Vanguard Endeavor 10×42 Binocular With ED Glass Reviews

Last year, on my expedition to the grasslands of Africa, I took with me my old binoculars. I had anxiously been awaiting this trip for a while and it finally happened. Just as I laid eyes upon the majestic beauty of Africa, I heard my binoculars crack.

The worn out rubber had given out. I was in agony, how was I supposed to spend an entire month here without them. I quickly headed to local tech shops and gazed upon a beauty that has now become my perfect companion.

Vanguard 10×42 Binocular with ED Glass is a spectacular item, equipped with all the features that make it stand out against the competition. I will summarize my findings for you today.

Vanguard Endeavor 10×42 Binocular With ED Glass

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Vanguard 10×42 Binocular with ED Glass Speciality

Beyond par, state of the art lenses:

With its high-tech ED glass lenses; this product effectively reduces color dispersion which maintains high resolution and a clear, fine image. These Fog and waterproof lenses ensured I was out and about despite the constant storms I incurred. My glass remained clear as water.

There were times when I was worried about certain lights, such as early in the morning. My previous binoculars had left me distraught in such conditions but with these, the advanced lens coating ensured I saw images with clarity even in diffused light.

Locking diopter rings helped me keep the eyewear clean without a speck and three stage twists out eye cups helped me particularly as I wear spectacles. The internal prisms are 4 way coated as are the lenses multi-coated, this increases focus and clarity to multi folds.

Durable with attractive weightlessness:

I was certainly intrigued by the sturdy design, in addition to the buoyancy it had. It practically felt like I was holding nothing. The open bridge design made it entirely user friendly as I could adjust how much the spacing between lenses opened.

Its precision and focus was superb in every way, the clarity with which I saw is hard to explain but I certainly felt like I was viewing far away objects nearby.Vanguard 10x42 Binocular with ED Glass

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Exceptional coating features:

I noticed the color resolution and contrast was so spectacular, probably due to the low level of dispersion on glass lens. When I researched further, the lens blew me away. The ED glass aligned and focused all the colors matched into a single focal point which eliminated chromatic abnormalities.

The Image was so sharp it was unbelievable. The bak4 prisms are specifically p2 phase coated to produce a sharp and crystal clear image. Another feature was the Vmax silver coating, which increased resolution and produced vivid images.

An addition anti-reflection coating on both lenses at the air to surface domain ensures dispersion is reduced, with all the other features combined the resolution is beyond par.

With nature, green is the most fabulous color, the state of the art emerald coating secured a full spectrum of color within green was preserved for the wild at heart enthusiasts of mother nature.

Technical features:

  • A spectacular 10x Magnification.
  • Multicoated Bak4 prism.
  • Waterproof mist proof.
  • An evergreen lifetime warranty.
  • A weightless product of 730g.

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To conclude, Vanguard Endeavor ED 10x 42mm Binoculars are an exceptional product on the market. Its exceptional lens design and features, durability and lightness, and a range of unique lens features help it stand out against competition.

With a great fan base on Amazon, this product is definitely recommended to the wild-hearted nature enthusiasts.

View mother earth in extraordinary clarity and fine resolution.

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