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How To Use Binoculars For Night Sky Observing

Who doesn’t love spacewalks, but everyone can’t experience that pleasure. So for people like us, one such easiest and cost-effective way to go on a spacewalk while enjoying the comfort of a lounge chair at the same time is with binoculars.Doesn’t matter if you are a veteran stargazer or a rookie, binoculars can be the […]

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Binoculars Guide – Test Before Buying

After buying your binoculars at a store, you should check their performance, or if you buy it online, as soon as they arrive, you should also check their performance as well. Below are few tests that will help you choose quality binoculars.Observe the objective lens carefully. if there are signs of scratches or dirt, you […]

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Binoculars Optics explained reviews 2022

Antireflection CoatingsIt’s true that when observing the night sky with your binoculars, you will want the biggest possible amount of light to reach your eyes and not reflect back into space from the objectives. Because of this, modern lenses are designed with anti-reflection optical coatings on at least one of the air-to-glass surfaces. The more sophisticated […]

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How To Use Individual Focusing (IF) Binoculars

Knowing how to use binoculars can be an exciting experience indeed. Having an understanding of a few simple procedures will ensure enjoyment. Binoculars are available in two types, according to their focusing: The central Focusing CF and the Individual Focusing IF. Here we will be looking at the Individual Focusing Binoculars and how to use them.Nomenclature Of […]

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How To Use Central Focusing (CF) Binoculars

There are two available types of binoculars, according to how they focus: The CF (Central Focusing) and IF (Individual Focusing) binoculars. As soon as you know how to properly use binoculars, you can experience the full viewing excitement. Getting the knowledge on a few simple procedures will ensure your enjoyment. Nomenclature of Central Focusing Binoculars – […]

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