Nikon 8072 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Review

Are you looking for a lens cleaning cloth that will not only clean your lenses perfectly well but will also serve you for a long time to come and yet still stay the same after using it several times?

A good lens cleaning cloth must be thick, strong, smooth and made of a fine quality material. All these features and more is what you get from the  Nikon 8072 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.

Nikon 8072 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

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Description Of Nikon 8072 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

  • The Nikon 8072 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth is made of microfiber cloth material that is also anti-static for easy cleaning and use. It is the perfect way to maintain and clean your lenses safely, camera and binocular optics. It also includes a clip-on carry case.
  • The Nikon 8072 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth is made of durable microfiber material. Microfibers are made from a combination of two synthetic polymers, polyester and polyamide (i.e. nylon). This cleaning cloth is thus made from the highest quality microfiber clothes to give you the perfect cleaning of your lenses.
  • Made from an anti-static quality – Anti-static agents on the surface of materials help reduce or eliminate buildup of static electricity, which may damage electrical components. This is for the safety of your optic devices.
  • A clip-on carry case makes the cleaning cloth compactable and easy to carry about and to put in your pocket, camera bag, drawers and other places. The cloth conveniently folds into the attached case. It also prevents the cloth from stains.
  • The Nikon 8072 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth can be used on other lens optics such as binoculars, telescopes, and spotting scopes. It can, even more, be used to clean screens, eyeglasses, and computers.

The cleaning clothes measure 6.2 x 2.5 x 0.7 and weighs 0.8 ounces.Nikon 8072 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth


  • Easy to use – The Nikon 8072 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth is very easy to use.
  • Lightweight – It does not pose any weight issue while carrying it. You can travel to anywhere with it.
  • Reliable – You can rely on this cleaning tool anytime any day.
  • Durable – It is made of the best materials and very durable.
  • Stores Easily – With the clip-on carry case you can store it easily anywhere. It can be put into your pocket, camera bag, drawers, or pouches.


  • Apart from the design being commented as not being fanciful, there has not been any other reported issue with the product.

>>>Check Details Information, features, specifications, price and more>>>


Even if you have the ability to safeguard your optics from an environmental source of dirt, there could still be filth accumulating on your camera optics through one way or the other. From the above-stated facts and descriptions, you have to agree that the Nikon 8072 Microfiber.

Cleaning Cloth is the best possible option to safely deal with and cleanse your lenses and screens. It will therefore, be a wise decision to make this product your choice of lenses cleaning tool. You can know more about the product and customers review by visiting the Amazon store.

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