like your personal pair would.

There are many varieties of shooting glasses available for you, however, make sure that whichever you buy does meet with OSHA standards.

Note: It is imperative that you wear authentic eye protection, and not just a pair of sunglasses.


A novice shooter every so often forgets to bring the target to shoot at, which makes it kind of ironic.

At a premium, you may find targets for sale at ranges, or you can buy them online if you prefer that.

It is recommended that for outdoor shooting you should try a bit more interactive targets, the kind which spin, sway or bounce upon getting hit, this provides you with immediate visual confirmation.

Gun maintenance kit

Gun maintenance kit

Packing your range bag like a pro: essential gun maintenance kit included!

There’s always the uncertainty of your gun breaking down at the range despite your regular maintenance, it happens.

So you need to be prepared for everything, hence you should always maintain a complete field cleaning kit in your range bag.

Such a cleaning kit includes everything that you need to keep your gun running smoothly like cleaning patches, cleaning rods, brushes, gun cleaner, gun oil, etc.

Just make certain that the kit is fully stocked before you leave for the range.

Note: Sometimes an improperly cleaned gun might lead to some dreadful situations like slam fire or explosion.

Squib Rod

Occasionally a bullet gets lodged in the barrel, and to dislodge that bullet you need squid rod. After all, nobody likes to cut short their trip because of a bullet.

Spotting scope

If your target lies beyond 25 yards, then you are going to need a scope to see where your rounds are hitting on the target.

That is unless you want to wait for everyone to finish shooting so that you can inspect your target in person.

Tape or Stapler

A moving target isn’t quite ideal so you need something to hold your target in its place. A strong tape or a stapler can get the job done.

Hand wipes

It’s a must from a hygiene perspective. Your hands will be left dirty and full of filth containing toxic kinds of stuff like lead, which will harm your body if they manage to get inside.

So you need hand wipes to keep your hands clean.

First aid kit

Suffering injuries at a gun range shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, whether it’s an indoor range or an outdoor one.

If you don’t want any minor scratches or burns to impede your day, then I suggest you bring some Band-Aids, burn ointment and disinfectant.

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Refreshments and outdoor requirements

Water and some snacks are always good to have with especially when you are shooting outdoors.

If you end up going during a mosquito season then a bug repellent becomes a necessity.

In the same way, each trip entails some specific requirements so make sure you pay attention to them.


Since you will be heading out to the range for something specific (it could be the shooting environment, the type of firearms or the type of target).

So other than the must-haves mentioned above, you can pick things which the situation demands.

Usually, you spend only a day at the range, so there’s no need to pack your bag like you will be out for the weekend.

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