Bushnell 10×42 H2o Roof Prism Waterproof Binoculars Review

From the name of this binocular you will quickly deduce the fact that if you need a waterproof binoculars, the bushnell 10×42 h2o roof prism waterproof binoculars is the ideal make for you. This is the best waterproof, marine optics one can find in the market today.

It is no doubt that the biggest selling point of these binoculars is their waterproof, fog-proof, and dust-proof abilities. Using this binocular you are assured that there will not even a drop of moisture will penetrate its high tech walls.

More to that, if you are looking for a binocular that offers some of the brightest light transmission of any kind, this product is your ideal choice. They are also designed with non-slip rubberized armor housing, so you can maintain a firm hold on them even in the wettest conditions.

Whom Is This Product Designed For?


100% Waterproof And Fog-proof – The Bushnell H2O Waterproof/Fog-proof Porro Prism Binocular is specially designed to prevent even the smallest amount of water penetration. The O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged housing is very reliable, and ensures a fog-free performance as well. This is a favorite of those who operate around and within water areas.

Bak-4 Prism Glass Lenses – This feature ensures a crisp clear image with improved light transmission. The Bak-4 glass binoculars are usually the best binoculars and among the most expensive types of binoculars. It is no doubt that the bushnell 10×42 h2o roof prism waterproof binoculars is among the best in the market.

Non-slip Rubber Armor – Being an optics that operates around wet environments it is a concern how firm the grip on it will be. The rubberized armor body of the binoculars ensures a non-slip grip even in the wettest atmosphere when using it. This feature also makes the device to absorb shock from toss and bumps of the rough environments.

Center-Focus Knob – This large center-focus knob of the binocular makes for an easy adjustment of the lenses, to get the best focusing of objects.

Long Eye Relief – This allows you to use the binocular wearing eyeglasses. It can be adjusted to suit your viewing with or without eyeglasses.

Bushnell 10x42 H2o Roof Prism Waterproof Binoculars Review

Bushnell 10×42 H2o Roof Prism Waterproof Binoculars Review


  • Very strong and reliable.
  • Can be used in any weather condition.
  • Comfortable to use with or without eyeglasses.
  • Compact and lightweight.


  • Very expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the binoculars come with a case?

A: Yes, they come with padded case with a loop for a belt.

Q: Do these binoculars float on water?

A: No, they do not float, they are too heavy to float.

Q: Do these open in and out to make them wider or narrower in width?

A: Yes, they do open out and in.

Q:  Are these binoculars also good at close range. How close will they focus?

A: Good focus with these binoculars starts from 40-50 ft. So they are great for long distance range, but not good for close range focus.

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Final Verdict

From the article so far you have to accept the fact that this is the binoculars that will serve your need the best when it comes to using a binocular within and around wet environments.

Having a pair of bushnell 10×42 h2o roof prism waterproof binoculars in hand, you will never have to worry about water penetrating your device. Be it in the rain, or at the sea with waves raging, or in the blizzard at the top of the ski lift.

The Bushnell H2O Waterproof/Fog-proof Porro Prism Binocular gives you the confidence you need to use your binoculars in any given type of weather or harsh environment.

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