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Focusing Mechanisms Of Binoculars For Hunting

There are two types of focusing mechanisms for binoculars. Most people go for the center-focus model, which uses a centrally mounted wheel you adjust both eyepieces the same time. The right eyepiece also has a separate adjustment, which helps to correct for any difference in near or farsightedness between your eyes. If you want to use […]

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How To Use Individual Focusing (IF) Binoculars

Knowing how to use binoculars can be an exciting experience indeed. Having an understanding of a few simple procedures will ensure enjoyment. Binoculars are available in two types, according to their focusing: The central Focusing CF and the Individual Focusing IF. Here we will be looking at the Individual Focusing Binoculars and how to use them.Nomenclature Of […]

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How To Use Central Focusing (CF) Binoculars

There are two available types of binoculars, according to how they focus: The CF (Central Focusing) and IF (Individual Focusing) binoculars. As soon as you know how to properly use binoculars, you can experience the full viewing excitement. Getting the knowledge on a few simple procedures will ensure your enjoyment. Nomenclature of Central Focusing Binoculars – […]

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Binoculars – The Basics

Those who are new usually often rush to buy the first telescope they see in a departmental store, this is rightly understandable. All nice pictures of celestial bodies seen in magazines or in books have this effect on majority of the people. Unfortunately, the experience usually turns out to be different from what was assumed earlier; […]

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Binoculars – Understanding The Terms

Exit PupilExit pupil is the result of dividing the objective lens diameter by the magnification. Dividing thus will give you a number approximately between 4 and 8. The number which is measured in diameter, represents the beam of light that leaves the eyepiece when you hold a binocular with the objective pointed towards a light […]

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