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Important Mindset To Become A Pro Hunter

When I was a little kid, I never saw a deer. This wasn’t luck. Same happened with my father when he used to hunt with my grandfather. But seriously, when I used to return home, I saw many trucks filled with deer strapped down. Some shooters had more than one truck! Amazing right? I didn’t […]

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5 Ways To Maximize Rifle’s Accuracy While Deer Hunting

In a hunting game, a rifle’s accuracy is most important. The rest tedious and creative tasks will be in vain if you miss hitting your target. This is very frustrating and suddenly you may feel demoralized. That’s the ending line of a hunting story. So the fire accuracy will make the difference. Shooting accuracy depends on […]

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Beauty Against The Beasts: Caroline Pruitt

The hunting industry has got the hottest women who never missed the target. Hunters say that animals in the jungle only can survive if Caroline Pruitt let it pass. She is born to kill the target. The size of the game doesn’t matter, if she pulls the trigger, most likely that bullet will rip through […]

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