NIKON LensPen Lens Cleaner Reviews

Dust, debris, fingerprints and other stains on optical lenses can cause scattering, and impurities on the surface of the optic can react with occurring laser light to damage optical coatings.

To prevent damage to your optical lenses and ensure their continued performance, you must use them with proper handling and cleaning.

For a proper cleaning, you need a proper cleaning product. Not only that you need to choose a proper cleaning product but also a product with a proper cleaning method is important as well.

The NIKON LensPen Lens Cleaner is one of the best lens cleaners with proper cleaning method available on the market today.NIKON LensPen Lens Cleaners

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 Description Of NIKON LensPen Lens Cleaner

  • A Retractable Lens brush – The NIKON LensPen Lens Cleaner includes a retractable soft brush that you can use to remove any particles present that could scratch the lens surface. The brush is safely retracted back with a sliding lever out of sight into the pen after used to keep brush always clean.
  • Small Pen-style Design – The pen-style design of the NIKON LensPen Lens Cleaner makes it to easily fit into any camera bag, pockets, and pouches.
  • A Cleaning Tip – The cleaning tip which is slightly concave with a twisting removable cap covering is compatible with the convex shape of lenses on digital cameras, rifle scopes, camcorders, binoculars and more.
  • A Unique Self-Replenishing Tip – The cleaning element contains a non-liquid carbon cleaning compound, and is designed to never dry out. Once the cap covering is replaced after use, the tip will be refreshed on the surface, assuring that only cleaning compound, not grease will touch the lens on your next cleaning exercise.
  • Multiple Uses – The NIKON LensPen Lens Cleaner works with all types of cameras both digital and film, as well as binoculars, camcorders, telescopes and other optical products.
  • Eco-friendly – This cleaning tool is literally non-toxic and it is environmentally friendly.
  • Dimension – Dimension is 6.3 x 3.5 x 2.0 and weighs 0.3 pounds.


  • Easy to Use – This little stuff is actually an easy tool. There is no other way to safely get into the tight corners of the lens area except with this portable lens cleaner.
  • Good Padding – It is well padded to reduce any form of friction.
  • Strong Construction – This made in USA cleaner is strongly constructed.
  • Lightweight – The weight of this cleaner is very low, making it a travel-friendly device.


It can’t be used on a sensor. It is not being sold as a sensor cleaner anyway.

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From the above discourse, you must have gathered enough information on this awesome cleaning tool. And you must have come to accept the fact that this is one of the most sophisticated cleaning systems in the world today.

Therefore, it will be your prudent decision to opt for the NIKON LensPen Lens Cleaner for a proper cleaning of your optical lens with a proper method when the need arise.

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