How To Clean Your ATV: Post-Hunting Cleaning-Up Guide

Many ATV owners know how to get the ATVs dirty. That is a fun thing to do. But when it is time for clean-up, the fun usually stops, and the work begins. There are various car wash products available in the market for cleaning up your cars.

If you are looking for tips and tricks for cleaning up your ATV in an efficientmanner, then you are at the right place. Here in this article, we have made cleaning your ATV a little easier.


You must pre-soak your ATV if it is covered in mud and dirt that you cannot even identify what color it originally was. You must take this step if you can tap your mud-covered ATV with a hammer and large pieces of hardened mud fly off.


A clean ATV is a happy ATV! Here’s how to do it right.

To pre-soak your ATV, you have to spray it with a heavy and wide spray of water and letting the water soak and settle in the deep. Once you feel it is thoroughly soaked, do it again to take of the really stubborn dried mud.

Initial Blast

After you have pre-soaked your ATV and the caked on mud is loose, it is time to blast the mud off forcefully. You can give this blast using a pressure washer.

Initial Blast

Cleaning made easy with a high-pressure initial blast!

The gas powered pressure washers are perfect for this task as they are better than the electric pressure washers and a hose and a nozzle.

If you don’t have a pressure washer and you are using a hose and nozzle, make sure you find the most powerful setting along with best water pressure. Before taking the sponge, give your machine one good go around with the hose.

Soap and sponge

If you have a good pressure washer, you need to carry out this step. But it is always a good idea to take a sponge along with other car wash products to scrub your ATV. Your focus must be on the plastics, seat, frames, a-arms, and the wheels of your ATV.

Soap and sponge

Get your ATV looking like new with this simple soap and sponge cleaning method!

For the difficult parts of your ATV, you can use a brush to clean the embedded dirt and oil. You can also use a degreaser to clean very tough and oily residue such as chain lube flung onto the swing-arm. 


This is the step where many ATV owners have their differences depending on what is available to them at that time. You can let it dry on its own under the sun or using lint-free towel; if it is still a little wet and water spots have not set in.

If you have an air compressor, you can blow off the water even from the tiniest recesses.

Shiny it up

Most of the people skip this step out of laziness. But if you want your ATV to look brand new, then you must carry out this step. After your ATV is dried up, you can spray it with a plastic polish such as Plexor or SC1.

This polish is specially designed to enhance the look of your ATV’s plastic. You must not spray the polish on your seat as it may become slippery.


You can follow the steps mentioned above to clean your ATV post hunting. Cleaning is an important part to increase the longevity of your ATV.

How to clean ATV

How to clean ATV

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